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Evan Lysacek: "Men's skating has X Games appeal"

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by Maofan7, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. Maofan7

    Maofan7 Member

    New article entitled: 'Evan Lysacek says men's skating has X Games appeal'. It reads:-

    Figure skating - an Extreme Sport? Given the fall Ashley Wagner suffered in the Grand Prix Final and the problems she has had with the injury since, it certainly has its dangers and comes with considerable injury potential. Hence, if it is an Extreme Sport, then its not just Men's skating that has X Games appeal, but all figure skating (Men's, Ladies, Pairs), apart from Ice Dance.
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  2. BigB08822

    BigB08822 Well-Known Member

    I could see it if they did in the same format as those jumping competitions they used to do. I actually found those interesting and wish they still did them. The skaters seemed to have a lot of fun with it.
  3. caseyedwards

    caseyedwards Well-Known Member

    "we're" lysacek is getting quite nervy. But if he wants be a quad proponent now- that's good? Lol whatever if he competes and does them it'd be better a better use of "we're"! And I am pretty sure that clip of his quad triple was from 2007! So whenever he wants to do one again and land it would be something! But the Olympics of 2010 will be when quads took a break from mattering in the sport!
  4. Cherub721

    Cherub721 YEAH!

    I was :rofl: at his interview on NBC, especially when they dug out an old clip of him landing a quad from, like, 2008. He was all about the quad back then, too.

    Also loved the NBC Sochi commercial that said something about athletes from the greatest country (not countries) will compete in the Olympics, with a clip of Shawn White followed by Plushenko landing a quad. That's a pretty big oops. :lol:
  5. Skittl1321

    Skittl1321 Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry, but there is just no way this is true, if it is- then ballet is an extreme sport, because men do similar jumps there. Skating is absolutely one of the most difficult and demanding sports out there. But it isn't one of the most extreme ones at all. Skaters do have some horrific injuries, and the training is intense, but they are way less likely to crash down and break their necks than someone doing aerial skiing or snowboarding- what those guys/gals are doing is extreme sport.

    (I've also thought it was really funny how Lysacek was an 'all about the quad' skater, and then became "you don't need the quad" after he had an injury. Apparently he's back to being all about the quad!)
  6. skatingfan26

    skatingfan26 Member

    The funny part here is that he said the same "ages" ago. I think around 2008 when he was all about the quad he also said that skating should be in the X Games.
  7. 2sk8

    2sk8 Active Member

    Evan did promote this idea in the past, and I actually wish it would gain some traction. It wouldn't really be "figure skating", but some combination of the more extreme elements in a competition format, along with those crazy Crashed Ice competitions, could bring more attention to ice sports other than hockey.

    ETA: Recommend leaving the sequins home for the XGames. :)
  8. Mayra

    Mayra Well-Known Member

    I think he's just doing his part to promote the sport (and himself), and expose it to a different type of audience. Not a bad thing in itself, but I don't think its going to catch on. :)
  9. Skittl1321

    Skittl1321 Well-Known Member

    Does X Games have any half-pipe skating events? I can see that (flips and twists) more than I can see the jumps that are used in Figure Skating. (I also see X-Games skating taking place in hockey skates...)

    Before the men's competition NBC had Skate Racing on- it was Red Bull, not X-Games, but it was a downhill course with obstacles, winner crosses finish line first type thing.
  10. ballettmaus

    ballettmaus Well-Known Member

    Given the looks of a half pipe I'd say that would be pretty much impossible. I cannot see how you could land safely on two blades in a half pipe. (Let alone creating a half pipe made of ice... Not sure how that would work)

    I agree with your earlier comment about ballet being an extreme sport then as well. That was my first thought as well.
    As for the comment from Lysacek, I find it a very odd comment to make and a very odd comparison.
  11. Skittl1321

    Skittl1321 Well-Known Member

    Well, a much smaller halfpipe than snowboarding uses. I've seen youtube videos of homemade ones, but no major tricks- just little jumps. A google search appears it isn't a 'thing' though.

    I really want to know how the ramp/course used for the skate racing is made. It seems like it would be the same thing.
  12. ballettmaus

    ballettmaus Well-Known Member

    I'm wondering if it would work with the general form though. I think the sides are more or less perpendicular to the surface. At least they look to be, so the question is if it was possible to land on blades on something like that. No idea.

    Not clue about that. I know that the skiing/snowboarding half pipes are made by those large snowcats that take care of grooming the slopes. There's no ice involved at all, it's all real snow. At least the one I saw being made in Snowmass is and I think they built the ones for the X Games in very much the same way as snow cats were busy doing just that.
  13. moebius

    moebius Well-Known Member

    Mr. Quadless is only making those remarks because he has no quad to compete with the top men.
  14. query5

    query5 New Member

    agree, comments about guys and quads, really,
    he won without one, now he states he has two quads. expect me to believe it --not.
    why if he had one, why didn't do at olympics, he has none, and has to puff up himself to think he has one.\
    practice maybe competition none
  15. mtnskater

    mtnskater Well-Known Member

    I love Evan. That is all.
  16. Sylvia

    Sylvia Prepping for club comp. season!

    The article simply says "He plans to work on having two quads in his long program." Lysacek was training and landing quads last spring and summer, according to eyewitness reports. It remains to be seen, obviously, if his body will cooperate so he can compete with quads in his programs next season.
  17. 2sk8

    2sk8 Active Member

    The Red Bull competition is the "Crashed Ice" event I was referring too. Here is a link to some of the events:


    There are sections that have similarites to a small half-pipe, so I am sure it could be done. Very cool, but not figure skating!
  18. overedge

    overedge Janny uber

    Maybe he didn't have one then, and he does now.
  19. caseyedwards

    caseyedwards Well-Known Member

    Fall on underrotated quad was worth nothing. Happened to him at US nationals. Then ruined Takahashi's chance at GPF and Olympics to win gold.
  20. NadineWhite

    NadineWhite Well-Known Member

    I love how Evan is promoting the sport, he makes an excellent ambassador for skating, even I didn't know that bit about 1,440 degrees is a quad! :eek: Whoa, that fact there hooked me, line & sinker complete.

    Here's hoping it also hooks those that have never seen figure skating before, or only in passing, et al.

    Last note, I truly hope to see Evan compete at US Nationals next season, to earn one of 2 or 3 spots for the Olympics. And am glad he's listening to his body, taking much needed time off to heal his injuries, and come back smoking next year! :smokin:

    ps: I hope they same for my favorite, Evgeni Plushenko, as well. He's already shown he's a warrior by competing at his Nationals (and winning it no less for the 10th time!), that's enough, time to listen to his body and his doctors and seriously take time off (spinal surgery is nothing to mess with). NEXT year is thee most important year, thus rest now, recuperate, and start preparing for his final competiitve year in June/July. :cool:
  21. MacMadame

    MacMadame Cat Lady-in-Training

    I want some of what Evan is smoking!

    Skating is not an extreme sport and you aren't going to get more people interested in figure skating by pretending it's death defying when it's not.
  22. leafygreens

    leafygreens Well-Known Member

    If aerial skiiers wore glittery outfits, would it no longer be extreme?
  23. Rex

    Rex Well-Known Member

    It was called Top Jump, IIRC...I think. It never caught on as a comp. For a couple of years maybe?
  24. Sylvia

    Sylvia Prepping for club comp. season!

    Re-posting this from the U.S. Men's thread:
  25. Skittl1321

    Skittl1321 Well-Known Member

    To 'upset' Lysacek for the Gold? I don't think it is his to loose at all. I think all three you named are more likely to get it than Evan. First, Evan would need to actually show up for a competition, and then he'd need to show a great improvement in skills from the last time he was out on the ice.
  26. danceronice

    danceronice Corgi Wrangler

    What about that performance someone linked to involving...it was kind of theatrical, involved backflips, headstands, etc? I mean, does 'extreme' HAVE to mean 'stuff once done illegally in construction sites and the kind of antics that annoy serious downhillers at ski resorts' to be valid? Some people like doing tricks that are cool but illegal in FIGURE skating and to focus on how much bigger they can jump. Not something that belongs in USFS competition, maybe, but if there's interest, why not?

    (I realize some posters would object to an end to world poverty and disease if Evan Lysacek said he was for it, but setting aside that he makes some people rabid...)
  27. MacMadame

    MacMadame Cat Lady-in-Training

    Headstands are extreme? Well okay. :lol: We had those acrobats who were with Champions on Ice for a couple of years and I don't think teenage boys responded to their programs by saying "that looks rad, dude. I'm going to go home and try it!"

    A backflip comes off as more of an extreme sports type of move or a headbanger in pairs.

    I just think Evan is barking up the wrong tree. I think figure skating is an awesome sport (obviously -- I've been a fan for almost 50 years and even did it myself for a decade) and I think it deserves respect. But that doesn't make it an extreme sport that belongs at the X-games.