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Davis & White #16: Magical Wizard Hair

Discussion in 'The Trash Can' started by circuscandy, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. Sylvia

    Sylvia Prepping for club comp. season!

    It's the Associated Press article by Nancy Armour (uncredited) that's posted on the ESPN site.

    I caught a few minutes on the Universal Sports feed of Meryl & Charlie being interviewed by Japanese TV after their win and they both practiced saying a sentence in Japanese that was filmed as a promo for 2014 Worlds in Japan (something like "see you in Saitama"). They were both very serious about getting the pronunciation and intonation right - fun to watch!
  2. mollymgr

    mollymgr Well-Known Member

    I wish someone would upload it. That would be awesome if they competed in 2014 Worlds in Japan. We still have the WTT in Japan to look forward to.:cool:
  3. literaryfreak

    literaryfreak Well-Known Member

    I was sitting at the very top row of the stadium, surrounded by Canadians, but I fist pumped and wooooooed when I saw their score.

    I need to check the video, but from my view in the stadium, both D/W and V/M skated lights out. And D/W won. Exactly what I hoped for. The audience was very classy too, I didn't hear any booing, although I'm assuming most of them hoped that V/M's Carmen would be enough to win.
  4. neptune

    neptune Well-Known Member

    I'm glad that Meryl & Charlie skated so well. They didn't even have to, but did it anyway! :) Congrats to all the American teams on their great job, and also to V&M for skating well in the FD. I haven't seen the Shibutanis' FD, but I heard they got a bit "hosed." Any truth to that?

    I read that in an interview Zueva said she's already picked out the music for both teams for the Olympics. Is that the way it works--your coach just "picks" out your music for you??? Sounds a bit like pre-school. ;) If I were part of an ice-dance team, I'd want to select the music myself, or at least have equal input.

    I wonder--did Torvill & Dean's coach "pick" Bolero for them? :D
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  5. mollymgr

    mollymgr Well-Known Member

  6. DFJ

    DFJ Well-Known Member

    Classy comment by Charlie White on the CBC website talking about the friendship and rivalry between V/M and D/W, saying that without V/M there pushing them every day (and vice versa) both teams would not be where they are today. Nicely said.
  7. fanofskate

    fanofskate New Member

    Congratulations Meryl and Charlie! Was so nervous watching them. My heart was pounding...relaxed a bit after the twizzles.

    I read at the GS forum that by the time the last two flights get on ice, the air quality is really bad in the arena. The humidity is higher--the arena 'warmer' as the competition goes on. They said that Eurosport guys were also commenting on it. This could be affecting a lot of the top flight competitors, especially those with respiratory problems like Charlie.
  8. neptune

    neptune Well-Known Member

    And that's not just fluff--no doubt the rivalry is responsible, at least to a degree, for the quality in their skating.

    Wonder how their "friendship" is going to progress from here? ;) From some of the comments that Moir has made both recently and in the past, I would think it must be very difficult at times for Meryl & Charlie to consider their rivals "friends."
  9. aftershocks

    aftershocks Well-Known Member

    Congratulations to Meryl and Charlie. :cheer: I tried to remain objective while watching them, but couldn't. :p

    They are just so good and so wonderfully consistent. Amazing role models ... and they answered the awkward questions from the interviewer after the FD with such class, as usual.
  10. Kaffeine

    Kaffeine Well-Known Member

    Loooong time lurker chiming in. I'm thrilled for D/W. Just the other night, I took another look at their Olympic FD and then compared it to this year's FD. Wow! Talk about massive improvements in all areas: expression, crispness, edges. I loved them then but for some to suggest, that there haven't been any improvements need to get their eyes checked.

    That said, I thoroughly enjoyed V/M's performance too! I have disliked Carmen all season long but tonight was a different story. Such passion!

    Oh man, I better stock up on anxiety meds cause next season is going to be such a nailbiter. :D

    Congratulations again to Meryl and Charlie :kickass::kickass: I cannot WAIT to see what's in store next season. :D
  11. neptune

    neptune Well-Known Member

    Exactly. Incidentally, on another thread, someone stated that they think Meryl & Charlie have been skating pretty much the "same" program in the FD the past several years. Does anyone think there's any truth to that? I'm not saying that there is--I'm just asking.

    They're consummate politicians. :)
  12. neptune

    neptune Well-Known Member

    So now they're opening up a store???? Cool--I wonder what they'll call it. :cool:
  13. zilam98

    zilam98 Well-Known Member

    what a dangerous choice of word in this situation/sport, even if unintended. i think you might have meant diplomats ;)
  14. neptune

    neptune Well-Known Member

    I can see what you mean. Well, I definitely meant what I said as a compliment. They are certainly very shrewd. :)
  15. Jessiebanana

    Jessiebanana Well-Known Member

    Ditto even though I had an incredibly biased stan position while watching and probably saw things that weren't there. I'm glad it was an out and out no major mistakes type of match. I'm so tired of hearing every D/W win chalked up to a V/M weakness. I wanted them to able to own this.

    Normally I could see resistance, but when you're coach is Marina...don't know about that. Last time someone was really in charge of music we got Funny Face...just saying. It's like letting a valuable resource go to waste...unless you're the Shibs, then run for your life and take some control.

    Interesting. I wonder what their definition of "same" is. I find an Argentine tango, waltz, and theatrical drama to be very different. It's pretty obvious they've actively tried new things. Now if they're saying Meryl and Charlie should never ever do a drama because they did Phantom, I call bullshit. No one would ever suggest V/M not do romance. It's their strength. They're just mad because this is a style they're good at and will be remembered by. And regardless to what people say it's not just M/C that have room to grow. There is so much V/M haven't done, especially in senior competition. One shouldn't assume they'd be good at everything else just because they have a sexy connection and do that well.

    Sorry that turned into a bit of a rant.
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  16. centerstage01

    centerstage01 Well-Known Member

    I think the people saying that are angry and hurt and want to lash out and make D/W fans feel as hurt as they do. The 'misery loves company' thought process. It's sad, especially when both teams are so good and they've done so much to elevate the knowledge of ice dance. I mean, I never used to pay attention to dance at all, but both D/W and V/M got my attention and kept it. I like that they push each other to be even better every day. I like that they both expect excellence and want not just titles but for audiences to be wowed.

    I know it's a Pollyanna way of seeing things but more often than not "fans" take all the joy out of the sport and I'm tired of it.
  17. Jessica

    Jessica Well-Known Member

    Congratulations to Meryl and Charlie. They seem to be really classy people and such hard workers.
  18. Susan M

    Susan M Well-Known Member

    I think everyone went in to that season assuming F-P/M and Ann/P would be competing for gold while Bou/Kra and Lobacheva/Av would be battling for bronze. Since the Canadians had usually been coming out ahead, the Russians needed to do something to guarantee a podium spot, and that turned out to be the deal with the French that got exposed in the pairs event. As it turned out, both the Italians and Canadians made it easier for them with SP errors, but it was obvious something was up way back at the surprise 3rd place finish for the Italians at the GP final. We saw the same strategy employed to move Denkova-S out of the podium discussion in 2006 even earlier, with inexplicably low marks in the GP season.

    I'm just saying, old system, new system, it's still ice dance.
  19. neptune

    neptune Well-Known Member

    Yes, I think those folks deserve some pity. ;)
  20. mollymgr

    mollymgr Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty awestruck by the fact that they beat all the odds this time and delivered two brilliant performances. That's what makes this one special.:hat1:
    As to the "he said, she said", that will go on for eternity. Looking back, some of it was pretty hilarious. After all, that's what keeps FSU in business.:p
  21. comickiwi

    comickiwi New Member

    Yay! World Champs! At last....well deserved and well met. I hope they continue this brilliant formula/potion and just brew magic stuff for years :biggrinbo
  22. circuscandy

    circuscandy New Member

    So the pattern for 2014/15 is Paso Doble/Spanish dances. I so want them to hang around for at least that season because I loved their look for that compulsory. Meryl was on fire.

    And also, from ice-dance.com, "A new "partial step sequence" will be a new element in 14-15 SD, it's a free variation on the PD."

    I feel like they have so much left to give, and I feel like they feel like that, too, which is awesome.
  23. TanithandBenFan

    TanithandBenFan Author of the Ice and Edge Series

    My photos from the free dance :) M&C were magnificently divine today!! They looked so happy on the top step of the podium. :) It was a day I shall not soon forget!
  24. mollymgr

    mollymgr Well-Known Member

  25. judgejudy27

    judgejudy27 Well-Known Member

    Legit points and there were definitely some funny things going on that season. However I think D&W are totally different than F-P&M. F-P&M were a controversial figure even as reigning World Champs, and many were not convinced of their superiority over the other top teams, so if they were in fact politiked against that season in favor of others (and I agree they probably were) it was actually quite easy to do. D&W are universally accepted as vastly superior to all other than V&M, and the best dance team in the World after this season. There is simply no way for the Russian fed to try and move one of their teams over them, and if anyone would be tackled by them it is the perhaps slightly vurnerable (at the moment) V&M.
  26. neptune

    neptune Well-Known Member

    Another thing to keep in mind is that even if Meryl & Charlie didn't win Worlds yesterday, they would still have been the best ice dancers of the season. It's so easy, at the end of the season, to think that Worlds is the only event that matters. But if you really want to determine who the best skaters were, that's not really true--you have to look at the whole season. M&C came out ahead of V&M after their 2 GP events, beat them in the GPF, and then beat them at 4C. So, even if they had won the silver at Worlds, they still would've been the best team of the season overall. And with this latest win, even Jessica Simpson could figure out who the best dancers of the season are. :lol:
  27. neptune

    neptune Well-Known Member

    I agree--if the corrupt forces are going to pull any funny stuff, it would much more likely be against V&M. They could make it look as if the team is in a slow downward spiral or something, but not so with D&W.
  28. missysays

    missysays Active Member

    Just reading some of the post-Worlds articles about D/W and V/M. For once people are talking about D/W and V/M as equal rivals with D/W clearly being stronger all season long.

    It made me think of the long progression they had to make over the years to get here.

    2008-2009 season: D/W beat V/M for the first time at 4CC but it's because it's V/M's first competition back after being absent from early season. But they are clearly second in reputation to V/M and not podium worthy at Worlds even with their breakthrough programs that year.
    2009-2010 season: D/W beat V/M at GPF but are not considered in the same league and are clearly second at all other major competitions including Olympics where they get their first major medal- consolidating their #2 position.
    2010-2011 season: D/W dominate season and beat V/M at Worlds but only because V/M are absent the majority of season and coming back from injury. They deserve win but V/M still consider the first place position theirs as soon as they get back up to fighting form- as do quite a bit of skating world.
    2011-2012 season: D/W dominate early season through GPF (with healthy V/M) but lose out to V/M at 4CC and Worlds. But public opinion is starting to turn in D/W's favor and they end the season with win at WT.
    2012-2013 season: D/W dominate entire season though with a close call at 4CC where they lose SD but get back on track with FD. They are finally considered the best team with a healthy V/M for an entire season and even Scott considers them equal rivals where in the past he considered that he and Tessa were clearly always in the lead position.

    It's a testament to their ability not to give up and keep chipping away at their goals.

    And now what will 2013-2014 hold for them?

    I'm sooo looking forward to finding out.:D
  29. neptune

    neptune Well-Known Member

    Kinda funny how that works. If V&M had clearly been stronger all season, would the teams still be considered "equal" rivals? ;)

    Incidentally, IIRC Meryl & Charlie won the FD at Worlds in 2010, 2011, and 2013. And many fans think they also deserved to win it in 2012 as well. Not bad for the supposedly "lesser" of two teams. :D
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