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Daisuke Takahashi Road to Sochi

Discussion in 'The Trash Can' started by ostile17, Sep 1, 2013.

  1. ostile17

    ostile17 Well-Known Member

    I started a new page on FB Daisuke Takahashi Road to Sochi
    This is a page to support DaisukeTakahashi on his journey to Sochi 2014. We'll have the latest news, pictures, videos and translations from Japanese press. Please "like" it to support Dai-chan in this final Olympic season.
  2. Jiazumi

    Jiazumi Active Member

    I'll say this now, before the actual competitions start.

    Dear Daisuke fans, ubers, etc.
    If you go to an event where Daisuke is at PLEASE take lots of pictures (good ones!), take LOTS of video footage of him everywhere you see him. That includes: Practices, Warm-ups, Exhibition practices, Gala practices, everything! I'm sorry if I come off as greedy, but I for one, REALLY get a kick out of seeing Daisuke outside of actually performing. Especially at gala practices. It's fun seeing who he interacts with and playing around.

    Thanks, Jiazumi
    P.S. (I'm going to copy-pasta this in Javi's thread and D/W's too, so don't report this as spam.)
  3. ostile17

    ostile17 Well-Known Member

    You should really post this ^ on Daisuke Takahashi Road to Sochi ;)
  4. Jiazumi

    Jiazumi Active Member

    I know but I don't have a FB account :( Unless you don't mind posting it for me.
  5. leapfrogonice

    leapfrogonice Active Member

    Nice page!

    FB is free. Just sign up for an account and use it as a portal for supporting your skaters. There is no obligation to be the host of some sort of huge public presentation with pictures and updates. FB is a convenient platform for people to share.
  6. ostile17

    ostile17 Well-Known Member

    Funny excerpt from the Japanese fan book "Cutting Edge 2013"

    Daisuke Takahashi and Akiko Suzuki

  7. Spun Silver

    Spun Silver Well-Known Member

    Any Daisuke fans here who are good at graphic design? I have a great idea for a T shirt that I would like to make him for a New/Olympic Year present. But alas, I have no graphic design talent. Anybody want to help me? It could be from both of us.
  8. ostile17

    ostile17 Well-Known Member

    Please send your messages of support and good wishes to Daisuke. He does read them, and I am sure he will be happy to know we are always supporting him and sending him our good thoughts, and that we are waiting for him to come back strong and healthy!

    Send Dai a Message

    Instructions for the non Japanese speakers
  9. Sylvia

    Sylvia Prepping for club comp. season!

  10. Bournekraatzfan

    Bournekraatzfan Well-Known Member

    Thank you, Sylvia! The men's event was a bit sad for me because of Dai's injury. It is nice to hear good news.
  11. DreamSkates

    DreamSkates Well-Known Member

    Wish Dai the best and a great skate…hopefully at Olympics.
  12. kittyjake5

    kittyjake5 Well-Known Member

    Good news that Dai is back training.

    Thanks ostile for the link. I sent Dai a message.