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cool moves and transitions

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by gkelly, May 27, 2009.

  1. gkelly

    gkelly Well-Known Member

    Several moves that used to be unusual have recently become fairly commonplace because they have been explicitly rewarded in the new judging system (e.g., edge changes in spins, spirals with the free leg in front)

    Others have become even more unusual because they're explicitly devalued (e.g., split flip, which would now count as a single flip with maybe +2 GOE).

    Others would just count as transitions or variations under the current system as well as the old, which is where there is still room for creativity.

    I start a thread on another board a couple years ago for appreciating unusual and creative moves. I'm bored today, so I thought I'd bring it here.

    Unfortunately many of my favorites are not available on youtube.
    A lot of these videos are old and grainy and you can't see the blades very well. :(

    Cross-foot spin (a required move for the men's short program some years in the 80s), double axel from long forward outside glide, broken leg spin and forward outside edge spin (level 2 combo spin?), double jumps from low bent-forward two-foot takeoff, forward single jumps in both directions, landing on the same forward outside edge as the takeoff. I guess we would consider them a variety of half-axel, but I like to think of them as forward loop jumps since they stay on the same edge just like the standard (back outside) loop.

    split lutz @ 4:20

    Notice that several of these earlier programs used to include sequences (most of which wouldn't count as such under today's COP rules) with half and one-and-a-half jumps leading into doubles.

    half-axel, one-foot axel, half flip, one-foot axel, half flip, double axel @1:50
    one-foot salchow @2:30

    double inside axel @ 3:40
    only example I could find of a single on youtube is the same skater, @ 1:42

    Does anyone have the 1994 US Nationals broadcast with Mark Mitchell's program joined in progress? There's an inside axel there, in close proximity to a one-foot axel, just for comparison purposes.

    one-foot axel just before 1:00
    later . . . a spiral that's held long enough to show how the move got its name :)

    one of my all-time favorite pieces of ladies' choreography
    for purposes of this thread, check out two bunny hops into two half-inside axels, lunge to clockwise reverse half-axel, double axel (fall :( ) just before the end

    turns in both directions on same foot into triple lutz; flying camel with forward inside edge and back three+edge change from exit edge; circular steps supposed to be all on one foot but unsuccessful here; rotation on toepick at end of first foot of combo spin

    Use this thread to offer more examples of cool stuff: Old moves that were ahead of their time and now welcomed in IJS? Old moves that have been lost because skaters were busy pursuing triple jumps instead or because they would mean giving up points in IJS? New moves developed under the new rules?

    Other transitions and elements that are cool just because they're cool?

    Can we get more examples of female experimentation? Of course there are all the flexi spin and spiral positions.
  2. floskate

    floskate Vacant

  3. briancoogaert

    briancoogaert Well-Known Member

    One of my favorite transition is Jeremy Abbott's entrance to his 3Axel (with balancé, Mohawk, double three, change of edge) in his SP and LP this season.
    Here it is from 1:35

    Another one is the beautiful sequence of 3Loop by Shawn Sawyer in his "Art of noise" LP (Walley, Split jump, 3Loop, half Loop, 3Loop).
    Here it is from 2:40
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  4. icenut84

    icenut84 Well-Known Member

    Phillippe Candeloro, 1994 LP:
    Three pretty cool moves - a sort of 'spin' where he hopped around on his toe in time to the music, the move where he squats on two feet and then jumps with both feet extended forwards, and the spin at the end that ends on his knees :) None would count for any points - the knee spin would probably be marked as a fall, lol, unless he'd already filled the 3 spin slots and it was just a transition/choreo thing.
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  5. gkelly

    gkelly Well-Known Member


    I like the hand on the ice into the split, pulling herself back up again, and going right into the spin at 1:15

    An early backward entry combo spin at 2:23

    Some of the moves in the clown dance about 3:30 show real standard skating skills, and others (the heel balance and the Charlestonish toes turning in and out to travel sideways) show some creativity with the blades

    What I'm most impressed by is the speed of the spiral sequence (2:30) and the amount of ice it covers, including the back inside three turn at that speed . . . and then leading directly into the double axel with a forward outside-to-forward outside step -- +2 for me for the double axel for the entry as well as the height and speed

    My favorite little transition is the exit of the spiral sequence with a RFO counter at 3:18, stepping straight into the combo spin afterward

    Bunny hops on both feet, and on a curve, following the Charlotte spiral. :D

    There's also a slow ice-dance-style would-be twizzle (RFO counter entry followed by RBO three) at 1:55
  6. briancoogaert

    briancoogaert Well-Known Member

  7. gkelly

    gkelly Well-Known Member

    Reviving this thread because I found this program newly posted on youtube:


    Note the 1.5 toe loop at 1:53 as a transition into the flying spin, and the 1.5 salchow(?) at 3:32 in the middle of the circular step sequence.

    Under IJS, I guess both these moves would count as downgraded doubles with -3 GOE and waste jump slots?

    Also, pre-IJS, note the combo spin at 2:39 with edge changes on both the forward camel (not enough revs on both edges) and back upright spin (no longer a feature this year). I used to call that forward inside upright, in that position, the "Weiss spin" because it was so unusual at the time.
  8. screech

    screech Well-Known Member

    One of my favourite moves I can't find on youtube. It's a Jeff Buttle exhibition from like 2004 and he was skating to a Robbie Williams song. He did an outside spread agle in one direction, stayed in the spread eagle but squatted in it a bit, then all of a sudden was doing an outside spread eagle in the other direction. I absolutely loved that movie.
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  9. aster

    aster Member

    gkelly, I bet, with the new spin rules, you'll see more crossfoot spins this year, since it's one of the "upright straight" variations of the upright spin. Also, inside axels, like walleys, are technically unlisted (no matter how many rotations you do), so there's nothing specific in IJS preventing skaters from doing them.
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  10. gkelly

    gkelly Well-Known Member


    Forward inside edge on difficult upright variation at the end of the final combo spin.

    If she could do the position on both edges, that should have been two features by last year's rules, but now an edge change in an upright spin wouldn't count.
  11. Coco

    Coco Well-Known Member

    I love this thread, thanks!!
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