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CBC's "Battle of the Blades" is coming back!

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by Sylvia, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. yfbg722

    yfbg722 Active Member

    The bottom two scores leaving makes a lot more sense! I'm happy with the last three left standing. They are the teams I felt were best after attending almost every week. Can't wait for next week's show. I get to go live again. So exciting!
  2. 4rkidz

    4rkidz plotting, planning and travelling

    That was incredible the triple twist .. Wow an she is a brave girl
  3. victorskid

    victorskid Skating supporter

    David said that it was caught better than he ever managed to do it :)
  4. Anemone

    Anemone Well-Known Member

    I enjoyed this Olympic tribute theme and liked the little bits of the originals that the teams include in their routines.
    Overall, I think I have enjoyed the themes more this year and been more impressed by the skates - I think this is the best season so far of this show.
    Hopefully there will be many more!
  5. badskater62

    badskater62 New Member

    I really liked that Violetta and Jason added Jamie and David's over the head lift to their skate.
  6. HeatherC

    HeatherC Go Team SW Florida! =)

    SOOOOO happy that Amanda & Scott get to skate again next week!!!! :cheer2: :cheer: :cheer2: :cheer:

    Thank you for posting the links! I'm off to watch them now! :biggrinbo
  7. parapluies

    parapluies Well-Known Member

    I hope the episode will be avaliable on line soon :D I've never seen Battle pf the Blades but all my Canadian friends have been talking about this Olympic episode and that's got me interested & curious and now I really want to watch ! :D
  8. skatingfanfun

    skatingfanfun Member

    I like all the three remaining teams. I'll try to secure the tickets for the finale. Fingers crossed.
  9. rdavies

    rdavies New Member

    While I thought Sinead and Grant had the potential to win and that Grant was the best male skater, they just were not consistent and thus not in the final three which is only fair. Scott is missing some of the personality, footwork and posture of the other two and aside from tonight has been judged lower because of it. So it looks like one of the female vets will likely win the title unless A and S pull another rabbit out of the hat, which, going by their consistency, is well within their reach.

    Going by the judges' tendencies, if all skates are equal, I look to J and V to take the title.
  10. sequins

    sequins Active Member

    Wasn't sure how this Olympic themed show would pan out. I thought it would be very difficult for them to do these prograams justice but I am pleasantly surprised, I loved it!
    I am so impressed with Amanda and Scott, they get better each week and were fabulous tonight. they certainly deserved 6.0 and have a case to win this thing.
    Violetta and Jason were also fantastic, enjoyed the footwork which is something they've been lacking. Great job!
    Sinead and Grant who have been my faves to this point were disappointing for me and the only team who I think didn't do the program justice. They had a mistake but even so, overall I really didn't feel they captured the essense of V&M program. I agree with Jamie, it can be a very difficult piece of music to skate to. I was angry that they had been in the bottom 2 the last 2 weeks but certainly feel they deserved their fate tonight.
    Jess and Brian, I agree it was close to their best skate but I don't know why they keep doing throws when they keep missing them. Felt they should've gone home a lot sooner so I'm happy but I do like Brian a lot. Jess, what was up with her not answering Ron's question about her feelings after being eliminated? She was giggling like a schoolgirl and hiding behind Brian I mean? Ron didn't seem to know what to do until she finally gave a half-assed response. Not like you haven't done interviews before Jess. It was very weird and immature.
    Anyways M-F and Mat did a fine job of Love Story despite a small error. Don't know about the 6.0 but they deserve to be in the final 3. It's gonna be a toss up but right now my money is on Amanda and Scott and at the start I never would've believed it.
  11. rvi5

    rvi5 Active Member

    Based on their pattern so far, I'm guessing Amanda/Scott will be trying for a triple throw next week. If that proves to be too inconsistent, they will probably repeat the triple twist.

    For the first time, Jessica/Brian did not get voted out of the bottom two. With other teams eliminated, those fans would have had to readjust their allegiance. Perhaps that readjustment began overwhelming the Jessica/Brian fan votes.

    No voting for the couples this week. Apparently our votes must be made for mini-blades kids instead. Ron indicated the winning couple from BOTB will be decided by the public. I am guessing each couple will perform their two skater's choice routines next week with no eliminations, then everyone will return for a grand finale show the following week to announce the winner. I assume the final show will be like a Gala performance?
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2013
  12. unchat123

    unchat123 Active Member

    Does anyone else prefer David to any of the actual judges of this season?
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  13. Scrufflet

    Scrufflet Well-Known Member

    Ditto to this! Jessica looked shocked to be in the bottom 2. I thought she came across poorly, especially after Sinead's very appropriate and thoughtful comments. She's a class act!
  14. rdavies

    rdavies New Member

    Not when he gives a 6 for a program with errors. Now that I think about it his comment about being "the French judge" kinda explains the previous sentence. :)

    Aside from that, he filled in nicely, made some good comments about Grant (as did PJ) and also made an interesting comment about lifts.
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2013
  15. professordeb

    professordeb Well-Known Member

    I would love to see Sinead AND her brother both compete next season. Letting them compete against each other would be so cool.
  16. KatieC

    KatieC So peaceful

    I love PJ for coming up with different scores than the other two. And his comments. Didn't care for David particularly, or Jamie. Gutted for Sinead and Grant - they were my favourites the whole way through.
  17. flowerpower

    flowerpower Well-Known Member

    I was very impressed by how hard Grant worked to develop blade control in figure skates. He was doing some very tough things out there, but the big tricks get more attention, unfortunately. Also loved how he embraced the sport - he threw himself totally into this project.
  18. rdavies

    rdavies New Member

    Seems to me Boyd Devereaux was the "Grant" of the last Battle and he didn't win either. If you look at the past three winners they were more pairs than dancers.

    But as much as I thought Grant was the best, the mistakes they made killed their chances.
  19. ildah

    ildah New Member

    Too bad about Shae last week, but had to be. I still feel bad about her losing in year one with the fluke accident of MF putting 3 couples in the finale. Still, it's one of the permanent changes to the BOTB format now that I like. Also the shorter show and no Monday are a great improvement. I'd also be interested in the ratings this year, as I just don't hear the same buzz about the show this time around. Maybe no big name hockey players?

    I know the old judges sometimes made controversial calls and Jeremy could be strange, but I thought the new panel this year with Kurt as the "leader" would be really fun..but I'm surprised...a lot of the exchanges are awkward and silly..kind of embarrassing and it hasn't improved over the weeks. It only occurred to me this week that the judges in every season have represented every skating discipline EXCEPT a male pairs skater, which is the premise of the whole concept - turning hockey players into pairs skaters. Correct me if I'm not remembering, I know the male pair guys ( Dean, martini, Pelletier) have coached but isn't it kind of appropriate that one should be on the judging panel?
    I think any of the above would be fabulous. And Barb Underhill..now there's a real professional (course I thought the addition of Kurt was great but I've been disappointed)

    Can anyone explain to me what did David mean when Jamie was joking ( I think) about him never doing that very difficult catch lower down on the hips and he said " it was an accident" kind of as an aside (??) ...referring to what..?
  20. rvi5

    rvi5 Active Member

    Last edited: Nov 5, 2013
  21. luckiest1

    luckiest1 Well-Known Member

    I personally prefer David as a judge to Jamie.
  22. Andora

    Andora Skating season ends as baseball season begins

    I'm not surprised to hear about ratings. The first season (second as well, really) they had really decent hockey names, as well as recognizable figure skaters. Isabelle Brasseur and Barb Underhill are still better-known than Jessica Dube and even Marie France. Second season retained quite a few big names, as well as adding one of the most popular skaters in recent history (Gordeeva). The last two seasons just haven't had the same star power, I think, and that's pretty key.

    I was honestly not that impressed with this week's programs. Amanda and Scott were amazing, and I'm really pulling for them to win. Not only are the tricks big, but they're smooth and I love watching them. After that, everyone else ranged from meh to terrible. I love Marie-France and Mathieu, and their skating is fantastic, but that program was horrible! It felt like wayyyyy too much was mushed in there until the big lift near the end. Sinead and Grant were my favourites, and they were not nearly as good as they have been. I hate to say the right teams went home, because I've really loved watching them week to week.
  23. Alvyne

    Alvyne Active Member

    Me too. Jamie always sounds like she's reciting the notes she took during dress rehearsal. It bugs me when they are looking at their notes when commenting. PJ did that a lot during the first shows.

    They should go back to the format of 2 permanent judges and 1 guest judge. I think it brings more variety of opinions and helps keep things interesting.
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2013
  24. rvi5

    rvi5 Active Member

    Also keep in mind, BOTB was more of a novelty at that time. It was still new and unique. There would have been more curiosity and interest.
  25. pixie cut

    pixie cut Well-Known Member

    Also keep in mind a Winter Olympics in Canada was only a few months away. Certain level of interest in anything figure skating and hockey. And the entire cast was Canadian.
  26. halffull

    halffull Life is a beautiful thing

    So what happens this Sunday? Do they send one home and end up with a final 2 for the last week?
  27. victorskid

    victorskid Skating supporter

    No one is eliminated this week. Each of the final 3 couples will perform 2 programs. The winners of the Mini-blades competition are announced.

    Next week, at the gala finale, the winners will be announced from the final 3. The Mini-blades winners will also be present.
  28. badskater62

    badskater62 New Member

    Woldn't mind seeing Sinead and John skate in the finale