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Davis & White #26: Dancing with the Stars on Ice!

Discussion in 'The Trash Can' started by jenniwren12, Apr 8, 2014.

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  1. Skittl1321

    Skittl1321 Well-Known Member

    I think the way it was phrased it leaves it open to any Disney movie still. Since he was asked about characters from multiple movies, he isn't really saying much about what movie it is from.

    However, classic song tells me no Megra. Hercules doesn't really contain "classic" songs.

    Almost sounds like it might end up being Meryl as Cinderella or Aurora. But maybe he'll be the beast. (It would be bizarre for him to dance with Belle as Gaston.. what was that reporter thinking?)
  2. jenniwren12

    jenniwren12 Active Member

    Does Disney Pixar count too? Because "You Got a Friend in Me" from Toy Story would be really cute for Charlie, as a...foxtrot? Eh they could play with it.
  3. Bliss784

    Bliss784 New Member

    Yes, kinda surprised it wasn't more played up much more for the show.(Camera shows Meryl and Charlie walk off the ice after the show, grab their bags and head straight to Orlando airport on Sunday) They don't have much time for flight delays that's for sure.
  4. Spun Silver

    Spun Silver Well-Known Member

    I just threw Charlie 18 more votes after reading the comments here. Yeah, I found his dance wth Peta a little underwhelming. i didnt care for the twin look and while he had moments of intensity and marvelous line, there wasnt much drama. I am hoping Disney is a good fit for him. I do think that 7 will light a fire under him. Sharna obviously is already burning.

    Mery was jaw-dropping. I am loving the way she is being treated by those brothers. So refreshing after all the years of hearing that she really wasnt as talented as a certain other ice dancer!
  5. literaryfreak

    literaryfreak Well-Known Member

    I wonder if Charlie and Sharna have "Friend Like Me" from Aladdin.
  6. caitie

    caitie Well-Known Member

    Yeah, as soon as I heard they had the AT I was like, wow, that's a dick move by the producers. That's probably his strongest dance, and it's like they intentionally gave it to Val to... wind him up or something, IDK. Oh, reality television.

    I was nodding along with what Sharna said in her rant about the judging. Love her.
  7. Jessiebanana

    Jessiebanana Well-Known Member

    They're not makng any effort to showcase their weaknesses, whether it's motion, foot placement, or their travel schedule. Maybe they're saving th sympathy for later.

    I don't blame Peta, DWTS has never made it clear whether they're strictly ball room or if they're performances based on a theme. Wowing the crowd is important and it's pretty ambiguous when a pro will be penalized or praised for a deviation. Derek did a similar rumba with Shawn and got nixed a bit, but nothing in the realm of a 7. I think it paid off in fan love for Shawn. It's a risk and the pros are doing their best to find the balance between the judges and the audience. Pros have been criticized for not having enough variation by the judges as well, believe it or not.
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2014
  8. LilJen

    LilJen Reaching out with my hand sensitively

    Air Bud: Golden Receiver? The Shaggy DA? :p

    I like the Aristocats idea someone posed--"Everybody Wants to Be a Cat"?

    The ABC/Disney merger. . . paying off in spades next week (we hope).
  9. Nadia2013

    Nadia2013 Well-Known Member

    :lol: Charlie as Air Bud.
  10. newbatgirl

    newbatgirl Well-Known Member

    Hey, Marvel is Disney now. Someone flatiron Charlie's hair and make him Thor.
  11. jenniwren12

    jenniwren12 Active Member

  12. Cyn

    Cyn Well-Known Member

  13. Muffin

    Muffin New Member


    DORISPULASKI Watching submarine races

  15. semogal

    semogal Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the Worlds link Doris. It had been a while since I viewed that version. I loved watching how that dance evolved over the season to just perfection by Worlds. It was a real turning point for them I think.
  16. mollymgr

    mollymgr Well-Known Member

    I had to go re-watch all of Meryl and Charlie's dances from DWTS. I still can't believe they are on this show and so unbelievably good. :cool:

    I still think Meryl and Val take it to another level. And even if 50% of the judges disagreed with Peta and Charlie's Rumba, I thought it was a very unique and striking routine, down to the hair. I think it was a level up in performance for both Meryl and Charlie from Episode 1. I really hope they get to be in the finals!!!!
  17. jenniwren12

    jenniwren12 Active Member

    See, before DWTS, I was perfectly fine with not seeing them do another tango again, just because I thought they had been there, won that with 2011. But now, I really want to seem them tango together! Then again, I kind of want to see them do every dance together... It's already been mentioned here, but I'd love a Ballroom on Ice type of show!
  18. Jessica

    Jessica Well-Known Member

    I caught that too.

    I have to admit I'm as hooked on seeing M/C on DWTS as I am about their skating. When it's over, I'll miss it almost as much as I'll miss them in competition if they choose not to compete again.

    On a side note--I went to lunch today with two friends. We all agreed that we didn't like Charlie's hair last night and that Meryl is so hot.
  19. mollymgr

    mollymgr Well-Known Member

    I thought the hair was appropriate for a Latin dance. It was one of the things that bugged me about their Rhumba SD. Those curls just don't go with a Latin character. Some people on twitter commented that he looked like Peeta (Hunger games). Thankfully Peta wasn't promoting PETA like she usually does. :p
  20. Laura4

    Laura4 Well-Known Member

    Awww...Diana Nyad tweeted that Meryl was simply divine and the best to ever grace the ballroom. :)

    DORISPULASKI Watching submarine races

  22. Susan M

    Susan M Well-Known Member

    I remember him doing something similar for Paso Doble - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3WSHPgec30

    As you said - the tousled blond curls sometimes don't really work.
  23. Nadia2013

    Nadia2013 Well-Known Member

    Their paso doble costumes were amazing!
    If Charlie's hair is long enough, I would have preferred a ponytail with slicked back hair instead of what he had last night.
  24. Johnny_Fever

    Johnny_Fever Well-Known Member

    He looks much more dignified without that silly moptop.
  25. Laura4

    Laura4 Well-Known Member


    They both looked so gorgeous and striking in those costumes that year!
  26. AnnieD

    AnnieD Active Member

  27. Cyn

    Cyn Well-Known Member

  28. Doggygirl

    Doggygirl Viva la pornstache!

    I just had to find a place to post how impressive I think Meryl has been. Who knew she could turn up the heat like that? :smokin::smokin::smokin: I hope her and Maks win this thing!
  29. Whitneyskates

    Whitneyskates Well-Known Member

    Yes, every Tuesday at 8:00, the episodes are also on their Youtube channel and they discuss the dances in the order in which they were performed.
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