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Copps Coliseum parking

Discussion in 'Off The Beaten Track' started by rvi5, Apr 27, 2010.

  1. rvi5

    rvi5 Active Member

    I will be attending the CSOI event this Saturday in Hamilton. Since I have never been to Copps Coliseum, I was wondering about the parking situation in the area. I found this link illustrating the municipal parking nearby. I also understand there is underground parking at Jackson Square.

    Are the municipal parking lots coin operated, or pay when leaving? I assume the Jackson Square underground parking is a privately operated lot, since it is not listed on the map. Does anyone know the current parking rates/conditions? Where is the best place to park for the duration of the CSOI event?
  2. arena_gal

    arena_gal New Member

    I usually park in the municipal lot off York Street, #68. City Link

    The last time I was in Hamilton was for that crazy Lululemon sale.
  3. KatieC

    KatieC So peaceful

    There are loads of parking lots around Jackson Square, and Copps Coliseum. It's a mostly one way street grid, but anywhere you park, you won't have far to walk. And, if you park two blocks away, you'll be able to get out of the downtown faster when you leave. The ones across Bay Street will have men in orange jackets waving you in, most others will have machines. The rates for daytime are anywhere from 5 to 7 dollars, evenings likely similar. For quick and easy, with a machine, try either of the lots on Bay Street between Main and King.
  4. Erica Lee

    Erica Lee New Member

    I always park in the Jackson Square lot. Last year, I arrived well in advance of the event and got the "regular" parking rate, which was very reasonable (take a ticket and pay on exit at a cashier) - later in the day, they'll switch over to "event" parking, which costs a lot more ($20 if I'm remembering right). When I left, they guy in the booth questioned me (since I was leaving well after Jackson Square closed) but I insisted I parked for the square and not the event (technically I was there for both) and he didn't question further. I could have shown him receipts from my shopping at the square to prove it if I had to.
  5. Twilight1

    Twilight1 Well-Known Member

    I usually park away from Copps. I come from the east end and typically park a few blocks away to avoid the craziness of the traffic leaving. I park up on Duke or near Bold. the problem with my lovely city is the darn one way streets. Coming from the 403, you could take the Main St E. exit and turn right on James and drive up to Hunter and turn right on Hunter and park on one of those side streets. Bay Street is right there. Ironically a good buddy of mine is playing at Hess Village that night so after the show I am probably going to meet up with a bunch of my friends there.