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EU Regulations on Digital Subscriptions- Important Information for Subscribers in the EU

Discussion in 'Board Business' started by SHARPIE, Jan 2, 2015.


    SHARPIE In through the out door... Staff Member

    This DOES NOT affect anyone who does not reside in the EU.

    From January 1st 2015 VAT is now payable by anyone purchasing a digital subscription, this sadly includes FSU user upgrades.

    I have updated paypal so that payments made from within these countries are automatically adjusted to your own domestic rate of VAT as follows:

    Austria 20%
    Belgium 21%
    Bulgaria 20%
    Cyprus 19%
    Czech Republic 21%
    Croatia 25%
    Denmark 25%
    Estonia 20%
    Finland 24%
    France 20%
    Germany 19%
    Greece 23%
    Hungary 27%
    Ireland 23%
    Italy 22%
    Latvia 21%
    Lithuania 21%
    Luxembourg 15%
    Malta 18%
    Netherlands 21%
    Poland 23%
    Portugal 23%
    Romania 24%
    Slovakia 20%
    Slovenia 22%
    Spain 21%
    Sweden 25%
    United Kingdom 20%

    Also, you need to supply your full home address on your payments made via paypal even though I don't need to know it myself, I am afraid it is now the law. Payments made from within the EU which do not have a full address included will be refunded and any subscription will be cancelled giving you the opportunity to make another payment but with supplying the correct info. I will email anyone affected personally.

    Really sorry about this as this has just effectively made me a tax collector for the EU. Also sorry for the late notice but it's only come to my attention very recently.

    More info here: