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Davis & White #18: I Could've Danced All 1001 Nights

Discussion in 'The Trash Can' started by TanithandBenFan, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. E.A. Week

    E.A. Week Active Member

    The screamer had me ROTFL. She sounded like a gigantic spider had just dropped down in front of her face. ;)

    That performance was amazing. So improved from SLC, and it's been what, a month? It looks like most of their focus has been on the technical aspects of both programs. I would love to see a bit more choreographic detail in the short, but other than that, no complaints whatsoever!
  2. semogal

    semogal Well-Known Member

    So what do they need to do to get level 4 on the step sequences? To me they look amazing. What are they (and me) missing?
  3. Kaffeine

    Kaffeine Well-Known Member

    I think there was a misstep on Meryl's part on the last sequence. At least it looked like that.
  4. Cyn

    Cyn Well-Known Member

    I caught that as well. She avoided turning it into a stumble, but it did detract from the completeness of that particular sequence.

    As wonderful as their score was here, I'm glad to see that there's definitely room to move up WRT to levels, so that they can build on it going into Sochi.
  5. shan

    shan Well-Known Member

  6. Michelle24

    Michelle24 Member

    Well it seems Derek Hough is very pleased with Meryl and Charlie, on his facebook page he said they were "Amazing" and linked to a youtube vid of their sd.

    And if you read the post on his fb page (sorry I cant link it properly) the comments from his fans are all very nice. I'm so glad Meryl and Charlie have expanded their cheering section this year, even if its only just because Derek's name is attached to them, it's still makes me happy. :)

    And their FD tonight, just wow...I don't know how it could possibly get any better. And yet I know they will keep working to improve it. Incredible. The sky is the limit for them this year.

    Edit: Forgot to add, Meryl in the teal blue is STUNNING. I hope she keeps this dress throughout the season!
  7. Kaffeine

    Kaffeine Well-Known Member

    I love Charlie's outfit. I was concerned he went nuts with the bedazzler but I think it's perfect. That color on Meryl is perfection but I want to tweak that skirt.

    I love how the FD isn't perfect...yet ;). I saw a few missteps here and there but it didn't detract from the program nor the performance. The upside down lift still needs some refinement but it was so much more smoother this time. I love the moments where they are looking at each other, the changes in mood after the twizzles where they're dancing. It's like they're addressing every issue head-on: want more dance holds? Got it. More connecting steps? Done. Greater detail towards character development? No problem.

    That last lift is to die for. Marina said she wanted it to be an exclamation point and there it is. :)

    Onwards to NHK :D
  8. Nell411

    Nell411 Between the click of the light and

    I think Meryl needs to change her hair style a bit. Not wearing it down, clearly. But she needs to do something. Parts of it look like a bump-it gone wrong sometimes. It just isn't very flattering. I like the rest though.
  9. brina

    brina Well-Known Member

    I loved the FD even more this time, but I wish they would look at each other more frequently. I know last season they worked on their connection -- time to show it off, guys. :)

    And I agree about the hair... I think she should try a braid of some kind!
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2013
  10. Kaffeine

    Kaffeine Well-Known Member

    Another article :)

    I also agree about changing her hair.Though I like the bun, it looks too messy at the end of the FD.
  11. mia joy

    mia joy Well-Known Member

    Oh shoot, they got rid of one of my fav parts of the choreography (right before the spin)... it's still beautiful, but I liked the first version better, it really made Charlie shine.

    But other than that, a great skate. Seriously, this is such a perfect FD for the Olympic season. I can imagine it on the FD night in Sochi - with full stands and all the Olympic vibes in the air, this music and program will be so enchanting. I don't even care if their SD is a little weaker than last year. This year they have THIS FD to get them that gold. Everything in this program simply speaks for itself. So beautiful, mature and so much better than POTO.

    However, I still can't get over their costumes. I love both of them separately, but they simply do not work well together. Color-wise they look like two singles skaters randomly teamed up five minutes before stepping on the ice. I really hope at least one of them changes the costume, otherwise it's gonna sting me in the eyes and not let me fully enjoy this wonderful program. I love the costume designs, I love the colors separately, it's just these colors next to each other make me twitch.

    Sorry for complaining, but sometimes costumes can effectively destroy a perception of such a masterpiece.
  12. mollymgr

    mollymgr Well-Known Member

    I do agree that the costumes look amazing separately but do not go together. It is still early in the season and knowing them, there is a possibility that this is the last time we see these ones. I've lost count of how many times they change costumes over the season. I remember Marina saying somewhere that they test these out to see how they look under the arena lighting among other things.
  13. dinakt

    dinakt Well-Known Member

    Congratulations to Meryl and Charlie. I thought it was amazing. In a way, I am relieved that there were missteps and some level 3s, somthing they can concentrate on. They fly on ice so fast, especially as the program speeds up towards the end, that I just cross my fingers that they keep their cool. It seems to me that Meryl paid a lot of attention to her arms between SLC and SA, I thought her arm movements were refined. Bravi D/W.
  14. mia joy

    mia joy Well-Known Member

    I sure hope they were just testing. However, their DF and ND costumes stayed the same from their first competition till their last. I hope this is not gonna be the case this year.

    I guess this year they just want to be 100% sure they have just the right ones. After all, they're gonna want to look pretty on the Olympic podium ;)

    I agree it's good that they're still dropping levels here and there and the dance has a lot of room to grow. We don't want a repeat of what happened to DF.
    I love it that they're not running through this program. They're taking their time to make sure everything is sublime and perfectly executed. Their power and speed was amazing in Vancouver and I think POTO was a great program for the kind of reckless, energetic kids they were. I am so grateful to Marina that she saved Shez for the time they could give the most to it.
  15. literaryfreak

    literaryfreak Well-Known Member

    The Free Dance was sublime. So happy I got to experience this in their hometown, with all of D/W's friends and family in the audience.
  16. shan

    shan Well-Known Member

    I'm so glad! :)
  17. ~tapdancer~

    ~tapdancer~ Well-Known Member

    So glad you got to be there, literaryfreak! I know it must have been fantastic!

    On another note since it will no doubt be a recurring thing this season...the VM ubers are convinced the fix is in with the judging this season. Never mind about the quality of the programs for either team and never mind that DW have worked their butts off for the last four years to become a superior team. Maybe I'm just cranky but I get so tired of the same stupid crap and people wonder why skating isn't as popular when even the hardcore fans can't be positive.
  18. mollymgr

    mollymgr Well-Known Member

    Whatever floats their boat. :blah: They can whine about their cheese until they turn bleu.
    I'm just enjoying everything Meryl and Charlie have to offer to us this season and beyond. :) Time to whip out your non-stick pan right? ;)
  19. Whitneyskates

    Whitneyskates Well-Known Member

    It's a pretty sad world they live in. I don't go in the V/M threads anymore because I've put so many people on ignore, there's nothing left to read anyway.
  20. mollymgr

    mollymgr Well-Known Member

  21. Wyliefan

    Wyliefan Well-Known Member

    Thanks! :) And high five!
  22. leafygreens

    leafygreens Well-Known Member

    What would their score have been if they had all level 4s?
  23. mia joy

    mia joy Well-Known Member

    I've just caught the free dance recap on Eurosport and wow - it looks SO much better on a TV screen than on my computer. It's only now that I could entirely appreciate the details of their costumes too. They were amazing, but there is still so much room to grow - which is a good thing. They had a few bobbles here and there, but once this program is polished and at its full potential, I really don't see how they could bring from the Olys anything else than the four letter medal.

    Ever since Meryl and Charlie overcame their weaknesses VM ubers have done nothing but trash them. It's their way of dealing with the fact Meryl and Charlie are now a threat. I don't think the VM ubers ever predicted DW to close the gap that was there between the two teams back in 2010. They got used to the thought Tessa and Scott are unbeatable and simply can't deal with the fact they aren't.

    I actually find it sad that:
    1. everytime Meryl and Charlie score well, half of them loses faith in their favourites whereas the other half blames everything on "fixed judging". I swear nothing is ever fair to them unless Tessa and Scott win.
    2. they rob themselves of the pure joy of watching their favourites skate by concentrating on whining and trashing their rivals
    3. they NEVER get over anything. It's like they find enjoyment in scratching their own scars.

    I am so glad we don't do it here. We've never lost faith in Meryl and Charlie, even in their bad moments. But what I like most is that when they do something we don't like, we speak openly about it, whereas I've seen VM ubers attack each other for saying a slightest word of criticism towards Tessa and Scott.

    Oh yeah, and apparently everyone is involved in the politicking - the Americans, the French, the Italians and the Russians. Only poor Canadians aren't :rolleyes:

    That thread is a hot mess. Stay back or it'll burn you bad.
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2013
  24. Susan M

    Susan M Well-Known Member

    I agree. Those colors do not look good together, though maybe they were inspired by this look:

    Apparently the vibrant colors (along with the erotic theme) was one of the things that made the ballet a sensation when first produced. From hunting around, it looks like ballet companies rarely put these characters in the same color, but they do usually choose colors that don't actually clash, and often pick up the color of one costume as a smaller accent in the other.

    I don't like Meryl's dark teal dress as much as the pale aqua one. All that fabric around her neck looks like it is strangling her. The pale one seemed more Middle Eastern and had lovelier flow to it.

    Watching the dance again, it occurs to me that the final movements and pose are at odds with the story. The music is reaching a sort of victorious climax, which should be them joining as lovers. Instead, it looks like victory for her is running away, escaping him.
  25. Whitneyskates

    Whitneyskates Well-Known Member

    Well, I'll be darn, NBC remembered that Meryl and Charlie do exist after all. We got a fluff piece and their FS. No other ice dancers were shown, though - however, they did show all three American men falling, because one thing that will draw American figure skating fans in is seeing American skaters fall and lose.
  26. rustyskater

    rustyskater Active Member

    Yes. The NBC coverage of Meryl and Charlie could have been more detailed. There was no mention of their glowing skating resume since capturing Olympic silver (with no world medal prior) and current status as potential gold medal favorites for upcoming OG. I'm glad, however, that NBC showed the free dance (though Tracy Wilson seemed, at times, to be a little bit of a distraction - she did have nice things to say). It was great on a big screen! I like the colors of the costumes. I'm surprised the Shibs MJ routine didn't make the NBC cut.
  27. Jessiebanana

    Jessiebanana Well-Known Member

    They've been on the decline for a while. Their scores seem largely based on reputation, than performance. I'm excited to see a real competition for bronze though! I think there would have to be a major mistake on the part of V/M or D/W for them to snag silver though. They have the to compete against not just the greatness of these two teams, but their reputation with the judges, no matter how eye rolley it makes me feel about scores in this sport.
  28. Jessiebanana

    Jessiebanana Well-Known Member

  29. Jessiebanana

    Jessiebanana Well-Known Member

  30. Jessiebanana

    Jessiebanana Well-Known Member

    I'm so glad that isn't a problem here. What is the point in having a place where I can meet other fans who are excited about Meryl and Charlie...if I can't actually have a conversation about them. It would be really boring if all anyone said was they're perfect and their performance /choreography/music was flawless ALL the time. I could have that conversation with myself, thank you very much.

    ...and I would be having the conversation with myself because I'd also be delusional and not well connected to reality. No one is perfect.