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Coaching change for Florent Amodio

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by Sylvia, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. ChelleC

    ChelleC Well-Known Member

    Such good news!!!! His programs have been horrible the last two seasons. Looking forward to watching his freeskate this year.

    Florent is Free!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. allezfred

    allezfred Master/Mistress of Sneer Staff Member

    It's about 2 years too late. :slinkaway
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  3. skatesindreams

    skatesindreams Well-Known Member

    The change can only be an improvement!
  4. Lara

    Lara It's JJ style!

    I really really wish this had been last off-season instead, but still :cheer2:
  5. JasperBoy

    JasperBoy Aging in a great place

    Thank god he has changed coaches. Now I will be able to watch him skate without cringing, and watch him in the K&C without barfing.
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  6. made_in_canada

    made_in_canada INTJ

    My reaction too!! Better late than never.
  7. sus2850

    sus2850 Well-Known Member

    In the article it says, he (Florent) aims for a place on the podium in Sochi. So it is an indirect quote. This is simple reporting and no commentary piece, so no need to be angry with the journalist, if Florent says a medal might be a possibility. The article did mention that Florent was only twelfth at worlds. (I read the version linking from the main page of L'Equipe that still has the bits about Yagudin in it.)
  8. kittyjake5

    kittyjake5 Well-Known Member

  9. lily

    lily Active Member

    Looks like "chemistry" between them didn't work any more... I'm happy that maybe now Amodio gets normal programs. Last 2 years they were more than awful. But IMHO Morozov wasn't only bad for him. With him he got stamina, self-confidence and rose from a promising boy to a big name and medal-contender. Not sure how things will work out with a new coach... When I watch Adam Rippon who changed coaches from Morozov, Orser to...etc he didn't get any better.
  10. Nours

    Nours Active Member

    I'm not angry at the journalist simply because there's no in this newspaper (anyway there's almost no journalist left in France). And when I read it, it was writed "Florent vise la médaille de bronze au minimum" which shows how delirious the person is / try to please a french crowd who doesn't care at all for skating while giving high hopes to the few who are interested in but don't know the sport very well. Both option showing I'm right in my first sentence.
    Anyway, we'll soon be cleared of Amodio as he doesn't plan to compete after next year.
  11. Wyliefan

    Wyliefan Well-Known Member

    There is a God.

    Even the timing doesn't bother me -- there's no bad time to get away from Morozov, as far as I'm concerned. This can only be a good thing for him, in the long run if not in the short run. (Though I can't help thinking it'll be good in the short run too!)
  12. LilJen

    LilJen Reaching out with my hand sensitively


    (Who still needs to be freed from an onerous coaching situation?)
  13. Allskate

    Allskate Well-Known Member

    ITA. Leaving Morozov is great. Working with Lambiel is even better!
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  14. Zemgirl

    Zemgirl Well-Known Member

    All the other skaters who are still coached by Morozov? :D

    Also, the Shibs. Zoueva has no idea what to do with them and doesn't seem to care anyway.
  15. shah

    shah Shhh... shhh...

    really? did I miss sth?
    'cause it definitely dampens the enthusiasm now ;)...
  16. Sk8tn

    Sk8tn Active Member

    Can we get an "Amen"?! From your lips to God's ears...
  17. Nmsis

    Nmsis Well-Known Member

    The FFSG has issued a communication.

    Gosh, is it badly written (apart from my own translation). Pompous and empty style.
    Translation :
    - 1st paragraph : Gailhaguet is ass-kissing Morozov.
    - 2nd paragraph : the FFSG is looking for a solution
    - 3rd paragraph : Gailhaguet is ass-kissing Krier
    - 4th paragraph : Gailhaguet will collegially make a decision on his own and will harrass Florent until he accepts.

    The use (abuse) of superlative is totally hilarious. It is so not french. It looks totally unnatural, unsincere and fabricated. :rofl:

    Just a detail about all the skaters going to Bercy. Candeloro made a remark in an article a few months ago. He said something like, every time, the fed pushes skaters toward the president's girlfriend. Why did he say that a few months ago when Champigny is clearly not on the forefront anymore ? ... I'll leave it at that but that's something I've had in the back of my mind for some time. :shuffle:

    PS : Camerlengo and Lucine are preparing their voodoo doll.
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2013
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  18. IceIceBaby

    IceIceBaby Active Member

    Amodio said so after the Worlds 2013. He is not sure if he will continue.
  19. Zemgirl

    Zemgirl Well-Known Member

    It certainly is. OTOH, at least nothing has been homologated.

    I take it that returning Amodio to Glesser is not an option? Personally I think it's lovely when skaters stay on with their original coaches.

    BTW, was Joubert really pushed to train with Krier? I was under the impression that he kind of does whatever he wants when it comes to training, and has for many years.
  20. Nmsis

    Nmsis Well-Known Member

    Florent's interview in today's L'Equipe newspaper. Improved Google Translation.

    That's certainly not an option in Gailhaguet's mind. He worked enough to make them never talk again.
    But when Amodio splitted with Dumont who was his french coach by name (ie Morozov was the coach paid by the fed and the public subsidies for his coaching were going to Champigny, he was there only for a few weeks a year. :rolleyes: ), he came back to Glesser with his tail between his legs to ask him to be his (part-time) coach again.
    But it is summer. The Cergy rink is closed. I don't know if Glesser has a camp this year. So it is difficult to read anything in Amodio's summer.
    I don't think Florent will lay his cards as long as he has not seen Gailhaguet's hand.
    That's why the "collective decision" makes me laugh. "Tempestuous negociation" would be more appropriate.
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  21. chantilly

    chantilly Well-Known Member

    Thank god.

    Such a talent that has been wasted. I do think Amodio's ego might be partly to blame. Some of his programs should never been approved by his coach for competition. But he was one of the ones I felt that didn't live up to his enormous potential. Excited to see what happens.
  22. VarBar

    VarBar Well-Known Member


    I think I heard something similar from Fernandez after he left Morozov.
  23. caseyedwards

    caseyedwards Well-Known Member

    His unhappiness at being in California reminds me of kostner.
  24. os168

    os168 Active Member

    About bl**dy time! Tres bien Florent.
  25. Marco

    Marco Well-Known Member

    Alas he left Morosov about 2 seasons too late. Euro title and medals aside, his skating completely staled during all these years and there has been no artistic development. He is now no more than another Plushenko clone with jumps and flair but virtually nothing else. Hopefully this La Vie En Rose program and Lambiel-choreographed short can change that. (sorry but when talking about La Vie En Rose I immediately think of the disasters that were Czisny and Verner)

    Look how far Fernandez has come since leaving Morosov. He has his own style and is set up quite nicely for an Olympic medal.

    I hope these two are staying on after Sochi to push each other. They are both so talented.
  26. Jeschke

    Jeschke #teamtrainwreck #teamschott

    although fernandez early left fo canada again :p

    yu have to admit, that morozov (hate him or not) brought both up their ways; fernandez movement began under morozov and it was only a matter of time when he will be able to deliver it...
  27. caseyedwards

    caseyedwards Well-Known Member

    He wishes his jumps or flair were anywhere near plushenkos! If anything he is a weir with a terrible habit of leaving out jumps and whole jumping passes! He wishes!!
  28. reut

    reut Well-Known Member

    Thank you for translations, Nmsis.

    This part caught my attention:
    If Anissina is now in Paris, does this mean that she is actually preparing for the season as she stated earlier?
  29. Zemgirl

    Zemgirl Well-Known Member

    I don't think Javi's personal style has been developed under Orser at all. He's more polished now, but his style is the same he came in. If anything, I feel sometimes like Orser/Wilson have made him a bit too conventional. I hope Amodio's work with Lambiel will prove more interesting than that, and more tasteful than what he did with Morozov (not that this should be too difficult :p).

    I had the opposite take on it - if she has time to coach and consult, she can't be too busy with the rumored comeback.
  30. Jeschke

    Jeschke #teamtrainwreck #teamschott

    marina can easily do both, not to question, pah :D :drama: