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Engineered "Hardwood" floors

Discussion in 'Off The Beaten Track' started by jkl, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. jkl

    jkl Well-Known Member

    My neighbors shower burst and flooded my condo.....while I was at Indy Challenge btw:eek:. I will be getting an entire new floor. I have engineered hardwood down now and am looking at my options in replacing it. The insurance company has given me a very fair allowance but I am wondering what everyone's thoughts are about engineered hardwood. Thanks to all the flooring fans on fsu for your help.
  2. mikey

    mikey ...an acquired taste

    I've seen lots of engineered wood floors that look really, really good. They suposedly hold up to moisture better than solid wood floors, so there's that... I wouldn't hesitate to go with it.
  3. GarrAarghHrumph

    GarrAarghHrumph I can kill you with my brain

    I'm always hesitant to put any type of wood in a bathroom, due to potential moisture issues. But engineered hardwood can be a bit less susceptible to such issues v. other types of wood flooring, if it's a good quality engineered hardwood. In addition, a lot of it today comes with UV cured coatings, which can be very durable.

    My personal preference in a bathroom is tile. It holds up extremely well to moisture.
  4. MacMadame

    MacMadame Cat Lady-in-Training

    I have a combination in my house and you can't tell the engineered hardwood from the real thing. I have hardwood in my kitchen and it's held up quite well. I do have tile in the bathroom though.
  5. JanetB

    JanetB Well-Known Member

    One of the nice things about engineered hardwood is that it can be put in as a floating floor over concrete, for that reason we have it in most of out basement.
  6. maatTheViking

    maatTheViking Danish Ice Dance! Go Laurence & Nikolaj!

    If what I can find on the internet is true, this is a very common flooring type in Denmark (wood floors with a veneer of wood, something else below).

    My parents had it in their old house, after about 30 years they got it sanded down and re varnished - you need something with a thick enough veneer to that, but it looked gourgeous. They had it in the kitchen, living and dining rooms, but not bathrooms.
    The kitchen held up great, but did show greater wear.

    we have some in our condo in the ktichen, and right below the since it looks a little warped. (our townhome was build in 2005)

    So I definetly think you have to look out for the quality.
    I would choose tiles in a bathroom, though.
  7. znachki

    znachki Active Member

    I have it and love it. Easy to clean, and while you don't want spills to stand on the floor, no need to panic about getting them cleaned up.