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Congrats to Greg Louganis ...

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by orbitz, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. orbitz

    orbitz Well-Known Member

    Louganis got engaged to Johnny Chaillot. They sure do make a good-looking couple. Congrats.
  2. dardar1126

    dardar1126 Well-Known Member

    Good for Greg aka The Silver Fox! :)

    I posted this earlier today in the Gay-marriage thread in PI...


  3. Rottie

    Rottie Well-Known Member

    Congratulations to the happy couple!
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  4. RickInSanJose

    RickInSanJose Active Member

    I've always had great admiration and respect for Greg. I first saw him in the 1976 Montreal Olympics, when he was sixteen years old -- and even at that young age, his diving possessed a grace and precision head and shoulders above any other diver, presaging his great accomplishments in the years ahead. What a magnificent athlete!

    I truly hope that now, thirty-seven years later, he is embarking upon what will be the happiest and most fulfilling part of his life. He surely deserves it.
  5. dardar1126

    dardar1126 Well-Known Member

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  6. twinsissv

    twinsissv Well-Known Member

    The pursuit of happiness marches on...so dive right on in! Not only was Greg one of the very best divers we have ever known...but, to my eyes, he was the BEST-LOOKING diver of ALL time! :swoon:
    Congratulations, guys! :40beers: