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Figure Skating Advice (girls only)

Discussion in 'The Trash Can' started by katherine, Aug 6, 2011.

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  1. katherine

    katherine New Member

    If you're a figure skater/spectator and truly love and care about figure skating then continue to read, however if you only care about the naughty look thus seek attention from males then please do not proceed.

    This is about why you should wear your figure skating dress first and then your tights cause all figure skaters deserve to know the truth. (unless your bottom underwear part is too short and small)

    The truth is males started figure skating, and they designed the figure skating outfit.You can ask yourself as a skater why in the world would i wear any kind of underwear, attached or not over my tights, well there is no reason why you would.

    Figure skating tights look exactly like pantyhose tights so you can picture yourself for example wearing underwear over pantyhose tights and then the skirt or dress, imagine how irritating it must feel around the bums and front which is also very unhygienic. (for the girls who think tights is underwear and therefor it should not be worn over the attached briefs part are wrong, the build in briefs/attached briefs of the figure skating dress is also basically exactly like underwear)

    The only reason why you would wear the tights first is cause of the norms or if the attached underwear part of the figures skating dress is too short and the tights won't go up high enough, this matter is discussed later.

    Males came up with figure skating dresses having the attached underwear worn over tights so they can see the underwear and the bum with the oval shaped tight looking crotch which is so repulsive, think about it, is that really what you want, milions of perverts to look at that?

    Now let me tell you about the reasons why figure skaters should wear the figure skating dress first and then the tights instead.

    1 - it's much more comfortable cause tights next to the skin there is rather irritable and ickky.

    2 - It's less revealing like there's no bum falling out look, or the wedgie that makes the briefs look all baggy and wrinkly from the front and back which also gives a naughty slutty underwear look.

    (below are one of those examples where you can see the wrinkly underwear look and the bums falling out when you wear the top bottom underwear part of your figure skating dress over your tights instead of under, notice the shape of the crotch part also becomes much more revealing which you wouldn't see if it was worn under the tights)






    http://www.zimbio.com/photos/Mirai+Nagasu/ISU+World+Figure+Skating+Championships+Day/wN8-Ni9cGOv (in this one you can clearly see how the top bottom underwear part rides up while skating and becomes a very nasty wedgie)

    3 - It upsets and keeps perverts away who want to look at the bum and the crotch area when the tights are worn over the bottom underwear part of the figure skating dress.

    (if you still believe it makes no difference wearing the top bottom underwear part over your tights instead of under when perverts can't see any wedgies and such then have a look here) http://forums.superiorpics.com/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php/topics/1923220/1 or http://forums.superiorpics.com/ubbt...topics/1824988/Re_Sarah_Meier_Figure_skating_

    Below you can see the millionth reason why you should always try to wear your top bottom underwear part of your figure skating dress UNDER your tights cause they come in all sizes if you have noticed.

    (Another link with more examples of why you should never wear your tights first and then your dress which i'd never ever do heh)


    (the links below are some ballet versions but are pretty much the same, a leotard dress with tights, here you can clearly see the tights are worn over the top bottom part, thus no sloppy brief look)






    4 - Wearing the tights over the top bottom part gives it a neat and tidier look which keeps the briefs in one place, but the tan color makes it look nude, colored tights gives it a nicer and beautiful look.

    5- Wearing the top bottom part of the figure skating dress over your tights makes your bums more revealing like in the link below, under the tights does not.



    6- Another important reason in the link below which makes you want to wear your figure skating dress first and then your tights because the skating dress brief is already an underwear piece.This comes in very handy cause you don't need to wear an extra pair of underwear under the tights or have to wear those uncomfortable thongs, which solves this important problem:).


    7- When wearing the top bottom underwear part of your figure skating dress over your tights there's a chance you might get yeast infections, more reasons to wear it under your tights.

    8-All the more reasons to wear the top bottom underwear part of your figure skating dress under the tights is cause guys always look at your butt, this happens like i told you before if you wear your bottom underwear part over your tights which makes your butt look too revealing to them, it is degrading to us who love to figure skate.


    For anyone who thinks it looks nude if the tights are worn over the top bottom underwear part, that's only true if the figure skating dress is nude.

    Let me prove it does not look nude because you can still see the attached briefs worn under the tights giving it a flat neat and tidy look in the link below instead of a naughty slutty stripper look where you can see a tight crotch hanging out as well as the bums falling out. (it may be a roller skating example but the outfit is exactly the same)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtbT4o-RnDs (look at 1:30)

    9- This just keeps on going why you should just try to wear you figure skating dress first then your tights, look at the biggest reason why most guys watch figure skating http://www.ownagepranks.com/forums/t11550/

    This is what a figure skater said before:

    "if they wore the dress first then the tights, the tights cant really be pulled up too high, which means that there's the possibility of the tights dropping while they skate"

    (here in those links are examples where the tights clearly can be pulled up high enough and you can literally see the attached briefs are made to be worn under the tights without any chance of the tights dropping.







    Now look below and you can see these kind of tights would fit perfectly over the top bottom underwear part of the figure skating dresses shown above (colored tights preferred for a less revealing look of course)


    (the links here under are examples of the tights worn over the attached briefs part where you don't see that ugly crotch or bum look unless the video has a bad quality, nonetheless don't pay attention to how good or bad they skate, it's about the less revealing part considering in the long run you'll skate better wearing it this way)


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFSVCQEkn5I (watch from 1:37 to 1:138 for if you don't believe it)






    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_TUQNb5rik (0:50 to 0:54) (2:37 to 2:41)


    Here's what a figure skater herself said that just makes you want to wear the figure skating dress first then the tights.

    " Unfortunately it's true...I've seen way too many pictures of female skaters that made me think "could she show any more of her bum?" or "I wonder if it fell out of her briefs completely at any point?" or "did the audience notice her skating at all, or just her pseudo-strip-show?" Plus I figure it'd be hard to skate comfortably and concentrate if you knew half your bum was hanging out of your costume or wondering if you'd done a good enough job tidying up the ol' bikini line. "

    So my point is it works, try wearing a figure skating dress first and then the tights.
    If the tights won't go up high enough cause of the skirt there are always different sizes, also try to wear different colored tights, it looks a lot better than nude color tights.

    The best part of this all is you don't have to get rid of the skating dress,perhaps the tights like i explained earlier.
    Last but not least, wearing it this way makes you skate much better in the long run,meaning less pressure from the wind against your bums and crotch which makes you gain more flow and speed in your triples or other skating moves.

    The results are you will perform better, believe it or not.(let them criticize and never be ashamed,you know you wear it the right way)

    (ps:i don't i give a hoot who disagrees or complains this has been a familiar topic, it's only for figure skaters who agree and think about it:) )
  2. FigureSpins

    FigureSpins Well-Known Member

    You really wrote this essay and looked up all those links? That time would have been better spent on the ice instead of obsessing about wardrobe non-issues like this.

    You've obviously never worn a figure skating dress with a skirt inset below the waist. If you were to put tights on over that type of dress, the skirt would have to be tucked inside.
    No tights would stay up if they only covered your hip bones.

    If you really want to get the best performance, wear a properly-fitted unitard. Then you don't need tights.

    Unless you're an admin or mod, you can't dictate who can, or can't, post in your thread. You also cannot restrict it based on their opinion.
    If you only want agreement, you're in the wrong place.
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  3. michiruwater

    michiruwater Well-Known Member

    This is completely idiotic.
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  4. WindSpirit

    WindSpirit OmnipresentAdmeanistrator

    You already tried that last year (here and elsewhere).

    Thread closed.
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