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Competition bye

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by maureenfarone, Sep 12, 2013.

  1. maureenfarone

    maureenfarone Well-Known Member

    I've watched figure skating for years and have an idea of how competition byes work in the U. S. Maybe someone can give me more information. I've always thought that the international competition had to be within 14 days of the regional or sectional competition for the skater to be exempt from competition at that regional or sectional.

    The situation that has me really confused is Alissa Czisny. Her coach (Jason D.) commented that she is doing a local club competition this weekend prior to skating at Cup of Nice 23 - 27 October. Her Eastern Great Lakes Regional is 4 8 October and Midwestern Sectionals is 19 - 23 November. By my calculations she is outside the 14 day bye window for both regionals and sectionals.

    In the interview Jason never mentioned regionals or sectionals so I'm thinking my "14" day rule probably isn't correct. It seems unlikely to me that she would want to do a local comp, regionals, Cup of Nice, and sectionals all before U. S. Nationals in January.

    Anyone have any information on how this rule really works?
  2. Sylvia

    Sylvia Prepping for club comp. season!

    The Chair of USFS' Competitions Committee has jurisdiction over international competition byes. Normally the international competition bye window is 7 days before or after a qualifying competition (sometimes the window stretches to 10 days for competition held in Asia). In the past, skaters assigned to 2 JGPs have been given byes through Regionals in October (no matter what the dates) and skaters with 2 Senior GPs have been given byes through Regionals but not necessarily Sectionals unless the dates lie within the bye window or they already have an automatic bye to Nationals for having placed in the top 5 at the most recent Nationals.

    In the case of Czisny, I don't believe she has been assigned officially to a Senior B yet, so it's too early to know whether or not she will receive a bye through Regionals, let alone Sectionals.

    Ice Challenge in Graz, Austria currently is the only Senior B listed on USFS' Assignments page that conflicts with the 3 Sectionals in November (same week).
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  3. maureenfarone

    maureenfarone Well-Known Member

    Thanks Sylvia for the info. The only reason I mentioned Cup of Nice is because Jason D. mentioned that comp. I was thinking she might do Ice Challenge Graz when Alissa and her team said she wanted a later start to the season to give her more recovery time. I was quite surprised when Cup of Nice was mentioned.
  4. Susan M

    Susan M Well-Known Member

    I wonder if perhaps they wanted her to get a competition early so she could try to get the qualifying score issue out of the way.
  5. maureenfarone

    maureenfarone Well-Known Member

    Just so there isn't any confusion - Jason did not say for sure that Alissa would be competing at Cup of Nice, just that it was being talked about or considered. As Sylvia pointed out competitors have not been announced for either Nice or Graz. The reason for the local competition this weekend in Michigan was so she would have a comp at least 35 days ahead of any international.

    If she does do Nice and gets the TES requirement out of the way, that would be good!
  6. euterpe

    euterpe Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know how Alissa did at the club competition (St Claire Shores) this weekend?
  7. maureenfarone

    maureenfarone Well-Known Member

    I haven't seen any reports at the message boards I generally read. Did find Alissa's scores: SP 50.21; FS 98.58....no breakdown of TES/PCS available. Scores seem fairly good for her first competition in a long time and so early in the season. Maybe someone will give us a report if they attended the competition.