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Controversy over MTV's Skins

Discussion in 'Off The Beaten Track' started by kappa_1, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. kappa_1

    kappa_1 Active Member

    New York Times Article

    The MTV remake of the British series has seemingly caused a lot of outrage among different groups. The Parents' Television Council called it "the most dangerous show on television" because it depicts minors drinking, doing drugs, having casual sex, and generally being reckless. Wrigley's and Taco Bell have both pulled their advertisements from the Skins time slot. Some have demanded that the show be federally investigated for breaking child pornography laws.

    The British version was one of the best television dramas I have ever seen. It was not only well written and well acted but dealt with issues affecting teens in a frank, witty, intelligent way. The themes of the show were mature and woven together brilliantly. The first episode of the MTV version was decent; I'll probably watch the rest of the season just because I just love lesson planning in front of the television.

    So what do you all think? Did you watch the show? Do you refuse to watch it amidst all the controversy? Or, do you not give two hoots about the whole thing?
  2. oleada

    oleada Well-Known Member

    The PTC is a joke and if they think that kids aren't doing that and much more in real life then they are sadly deluded.
  3. Spinner

    Spinner Where's my book?

    Hold up now, doesn't "MTV" stand for "music television"? I thought they showed music videos. What's this about TV shows?

    MTV = rotten, fetid pile of garbage (and for the record, VH1 = rottener, fetider pile of garbage)
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  4. Satellitegirl

    Satellitegirl New Member

    MTV hasn't show music videos for the last 15 years practically...where have you been, Spinner? lol
  5. numbers123

    numbers123 Well-Known Member

    Spinner can correct me if I am wrong, but I believe his point was MTV started out with a mission of music and has now sunk to the depths of skank.

    I have not watched it, but have seen clips of the worst behaviors. I realize that teems engage in these behaviors, but to put it out there for kids as young as 6 or 7...And yes parents should monitor watching.
  6. oleada

    oleada Well-Known Member

    ...6 & 7 olds shouldn't be up at 10pm.

    If parents don't want their kids seeing it, then they should turn off the TV. But I hate this whole "think of the children!!!1eleventy" crap.
  7. numbers123

    numbers123 Well-Known Member

    I understnd that. Unless we change child pornography definitions, it will be a slippery slope.
  8. PDilemma

    PDilemma Well-Known Member

    Well, that's 9 p.m. where Numbers and I live. They may be up. Certainly, kids just a bit older--in the 10-12 range may be up to watch.

    I have read several articles around the internet where very liberal critics are saying that the problem is less the sexuality than the fact that it is a really bad show.
  9. Stormy

    Stormy Well-Known Member

    This. I've seen the ads for Skins since I am shamefully addicted to Teen Mom 2, but really, even if kids are still up when the show is on, the parents should still be monotoring what they watch. A 12 year old doesn't need a TV in their room. And a 6-7 year old shouldn't have MTV on ever, period.

    "The most dangerous show on television"....what a joke. This makes me want to watch it now.
  10. PDilemma

    PDilemma Well-Known Member

    But parents don't. That's just a fact. And it is amazing to me that in a society where we expect schools to be responsible for teaching basic manners and every life skill under the sun--we still want to fall back on the idea that we have nothing but responsible parents monitoring their kids' consumption of media. We don't. Instead we have three year olds with their own televisions hooked up to cable. (My 16 year old nephew's b-day present at age 3 was his own TV). We have families with more televisions in their homes than people.

    And we fall back on "it shouldn't always be about kids". No, it shouldn't. But MTV doesn't market its programming to people over 25 and we all know that. And the notion that perhaps there should be some quality programming for teens and young adults shouldn't be so offensive.
  11. Spinner

    Spinner Where's my book?

    :lol: I didn't think my post would be analyzed this much. I was just snarking about the current state of MTV and wondering why people with brains actually still watch it.
  12. nerdycool

    nerdycool Well-Known Member

    I haven't seen it, but I have seen the ads for it. It looked pretty trash-tastic even in the ads.

    I'm of 2 minds of the "most dangerous show on television" opinion though. For the most part, I believe the PTC is so concerned over the virtue of children that they'll give bad reviews to everything except for Sesame Street (and even SS has gotten complaints). So I generally roll my eyes at a lot of things they review because I doubt there are many kids who go throughout childhood without hearing so much as a curse word. It doesn't reflect real life.

    But on the other hand, if I had children, MTV would definitely be the one channel I block... and not just for Skins. There is very little they show that is even remotely kid-appropriate.
  13. Wyliefan

    Wyliefan Well-Known Member

    ^This. Thank you.
  14. kappa_1

    kappa_1 Active Member

    I think we should not be too quick to dismiss this show as "trash" just because it contains mature themes.

    After all, Romeo and Juliet has drunkenness, senseless violence, teen sex and suicide. Art is often disturbing. To each his/her own of course.
  15. numbers123

    numbers123 Well-Known Member

    Whoops :slinkaway
  16. manleywoman

    manleywoman podcast mistress

    Which is why we fired our first nanny. She insisted we drop our son off at her place (rather than watch him at our place). In 1000 square feet, she had four TVs. Her 6 year old could watch whatever he wanted, and play violent video games. i was explicit that the TV was not to be on when my son was around, but several times I went up to pick him up and lo and behold, it was on.

    As soon as we found a better nanny, she was gone.

    We have one TV in our 1000 square feet, and will never have more.
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  17. Kruss

    Kruss Not Auto-Tuned

  18. Theatregirl1122

    Theatregirl1122 Enjoying Vicarious Voids!

    I understand that not every parent is actually monitoring what their kids watch but if we use that to determine what is on TV, nothing could ever be on TV that wasn't appropriate for a 6 year old, which is ridiculous.
  19. overedge

    overedge Janny uber

    The PTC are shameless publicity hounds who make a disproportionate amount of complaints to the FCC.
    They are a loudmouthed lobby group that represent the views of their funders way more than they do the views of "parents". The show may be skanky or inappropriate, but the PTC complaining about it does not make it so.
  20. IceJunkie

    IceJunkie Well-Known Member

    On the topic of MTV, I'm 21, meaning I should be within their target demographic, but I stopped watching when I graduated from high school and that was about four years ago. People have been complaining for at least a decade or more than MTV doesn't play enough music, but at least when I was in high school (03-07) they had TRL, music videos (which I get no one watches because of YouTube) and other music-based shows like Making the Video etc. Now it just sucks. The only thing on anymore is Jersey Shore and Teen Mom.

    Regarding the PTC, I still get a laugh out of the ingeniousness of the CW to use their condemnation on a advertisement for Gossip Girl. :rofl:
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2011
  21. Cyn

    Cyn Well-Known Member

    The only time I know of MTV to play any videos at all is between 4 and 9 in the morning. Exactly when I don't want to watch/listen to videos. Ditto for vh1.

    Then again, I gave up on MTV when they quit airing "120 Minutes" - possibly the greatest video program they ever had. Thankfully I had the smarts to tape several of the broadcasts from 1989-1990. Frakking awesome industrial and alternative videos.
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  22. BaileyCatts

    BaileyCatts Well-Known Member

    Is this show a reality show (loose meaning .. you know what I mean :p), like they specifically tried out, were picked/cast like The Real World (which I used to watch in the early years, but haven't watched for years)? Or is it a scripted show and they are actors following written scripts?
  23. zaphyre14

    zaphyre14 Well-Known Member

    It's scripted. I only caught part of one episode of the US version, but I watched the UK original and found it to be mediocre (but maybe I'm just too old for it?).

    As for PTC, well, one of my neighbors is an ardent member and periodically bombards the neighborhood with PTC newsletters about how bad television is destroying American Family Values. Last week when I was walking the dog, she was standing on her doorstep screaming at her snow-blowing husband to keep that effin' snow off my effin' car.) Seems to me she should be more concerned about the language kids hear at home rather than what they see on TV.
  24. Impromptu

    Impromptu Well-Known Member

    I was curious about this show (because of the controversy - I would not have bothered otherwise). I know the BBC version has gotten a lot of critical praise, but the MTV version? Zzzzzzzzzzz. I was more offended by the acting than anything else. I'm guessing that without the PTC controversy, the show might have died the natural death of lame programming (which would have been the kindest thing to happen to it). Now it will probably go on forever.
  25. reckless

    reckless Well-Known Member

    On the timing issue, I'm in California and have DirecTV. My feed for MTV, like a lot of cable shows, uses east coast timing. So Skins actually shows at 7 pm.

    As for the show, I recorded the US version, but I watched some of the first and second seasons on BBC America and thought the show was very hit and miss. Some episodes were quite good, but others were terrible. I tried to watch the new cast in season three and gave up after one episode. The actors were terrible.

    For people unfamiliar with Skins, one of its key concepts is that the writers are members of the age group being depicted and most of the actors are amateurs with little or no acting experience so they come across as more "real."
  26. vesperholly

    vesperholly Well-Known Member

    :lol: Me too!!!

    Please, I watched the trashy hos of Melrose Place at 13, and I certainly didn't go out and act like them. TV people just like to think that they have more influence than they truly do.

    Does anyone remember MTV's Undressed? Ran from 99-02. Sounds very similar.

    I miss the MTV of the early 90s ... they had an HIV-positive person on Real World in 1993, hosted political candidate forums and a huge get-out-the-vote campaign, showed reruns of My So-Called Life and Daria ... sigh.
  27. Cyn

    Cyn Well-Known Member

    I don't remember Undressed, and I only briefly watch the occasional snippet of The Real World, but I definitely remember that little shit, Puck, being all over tabloid/entertainment news when he was evicted from the house for being such an antagonistic asshole :scream:.

    I also remember many a night partying while Headbanger's Ball was on:

    :respec: :respec: :respec: <---------- Two hours of this, both on the TV and in the room :lol:
  28. Allen

    Allen Glad to be back!

    The PTC can kiss my ass. That group also gives college film professors a hard time for the films shown in their classes.

    I've said it a million times, the kids who grow up in homes with honest discourse about drugs and sex generally avoid both. My cousin couldn't talk to boys on the phone, couldn't watch above a PG movie, and had her Christina Aguillera CD broken by her mother because it was supposed to be "vulgar." She turned out to be a meth dealing lesbian who has now broken up two marriages. Obviously the lesbianism has nothing to do with how strict her parents were, but I think the rest of her wild behavior is directly linked to how tightly her parents sheltered her.