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Courchevel Christmas Gala 2010

Discussion in 'TV ALERTS' started by Nmsis, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. Nmsis

    Nmsis Well-Known Member

    My post is late as it was broadcasted last Sunday on France 3.
    But it is available on Pluzz, the site of France Television who keeps the videos available for free for a week.
    Pluzz is geoblocked but there may be a mean to overcome the blocking.

    There is a software called TVO (there is no stable place where you can find it, it's usually given as a link on forums, it is downloadable here right now and I think that's the version that doesn't need an installation ; I tried another one which wasn't working).

    Its WebTV function allows to watch several francophone channels, there are radios too and VOD sites of the TV channels (for the parts that are free) AND it apparently bypasses geoblocking.

    So you download the file, unzip it, start the software directly by clicking on TVO.exe.
    Click on the top left box (which starts by "WebTV") to expand the main menu. Choose Pluzz, the VOD website of France Télévision.
    Click on the second top box (which now starts by "Toutes" = All) and choose Sports.
    "Les étoiles de la glisse - 26/12/2010" should appear on the list underneath until next Saturday.
    Select it.
    There should be a big red "Patientez SVP" which means "please wait".
    Then the boxes on the bottom left should become active.

    "Regarder" means "watch".
    There is a little box you may tick. It's "lecteur ext" (ext(ernal) player). The native player that the software is using is mplayer but you can't play with the timeline. So I ticked the box. I have VLC on my computer as my main player, it just opens it and I then start the video.

    "Enregistrer" means "record". You can record directly. For me, it took 15 minutes for 375Mo.
    Afterwards, you can start the video from the software (click on "Video" on the bottom right) or go in the unzipped file where TVO.exe was. There is a video file in which the recordings are put.

    Hope it works.