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E-width boots?

Discussion in 'Moves In The Field' started by Ariadne, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. Ariadne

    Ariadne Active Member

    My daughter, whose feet are still growing, needs skates in an E-width (or possibly D-width). She just outgrew Gams, size 5 1/2, that were really not wide enough. She is just starting jumps, so she would probably wear something along the level of the Jackson Classique or maybe their lowest level of bakeable boot.

    The problem is that I have not been able to find any "off the rack" skates that come in an E-width (or even a D-width) at that level. Harlick has them, but they're dang expensive. Any suggestions about good but not really expensive skates that I might be able to get in wider sizes?

    Or any suggestions about lists, boards, or other online resources where I might be able to hook up with someone who has some used ones for sale?

    Thanks ...
  2. Willowway

    Willowway Well-Known Member

    I just went through boot shopping (my new ones are finally starting to feel fine) and was told by the fitter (who my teacher says knows her stuff) that Jacksons run a little wider than others and Jacksons are what are usually suggested for a wide foot. So see if there are wides in Jacksons at the appropriate level (and I know there are Jacksons that are made for her jump level).

    I got Reidells (the 435 FS) and they work for me but my feet aren't particularly wide, just particularly old!
  3. sarahspins

    sarahspins New Member

    I am pretty sure you can order the Jackson Freestyle in an E width. I know for certain you can order the Premier as an E width, so I think that would include the freestyle and competitor as well since they aren't part of the Elite series... the fee for additional width (or split sizing like an E ball and C heel) is usually around $50 extra.

    Reidells are almost certainly not going to work for your daughter if she's an E width.

    FWIW I wear Jacksons and I have wide feet - I used to wear custom SP Teri's (which fit fine, but they were $$$) but I couldn't afford that much when it was time to buy new boots again. I'm very happy with my Jacksons :)
  4. Aussie Willy

    Aussie Willy Hates both vegemite and peanut butter

    I have found Jacksons excellent for wide feet.
  5. vesperholly

    vesperholly Well-Known Member

    I think Rainbo has a used section. Is there a skate shop in your area? They probably will have a used section, as well. Also, check skating clubs for their sales.

    I definitely sympathize with wide feet - I have had customs since I was 14 because my feet are small and wide. Thankfully I only need boots every 3-4 years.
  6. Doubletoe

    Doubletoe Well-Known Member

    It looks like Jackson stock boots only come as wide as D width for women/girls. I think boys' or men's stock boots would run wider, but they would come in black. If you want white boots and the D isn't wide enough, you may need to order customs or at least pay a little extra.
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2011
  7. FigureSpins

    FigureSpins Well-Known Member

    Take a look at this site's measuring page: https://www.kinziescloset.com/How_to_Measure_the_Foot.html

    Measure her feet to see what the length and width are, just to get an estimate on the size and width needed. (Have a pro do it before ordering, though.) They state that GAM has the widest toe box of all, so I don't know that Jacksons will work out, but here's an easy way to check. You have to check the size charts.

    Also, figure out if it's only the forefoot that's wide; sometimes skaters have narrow heels and buying a generic wide-width skate causes their heels to slip inside the skates.

    Heat molding isn't mandatory, it just makes the boot fit better, faster. Jackson skates can be broken in/fitted without heat molding. I don't think the PVC-bottomed Jackson skates can be heat-molded, although Freestyles are fine. Rather than using your daughter's feet to stretch the skate for width, ask the pro shop stretch the skates for width using a tool. It's more effective, imo, and you can usually get a few extra weeks out of a pair of outgrown skates. Also, change to a thinner insole and very-thin socks for now to try and buy some shopping time.

    Anything above 3.5 is considered a Misses size skate in Jacksons. Their entry-level mens/boys selections are lame - no wide widths. Those skaters end up buying too-big skates or Freestyles with too much blade, sigh. There's no easy solution for boys/men.

    I've had students buy wide-width Jacksons (Artiste, Mystique & Freestyle) and still need to have the brand-new skates stretched for width. The only "D" widths are in Competitor boots or above, which are too stiff for a Basic Skills skater. Stretching them is cheaper than buying customs, but the kids outgrow them really fast.

    Riedell just brought out their 2011 Catalog that adds the new 229 TS skate to their line, which comes in wide widths.
    Worth checking out.
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2011