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Dancing with the Stars Season 16

Discussion in 'Off The Beaten Track' started by jkl, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. BaileyCatts

    BaileyCatts Well-Known Member

    No DanceCenter?! :wuzrobbed

    I was thinking all season it would be Zendaya winning, but after last night I switched to Kellie pulling out the win. Plus how someone else mentioned about Zendaya's fan base being in bed by voting time, Kellie probably had the bigger voting block. :lol:

    I also noticed the fishbowl shot and flashed back to last time when Tony won how all the Pro's went crazy when Melissa/Tony won. ;) How many times has Derek won now? Like 5? Although he almost always gets the ringers because Kellie clearly had to have some kind of dance training. That very first training of them when Kellie did that back bend roll (or whatever its called) when Derek told her she had a really flexible back ... I sure as hell could never do that, even when I was 20. :lol:

    Just once I would like to see Derek get someone with no dance or cheerleading or athlete training. Someone like Bristol or even Kelly Osbourne who were like an 'any woman off the street' walking into a studio and learning to ballroom dance.
  2. aftershocks

    aftershocks Well-Known Member

    ^^ Yeah, too bad. I think the Quickstep a couple of weeks ago didn't show off Zendaya in a very good light and the music was awful as was the concept. That dance hurt her momentum. I'd blame it partly on the producers. Seems to me the producers are always having their hand in a lot of stuff re how the production/ costuming/ music choices shake out, and even how the judges twist and turn at times. I agree that the consistent 10s in the finale were :blah: Some of the routines were okay to great, but if they'd been danced earlier in the season few 10s would have been awarded.

    Frankly, although he's quite entertaining and he's got some dance skills, I think Jacoby was over-rated. IMO, Aly should have made final three.

    I feel for Val and for Max -- the Brothers Chmerkovskiy. The producers definitely short-changed Max on too many occasions (e.g., with Brandy, with Laila Ali, with Mel B). In this instance re Val, that Quickstep disaster and Zendaya's youthfulness (evident mostly in some of her run-off at the mouth responses to Brooke's filler questions) in the end, did her in. It's really hard to say what the score was prior to Kellie's and Derek's freestyle last night. I think Kellie and Derek probably were still winning with the majority of viewers even prior to that freestyle. In any case, a lot of people surely weren't able to vote who tried to vote (and the ABC.com votes that did get through were thrown out).

    Certainly Derek is talented and savvy. He and Kellie knew all along that Zendaya was the one to beat. Derek hit it out of the ballpark with a strategically mature, emotionally expressive freestyle dance. IMHO, I'd have liked to see Tony Dovolani with Kellie, and Derek with Wynonna! :p

    BTW, ITA (re the heels query) that Zendaya probably got tired of being taller than Val. ;) But something about their partnership really worked and clicked despite her being a bit taller. Zendaya's long limbs and lean body actually make her seem even taller I think.

    Well Zendaya is 16, and very talented and mature for her age. The sky's the limit for Zendaya. And, in any case, what does winning the Mirror Ball Trophy actually do for one's career outside of the short-term exposure on millions of tv sets. The exposure alone is probably beneficial for all who make it to the finals.
  3. danceronice

    danceronice Corgi Wrangler

    It doesn't really matter if it does anything for the career for the last two, I think--they just really want to WIN after putting in so much work. Yeah, it doesn't mean anything much, but frankly neither do most professional trophies or awards (honestly, if you're getting paid tons of money to play a sport, does it really matter if you WIN or not?)

    Yeah, after the fishbowl shot and the kind of flat "yay" clapping I noticed the cameras basically stayed off the rest of the cast. No big hugs from Mark, he just kind of went in like "Hey, we gotta lift Derek up again". The expressions were pretty much "Oh, Derek won again. Yay. I guess." I don't think the judges shoveling on the praise ("You looked like Julianne Hough!", to go with Nicole's "That's a winning freestyle!") or Brooke's fawning over Derek probably help much. (To give him credit, Tom ALWAYS sounds happy for the couple who wins and is pretty even-handed talking to/teasing everyone.)
  4. heckles

    heckles Well-Known Member

    No, she recorded that in 2004. She always sings it in concert, and it gets a good crowd reaction.
  5. skatesindreams

    skatesindreams Well-Known Member

    Here's an HD link:

    Zendaya's youth; and that ill-suited Quickstep, cost her in the end, IMO.
    I believe that she will have more opportunities offered her as a result of DWTS.
    She is much more talented than the usual Disney "teen star".
  6. nubka

    nubka Well-Known Member

    I really wanted Zendaya/Val to win, but her final dance was zzzzzzz. I would have loved to see them perform a hot Latin dance for their final. Poor Val... :(
  7. skatesindreams

    skatesindreams Well-Known Member

    Whatever they chose for the Freestyle probably would have suffered by comparison with Kellie/Derek, at the time.
    Note for future Freestyle choreo: More dancing; fewer gimmicks.
  8. Spiralgraph

    Spiralgraph Well-Known Member

    Agreed. Zendaya's youth was a disadvantage in a way. She and Val could never do a sensual, romantic freestyle like Kellie and Derek performed. And that kind of dance appeals to a lot of viewers. Heck Derek annoys me sometimes but his choreography and instincts are usually spot on.
    So that makes four wins for Derek. I hope he gets tired of winning and moves on from DWTS for a while.
  9. nursebetty

    nursebetty New Member

    I really wanted Z/V to win. They were so much more entertaining and fun. Kellie is very flexible and she did have great lines. Sometimes it seemed like their dancing was more about the lines and not as much dancing. I remember Kellie saying in one of the interviews that her grandfather was hoping she would get Derek and she may have ask for him. Who knows. I do believe a lot of fans voted for them. Oh well, many Mark and Derek will take a break next time.
  10. centerstage01

    centerstage01 Well-Known Member

    I'd like to see Derek and Mark sit out next season. Give the newer guys Tristan and either Sasha, Gleb, or Henry a shot. I'd also like to get rid of Lindsey and bring back Anna. And whatever they do, KEEP SHARNA.

    I watched the "After Party" on Good Morning America today and I can see why they had Zendaya in flats on the show. It wasn't because she didn't like them, it was because the height disparity would have been really bad. She was wearing heels during the GMA interview and she was a good four or five inches taller than Val. I can't help but wonder if Wynonna hadn't demanded to work with Tony if Zendaya would have been partnered with him as he's so much taller than the other male pros.
    Last edited: May 22, 2013
  11. Lilia A

    Lilia A Well-Known Member

    She probably would have been paired with a 6'1" guy. Gleb, Dmitry, Maks, and Tony are all 6'1" (pretty sure). Gleb was new this season, Dmitry was probably not the right partner for a 16 year old (too sexy, not that Val isn't sexy), and I don't know if I'd like my teenage daughter to be paired with Maks (short tempered), but he quit the show anyway. I would have paired her with Tony out of the 4 guys. But other than the lack of height difference, I think she and Val were great together.
  12. heckles

    heckles Well-Known Member

    I miss Edyta. She's William Shatner's favorite, and what's good enough for the Shat is good enough for us all.
  13. cruisin

    cruisin Banned Member

    I thought that Zendaya and Val were great together. But, I must admit the height did bother me, when she had to wear heels. She's 5'10", she needed a taller partner.

    Derek said something about not doing this last season, but that he changed his mind, last minute. Maybe he is getting ready to move on.

    I agree about Sharna. I watched her dance in some of the production numbers last night, she's fabulous!
  14. jkl

    jkl Well-Known Member

    I was really hoping that Tom would mention the new format for next year. Nothing was said last night or this morning on GMA. Kind of makes me wonder if they know what they are going to do for a results show.
  15. skatesindreams

    skatesindreams Well-Known Member

    Last edited: May 23, 2013
  16. pixie cut

    pixie cut Well-Known Member

    Gleb and Dmitry both appear to be about 6'1". Maks is 6'2" and Tony is 6' even. Tony is too old for Zendaya. She needed a younger guy. Gleb was unproven. For whatever reason, the producers are only using Dmitry for pros only performances. Val was a great partner for her, but he was at a height disadvantage.
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  17. danceronice

    danceronice Corgi Wrangler

    This. Okay, she can do a split and pull her ankle up by her ear. Doing that while imitating Tanith's o-faces doesn't make it great dancing. (Really, people, the "emotion" is up there with the silliest ice dances. I can't believe anyone believes it.)

    Yeah. Mark because he seems burned out, Derek because I suspect even the other pros are tired of the favoritism. Or if he stays, he gets the senior citizen meant for Tony and Tristan or the guaranteed clunker the other new pros are usually handed.
  18. mrr50

    mrr50 Well-Known Member

    Val has become my favorite male pro for the way he handled Zendaya. I do agree that the quick step was not benefical. Zendaya is a charming, surprisingly mature girl with a lot of talent. I am actually interested in what she does in the future.

    I admit that while I was watching her I kept hoping she wouldn't go the way of some Disney grads.
  19. jkl

    jkl Well-Known Member

    I just saw Zendaya and Val on Kelly and Michael. A mention was made that DWTS may add a fourth judge next season. I am available and promise no favoritism.
  20. KCC

    KCC Well-Known Member

    I know ABC likes to promote "stars" from their own network, but I would love to see a DWTS made up of stars all from cop/crime shows, or all comedians, or all musicians in bands (but not the lead singers), or the entire cast of a single sitcom, etc. Maybe too many other "competitive factors" with a format like this?
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  21. smileyskate

    smileyskate Active Member

    That is a cool idea. Maybe you can contact ABC with it. I posted a link the other day.
    You only get so many characters or I'd have suggested they find something else to fill time with as watching the dancers go up and down stairs (especially after the dance) is not really that entertaining to me at all.

    I hope Dorothy is able to come back on another season.
  22. jkl

    jkl Well-Known Member

    Karina and Jacoby along with Aly and Mark danced on Kelly and Michael today. Aly wore more of a street dress which was much more flattering than some of the costumes she wore! Michael Strahan showed he has some moves also.Kelly made the remark that he should be on the DWTS:D
  23. jkl

    jkl Well-Known Member

    Just read an interview with Kellie Pickler. Seems that Derek and Bruno have both encouraged her to look at Broadway. She said she would consider it when her summer tour is over!:)
  24. victorskid

    victorskid Skating supporter

    I agree about Aly's outfit! I was thinking the same thing.
  25. skatesindreams

    skatesindreams Well-Known Member

    That's an interesting idea.
    She appears to have more range; and broader appeal as a performer, than she has been allowed to show thus far.
  26. heckles

    heckles Well-Known Member

    I could see her in Annie Get Your Gun, if that ever returns to Broadway.
  27. kwanfan1818

    kwanfan1818 I <3 Kozuka

    I liked the way Zendaya and Val looked together. Their relative heights didn't bother me.
  28. Wyliefan

    Wyliefan Well-Known Member

    My thoughts exactly. :) I could also see her as Nellie in South Pacific, though I doubt that will get revived again so soon.
  29. jkl

    jkl Well-Known Member

    Kellie and Derek will be on Ellen on Wednesday the 29th.