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DWTS: All Stars, Cast Announced

Discussion in 'Off The Beaten Track' started by Fridge_Break, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. skatesindreams

    skatesindreams Well-Known Member

    Bristol stayed around much longer than anyone expected last time; I think she likely will again.
    I don't think of her as an "all-star"; but, she works hard and brings her viewing audience,
  2. mrr50

    mrr50 Well-Known Member

    she does work hard, but her viewing audience may have disappeared with her reality TV show
  3. pixie cut

    pixie cut Well-Known Member

    Celebrity #13 is Sabrina Bryan partnered with Louis van Amstel. This should be good. He will actually work with her, teach her and showcase her at her best. :)
  4. Norlite

    Norlite Well-Known Member

    I'm surprised. There was such a push for Carson all over Twitter.
  5. ArtisticFan

    ArtisticFan Well-Known Member

    While I don't dislike Kelly, I do think she received quite a boost based on soap fans. She was on the first season when the show was getting almost no press or publicity on anything other than ABC. People didn't know about it. Those who did already watched ABC (her fan base). She was also one of the only ones that season who had a current job in the public eye.

    Later soap actors coming on the show had to compete against bigger casts, bigger budgeted stars, and were in a situation where their network was not the only place DWTS was promoted.

    I was more of a fan of Joey that first season. Kelly, while her dancing did improve, her attitude always seemed sullen and petulant to me.
  6. Rogue

    Rogue Sexy Superhero

    She works hard? Then how did she manage to gain weight the last time she participated. Even Olympic athletes lose a few pounds while training for DWTS.
  7. orbitz

    orbitz Well-Known Member

    The only dance of Kelly & Alec that I liked was the one where her strap came loose. That incident loosen her up personality-wise, and she became fun to watch. I didn't like any of Kelly's other dances, but I will say that she and Alec worked hard to improve her dancing as the season progressed. She never talked back to the judges or sulked when they tore her down, which I think they often after most of her dances, LOL.

    I rooted for her & Alec to win the final, but I did have a problem with the judges throwing out some 10s when she made some obvious mistakes during the freestyle.
  8. Norlite

    Norlite Well-Known Member

    Just tweeted:

  9. Kasey

    Kasey Correcting President Trump's grammar on Twitter :)

    Not a fan of Sabrina, but am happy it's someone that brings Louis back!
  10. pixie cut

    pixie cut Well-Known Member

    I'm with you on that one.

    Does anyone know why Kirstie and Maks haven't done photos or video? They were not among the couple photos released last week and the Kirstie footage in the new commercial is decidedly pre weight loss.
  11. Rob

    Rob Beach Bum

    I thought Kyle Lacey would be back. But Sabrina was a good dancer, and Louis should give her some great choreography.
  12. kwanfan1818

    kwanfan1818 I <3 Kozuka

    Louis van Amstel :cheer2:
  13. centerstage01

    centerstage01 Well-Known Member

    I'm glad Sabrina and Louis are coming back. If she hadn't made it, I was rooting for Kyle to get the last place on the show. I like Carson a lot as a personality, but for a dance show I want to see people who can dance. He was a very hard worker but he wasn't and isn't a dancer. Bless him.
  14. danceronice

    danceronice Corgi Wrangler

    Didn't change her diet (which probably contributed a LOT to Kirstie's weight loss)? Wasn't cross-training? Almost no one really loses weight just from ballroom dancing. The professionals (ie competing/teaching pros in the real world) cross-train in more aerobic activities, and I know pros who've switched from teaching to teaching and competing in the pro divisions who've had to hit the gym pretty hard to be competitively fit, despite dancing being their full-time job already. Someone dancing at the level most of the "stars" are really at wouldn't lose any weight normally and Mark seemed to be giving Bristol real lessons, not creating really gymnastic routines (which given how often he seems to be upside down must have been killing him. At least we should be spared more "Mark does flying somersaults in lieu of dancing.")

    I know I never lost weight just dancing, even when I was doing it five days a week. It's not like skating where two hours a day four days a week melts pounds. (I wish I had a rink less than an hour away...)
  15. pixie cut

    pixie cut Well-Known Member

    That's a joke told by Kathy Griffin and then repeated by others. While Bristol definitely didn't lose weight, I wouldn't say she gained any. She also was so far from fat I wonder what anyone who called her fat considers thin. Perhaps average is Karina or Peta?

    I hate defending Bristol Palin because I really am disgusted to see her back as an all-star. Surely, there must have been some more deserving female, say Mel B or Laila Ali or Kelly Osbourne, but maybe they didn't want to do it.

    If you eat the wrong foods -- fatty foods, white sugar, white flour, etc. -- you're going to look slightly pudgy no matter how much you exercise.
  16. PRlady

    PRlady flipflack

    Bristol is on because she's the most controversial "star" they could rope back in. For another year, anyway, and then I think the Palins' really-way-too-long 15 minutes are up.
  17. rfisher

    rfisher Will you rise like a phoenix or be a burnt chicken

    I think it is totally unfair to bash Bristol because her last name is Palin. She worked hard when she was on DWTS and improved. She had no previous dance training and wasn't an athlete, but Mark worked with her and she improved each week. I don't give a damn about her mother's politics and judged her by what she did on the show. I think she deserves to be asked back as much as any other previous top 3 contestant. Sabrina, btw, was not in the top 3.
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  18. pixie cut

    pixie cut Well-Known Member

    Her reality show tanked, so I don't know that she'll bring the fan base she brought in 2010.

    That said, while she was controversial in her season she did dance above average and she tried hard. I can imagine the producers would rather have her than someone who complained endlessly, danced terribly or seemed too cool for school about the show. As far as controversial, she's a compromise. I'd watch her for 10 weeks before I'd sit through one Kate Gosselin performance -- awful, unwilling to accept criticism, whiny, rude to her partner, rude to the judges and acting like she was suffering to be there. Bristol may not have been as personable as Kyle Massey or as agile as Kathryn Jenkins and she may have cried a couple of times, but for the most part she showed a pretty decent sense of humor.
  19. skatesindreams

    skatesindreams Well-Known Member

    I lovs Louis, also.
  20. tarotx

    tarotx Well-Known Member

    OMG Sabrina and Louis <3<3<3
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  21. orbitz

    orbitz Well-Known Member

    I wish Lisa Rena was back. She really went all out in her training and dancing.

    Eventhough the word "Stars" has to be taken with a grain of salt for this show, Bristol is the only one who seemed to have been invited on the show simply because of whom her mom is. ... And oh yeah, she got knocked up. Is Bristol still an "activist" against teen pregnancy or has that ship sailed ?
  22. Sassafras

    Sassafras Well-Known Member

    Regarding Bristol:

    That pretty much sums it up for me.
  23. Rogue

    Rogue Sexy Superhero

    While I never considered her fat, Bristol herself admitted to gaining weight.


    And this time around, her goal is to not gain weight.


    So maybe it was her diet, and not her lack of work ethic, but I just have trouble seeing how someone could dance 6-8 hours a day and still gain weight.
  24. purple skates

    purple skates Shadow Dancing

    I would assume that her hunger increased, and due to the amount of time they spend working on the show she made poor food choiuces. It's alot easier to grab McDonalds in circumstances like that than it is some fruit and veggies.
  25. pixie cut

    pixie cut Well-Known Member

    Especially if you're not used to cooking for yourself.
  26. Rogue

    Rogue Sexy Superhero

    Maybe so, but I've worked a desk job my entire adult life and am notoriously bad about my diet choices, yet I've never gained 15 pounds in 4 months or even in a year (unless you count when I was pregnant). So it just seems strange to me and makes me wonder if she really was practicing 6-8 hours per day, or if she was working hard only when the cameras were filming.
  27. Simone411

    Simone411 I'm Clippy. I love Ashley and Janny!

    Tickled to see Apolo, Emmitt and Shawn on the list! :40beers:
  28. purple skates

    purple skates Shadow Dancing

    Well, count yourself lucky because for lots of people, it's pretty easy to gain that kind of weight. I gained 20 pounds in less than four months when I quit smoking.
  29. Garden Kitty

    Garden Kitty Tranquillo

    She certainly wasn't a good dancer, but I never got the feeling she wasn't prepared or didn't know the steps.
  30. pixie cut

    pixie cut Well-Known Member

    Totally changing the topic, I'm interested to see what Val does with Kelly Monaco. I think Alec is a bad teacher and worse choreographer, but Val seems to be very gifted in both departments. Their publicity shot is hot, so I'm hopeful she'll surprise everyone.