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Davis & White #18: I Could've Danced All 1001 Nights

Discussion in 'The Trash Can' started by TanithandBenFan, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. TanithandBenFan

    TanithandBenFan Author of the Ice and Edge Series

    Part 2 of the Shibs' NHK vlog includes some awesome video-bombing by Meryl and a brief speech from Charlie. :lol:
  2. Mrs. P

    Mrs. P Well-Known Member

    Meryl is a ham! She was cracking me up. Anyone that says Meryl is not relatable needs to see this video.

    Also, Meryl and Charlie gets some love from Jason Brown in a recent interview: http://skateguard1.blogspot.com/2013/11/interview-with-jason-brown.html

    Also included in Jason's roster of favorite skaters is Scott Hamilton and Michelle Kwan. What good company Meryl and Charlie are in.
  3. E.A. Week

    E.A. Week Active Member

    Just when I couldn't love Jason Brown any more... :)
  4. Piper

    Piper Member

    I was really shocked by comments of Maxim Stavisky during FD.:D I've never heard from him any good word about them, but this time he managed an honest and sincere "Bravo" after the ending pose. He said that their transitions were flawless, they never lost speed during step sequences, had great twizzles. Also, the music is very powerful and they were keeping up with it. He admired their shape this time of season and added that all athletes should go for this.
  5. TanithandBenFan

    TanithandBenFan Author of the Ice and Edge Series

    Now if Zhulin starts complimenting them, we know the world is ending LOL.
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  6. E.A. Week

    E.A. Week Active Member

    Or Christopher Dean. :lol:

    Seriously, hasn't Evgeni Platov made some very complimentary remarks about DW? I think I read that over on the Golden Skate forums.

    DORISPULASKI Watching submarine races

    Platov said they clearly should have won back in 2011.

    Not surprising - G&P's strengths are similar to D&W's - speed, quick footwork, good twizzles (by Oksana). U&Z's strengths are - balletic excellence, lovely positions, very like V&M. Now Guess Which Guy Likes Which Team :lol:
  8. Whitneyskates

    Whitneyskates Well-Known Member

    Has he criticized them in the past?

    I had the most bizarre dream last night. It was the Olympics and Meryl and Charlie skated their FD better than they've ever skated a FD before, the crowd went wild and it was pretty obvious they were going to get the gold. But then their scores came up, and their TES was very low. The reason? The judging panel decided the move where Meryl rolls over Charlie's back at the beginning of the program was a lift, and judged it as such :yikes: It was a level 1. I woke up before I could see the aftermath.
  9. Cachoo

    Cachoo Well-Known Member

    Have not posted for months and try to stay away because I love both DW and VM---and I have to admit that when I heard about the program choice for DW's free I was a bit deflated. And then I saw them perform at NHK. WOW. When the audience started breaking into applause some time before the program was finished I was clapping right along with them. Kudo's to whoever selected the music and the choreography. Scheherazade was illustrated beautifully in their dance.
  10. shan

    shan Well-Known Member

  11. Jessiebanana

    Jessiebanana Well-Known Member

    With the exception of Meryl and Charlie that had to be the most delusional video I've ever seen. I'm from the US and I'm all for cheering on our team, but seriously?

    Win a few medals? And who exactly are these other magical medalist?

    Pairs. No.
    Jeremy Abbott wanting to bring home a medal. Cute.
    Strong chance with our ladies. Side eye.
    Ice dance...snowball's chance in hell we'd get on the podium twice, even if Maia and Alex skated the best skates of their lives and everyone else fell on their step sequences.

    The only other figure skating medal we'll bring home is a team medal...and that's just the default for being one the few countries that has it's toes in all the disciplines.
  12. shan

    shan Well-Known Member

    I choose to look at as thinking positively. :)
  13. Tesla

    Tesla Whippet Good

    I don't know. Anything can happen. Jeremy Abbot could pull a Paul Wylie. The judges are willing to give him the scores if he puts the program together. And Ashley isn't that far off the top scores. None of this is out if the realm of possibility.
  14. TanithandBenFan

    TanithandBenFan Author of the Ice and Edge Series

    DaiMeryl fan art!! I know Meryl's very buff, but I don't know if she could pull this off. :lol:
  15. Kaffeine

    Kaffeine Well-Known Member

    The artist owes me a keyboard :lol:
  16. CassAgain

    CassAgain Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure if I want to make it my wallpaper or try to un-see it, and I think that may be the definition of true art.

    Meryl always stands out in a crowd:


    (Great edges, BTW.)
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  17. ~tapdancer~

    ~tapdancer~ Well-Known Member

  18. semogal

    semogal Well-Known Member

  19. Kaffeine

    Kaffeine Well-Known Member

    He rocks the curls. Glad he never gels them back. Let that "magical wizard hair" fly ;)
  20. E.A. Week

    E.A. Week Active Member

    It looks like Charlie has pretty much always been a handsome devil. I've never seen a picture of him looking anything other than impossibly cute. No wonder he has such a hard time playing the menacing Sultan. I don't think Charlie has a menacing bone in his body. Maybe at the beginning of the program, he needs to get himself into the mindset of a really intense hockey rivalry. ;)
  21. leafygreens

    leafygreens Well-Known Member

    Most fluff pieces I've seen - in all Olympics - say that any competitor is "going for the gold" regardless if their chances are infinitesimal. Remember in Ice Diaries - supposedly Sandy Rucker was an Olympic hopeful. Producers just try and make it dramatic.
  22. mia joy

    mia joy Well-Known Member

    Just peaked at Tessa and Scott's SD protocol from TEB - Meryl and Charlie really need to get that midline to level 4 NOW. The twizzles were just an accident and probably won't happen again, but I'm really starting to worry about the midline. They always rocked it as the best of all, this season Tessa and Scott seem to have an advantage. The SD portion between the two teams is gonna be super close this season. However, the thought it might all be decided in the FD is quite comforting, knowing how magnificent Shez is ;)
  23. Kaffeine

    Kaffeine Well-Known Member

    I'm honestly not worried. Meryl and Charlie are capable of receiving 77 + on the SD. They got a 73.70 with 3 level 3s. and left GOE on the table.

    For them, they're probably like "aw yeah! It's ON!" :EVILLE: They don't seem the team to get nervous, but rather get to work ;)

    Can GPF come any sooner? :D
  24. chantilly

    chantilly Well-Known Member

    I am guessing if both teams skate clean, V and M will be ahead in the SD. But my guess is D and W will take the FD. Hence they win. But if both skate clean, it will be very tight in the scores.
  25. OnyxRose81

    OnyxRose81 Active Member

    But what about the conspiracy!!! Just joking, but not really. I thought V/M's SD was gorgeous (tbh, I think they have the better SD) but D/W have the better FD. D/W did leave points on the table and I do worry about the midline. Either way, it's an awesome battle for gold.
  26. E.A. Week

    E.A. Week Active Member

    Well, MC need to work on that midline, obviously. I'm not sure whether it's a problem with the construction of the step sequence or with how they've executed it so far. If it's the latter, they just need to skate it more cleanly. If it's the former... well, that's up to Marina and their tech coaches to fix. But they absolutely can't afford to lose a level on this element, as it carries so many points. The twizzle mistake at NHK was IMO just a fluke. And I'm not too worried, considering VM only received level 3s for both Finnstep sequences at TEB. The PCS marks are virtually tied between both teams from NHK and TEB, so the judges seem to consider both programs about equal from the more "holistic" viewpoint. I actually thought VM looked a little tentative and "thinky" in their TEB short. I gather they've made some changes to the program, and so were probably just concentrating on getting from one element to the next. Interestingly, I thought MC's short looked a lot better at NHK than it had at SkAm, but they just didn't hit their levels.

    The freedance at TEB should be interesting for sure. MC pulled a huge score at NHK, and that was with one level 3 step sequence. So I won't panic until the GPF. ; ) I think if MC hit their levels, they'll be fine.
  27. Jessiebanana

    Jessiebanana Well-Known Member

    I mean the guys wants to be a puppy in the next life, not even a dog, so we can safely say he isn't naturally "menacing".
  28. literaryfreak

    literaryfreak Well-Known Member

    This is Dai's dream right now.
  29. mia joy

    mia joy Well-Known Member

    :lol: so true! Just imagined a "Sheherezade and her puppy" program :lol: