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Davis & White #8 - Gnarly Marlie and the Silver Stars

Discussion in 'The Trash Can' started by literaryfreak, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. literaryfreak

    literaryfreak Well-Known Member

    So I got a bit creative with the title. :shuffle:

    I've seen the nickname Marlie being tossed about and I like it. It made me think of the word, "gnarly," and who doesn't love 90s skate board slang? Gnarly Marlie.

    According to urbandictionary:

    Remember, no Olympic stuff in here, or else the admins will probably move this thread (like the last one) to the Olympic folder. Maybe further Olympic discussion can take place in there, and other stuff (like Worlds!) can be in here.
  2. Wyliefan

    Wyliefan Well-Known Member

    :) I like Marlie too!
  3. Lucy25

    Lucy25 Well-Known Member

    The news programs in Detroit filmed them coming home from Vancouver last night. Charlie was wearing glasses. Both said they were exhausted and were looking forward to some rest for the next couple of days before resuming training. The Detroit media simply loves these two!
  4. ~tapdancer~

    ~tapdancer~ Well-Known Member

    Great title!! I love Marlie, too! And they so fit the definition of gnarly!

    Charlie often wears glasses when he's off the ice. Guess he can see okay when he's on the ice, can't imagine trying to skate with contacts in!

    I'll bet they are exhausted. Soon be training for Worlds. Wow, what a totally :kickass: season they have had! How long before we start discussing their music choices for next year? :)
  5. Wyliefan

    Wyliefan Well-Known Member

    I sure hope so! :) The glasses are awfully cute, though!

    DORISPULASKI Watching submarine races

    I just received an email from the Providence, RI, "Dunkin Donuts Center" arena. They say that SOI will be there April 18, and Charlies and Meryl will be performing.
  7. ~tapdancer~

    ~tapdancer~ Well-Known Member

    The closest SOI I can make is Orlando. Come on, Marlie, don't you guys want to go to Disney World? :lol:
  8. lovesdance

    lovesdance Member

    Or Disneyland? :)
  9. shan

    shan Well-Known Member

    Love the title!! :D
  10. literaryfreak

    literaryfreak Well-Known Member

    Thanks. :) I was going to do "Gnarly Marlie, the Silver Stars" (in honor of their silver medal) but "Gnarly Marlie and the Silver Stars" sounded like an awesome band name, so I couldn't resist.

    Just a heads up again, D/W are performing at Ice Chips in Boston April 10-11. There's a thread in GSD about it.
  11. TanithandBenFan

    TanithandBenFan Author of the Ice and Edge Series

    He said in an interview that he hit his head on the sink before the FD when he dropped his contacts case in the sink, so he must wear them when he skates. ;)
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  12. semogal

    semogal Well-Known Member

    Thanks for creating the thread out here literaryfreak. I too love the title.

    Does anyone know which cities on the SOI tour Marlie will be at? Please let St. Louis be one of them!!
  13. Wyliefan

    Wyliefan Well-Known Member

    And Washington, D.C.!!
  14. sk9tingfan

    sk9tingfan Well-Known Member

    Zoueva in an interview indicated that the Mahler LP that she choreographed was a gift to the Canadian people, her adopted country. The one nagging doubt that I have always had and the above statement makes even stronger is whether she is capable of and willing to give Davis and White the best programs that she can. Will she always be giving Virtue and Moir and Canadian couples to come what might be better choreography and tricks thanShpilband's American couples, regardless of their abilities? :(
  15. nlyoung

    nlyoung Active Member

    I think it's pretty clear that she is playing to the strengths of each team. D/W could not have done justice to the Mahler program, and V/M would have not done as good a job with Phantom. End of conspiracy :)
  16. Rafter

    Rafter Well-Known Member


    Also, what about Igor's statement after the CD that D&W are "the best skaters in the world"????
  17. literaryfreak

    literaryfreak Well-Known Member

    He was talking to an American newspaper, what do you expect? :rolleyes: No different from Marina saying V/M are the best when she talks to a Canadian newspaper.
  18. Rafter

    Rafter Well-Known Member

    Actually what I expect is for neither coach to be that open to the press about what team they prefer. :p
  19. nlyoung

    nlyoung Active Member

    He was referring to the OD here, and was basing his comments on the fact that D/W had the highest scores of the season among the contenders for their OD. This comment has been taken out of context to prove his support for D/W at V/M's expense. It was nothing of the sort. D/W did have the best OD scores going into Vancouver. There is nothing conspiratorial about this.
  20. alince

    alince New Member

    I like Marlie too!!:)
  21. ambern024

    ambern024 New Member

    I like Marlie as well haha....and I so jealous that they are going to be in RI. I have tickets to the SOI in St. Louis!!...so how bout they make their way there!!! haha. So glad this thread is back where it's suppose to be...i was dying without it! I mean I get they need to make money...but can we never mention the olympics again? I don't see what's wrong with it! It's not like we were just talking about the olympics. anyway oh well I'm over it. Marlie is back now im good! haha
  22. TanithandBenFan

    TanithandBenFan Author of the Ice and Edge Series

  23. reese

    reese Well-Known Member

  24. TanithandBenFan

    TanithandBenFan Author of the Ice and Edge Series

    Is there anyone who speaks Russian who would be willing to transcribe an interview that NTV did with Marina and Igor after the Olys FD? They discuss both D/W and V/M. It's a 25-minute interview, so it looks like it would be pretty informative. I have it downloaded and would just need to upload it to a file-sharing site. Thanks in advance!
  25. neptune

    neptune Well-Known Member

    I wonder if they have a chance at the world title? I just hope the dance event in Torino seems a bit less pre-programmed. ;)
  26. Bue

    Bue Active Member

    The article was already translated (at least in part - didn't seem 25 minutes long) in the Ice dance Oly forum. I'm a bit scared to post it here because it's 'Olympic related', though.
  27. X.Y.Man

    X.Y.Man New Member

    I believe I read somewhere that Davis and White were talking about creating new exhibition programs for SOI tour. Could they please use the first half of their gorgeous "Samson and Delilah" program for SOI number? It was so beautiful and I'm sure they'll bring some wonderful memories back for the audience with that dance to the aria. Of course like they said, some changes might be needed, they could take off part of the elements and add more dance characters in. Also, they could change the vocal version of their competitive program into an orchestra version, like Joanne Rochette and Jeffrey Buttle did. Or they could choose Muse "I belong to you", with the melody of that aria in the middle.
  28. TanithandBenFan

    TanithandBenFan Author of the Ice and Edge Series

    That appears to be a different interview. This one was done in a studio and shown on NTV. They showed footage of D/W's and V/M's programs, while Igor and Marina commented on them.
  29. pani

    pani Well-Known Member

    I think, you talk about Vaitcihovskay interview in Sport-express, wich was translated.
    As for NTV+ video-intervie - they said the same things. That V-M come to them 7 years ago, that they was very professional for young ages.
    They could made all of this, because they are hard-worker and listen all, what coaches talk to them.
    Marina said, that she didnt like ice dance and didnt want to work with Igor with ice-dance teams, because in old sistem, you couldnt say who was better. But she like to work under new system, love to create new elements.
    They was asked - was you shure, that canadians will win OG before competition start? No,. We give the same level of expression, difficulty programs for both teams. We made a lot off political work for D-W - we show Charlie at Obersdorf, because we want to show, what kind off progarms they made for OG to ISU specialists. We must talk more about them, show them more times, because they didnt had medals before. And it was dissapointed, because at last year WCh a lot off specialists talk, they was best at least in FD.
    Journalist said: But they all want this gold. Igor answer - yes, but you couldnt imaging, how they are support each other during pracries. They are best friends, nobody belive, when we talk this, but its truth.
    They talk about Tanith and Ben. For Igor it was really hard, when they go. He made this team. He think he did super program for them- Chopin, but she fell in CD. Marina think, that maybe they wish to have easy way to the medals. It was hard to work in S-Z group she said, because D-W was greate single skaters and made all this level 4 elements without big problems, when B-A must learn spins, liftes.
    Marina said they could bring B-A on the podium. In this year? Maybe not.
    At the end they talk a little about Plushenko. That russian teams didnt ask them work with them. That its expensive, because only D-W live in the same city, all another arended there flats with other skaters.
    That they made all there champions by thereselves - V-M was 13 at JWCh, when they come to them, Charlie play in hockey, play on violin and was single skater, Igor made team B-A.
    And Marina said, that she go with V-M at Thornhill this summer, because she had a lot off calls - how Tessas health, how her legs. Thats why she want to show everyone, that Tessa could skate in August.
    And that all new moves in PF FD was made by Marina, because they couldnt show nothing without this liftes after her injuiry
    Journalists talk to them thank you for yuor teams, especially for canadians, because i love them. And that after ice dance competition, he feel happynest
    It short translation
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2010
  30. literaryfreak

    literaryfreak Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the translation, pani. Interesting that Marina wasn't a big fan of ice dance previously. That explains why D/W and V/M are doing elements worthy of pairs.

    I found this on the blogsite, D/W will be skating at a benefit show at the Detroit Skating Club this Sat: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=376116165210&ref=mf