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Canadians Megan Wing, Aaron Lowe the coaching wizards of ice dance

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by Sylvia, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. Sylvia

    Sylvia Prepping for club comp. season!

    By Pj Kwong: http://www.cbc.ca/sports/figureskat...dians-wing-lowe-the-wizards-of-ice-dance.html
    Sarah Aghai and Jussiville Partanen (FIN) are their second team competing at Junior Worlds this week.
  2. PeterG

    PeterG Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the article, Sylvia. I met Megan (very briefly) at 2001 Worlds and she was very sweet. I get the feeling that these two create a very positive environment for their students. It will be very interesting to see how their teams due in the future. :)
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  3. Manaud

    Manaud New Member

    They are both really nice and down to earth. When they trained in detroit you would see them at all the weekend events in windsor. They were always gracious and friendly.
  4. DustPuppyOI

    DustPuppyOI Well-Known Member

    I'm loving how their students are thriving so soon after the end of their amateur career. (I thought it would take longer.) Looking at a snippet of their amateur training days from their website http://www.winglowe.ca/index.html
    I wonder how they're adding to these coaching legacies? Is there anything that's characteristic of their students? I'd be curious to hear of people's expert opinion on this.
  5. Sylvia

    Sylvia Prepping for club comp. season!

    I just came across Wing/Lowe's newly redesigned coaching website (appears to have launched earlier this year): Vancouver Ice Dance Academy

    Two new dance teams have formed from 3 split teams:
    Junior Dance
    DOB: 26 DEC 96/28 OCT 96
    Started skating together: March 2014
    (Note: Haley Sales won the 2012 Canadian Novice Women's bronze.)

    Novice Dance
    DOB: 16 AUG 2000/28 JULY 98
    Started skating together: April 2014

    New, working link for the Feb. 2013 article that began this thread (found it in the News section of their new site): Canadians Wing, Lowe the wizards of ice dance
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  6. The Observer

    The Observer Active Member

    Nice. :)

    Interesting that both Wing/Lowe & Dubreuil/Lauzon not only both went on to get married, but form their own ice dance coaching centers as well! One in Montreal, and one out on the West Coast. :summer:
  7. spikydurian

    spikydurian Well-Known Member

    They have a few very talented junior ice dancers under their wings.
  8. overedge

    overedge Janny uber

    Not that it makes any difference, but while Wing and Lowe are a couple, I don't think they ever got married.
  9. puglover

    puglover Well-Known Member

    Wing and Lowe do have young twins correct? It must take great team work to design programs, coach and travel with a number of teams with two young children at home.
  10. The Observer

    The Observer Active Member

    Oh. I assumed they were after seeing them with their new babies. ;) Well anyway, whether they are officially married or not, it's neat how 2 of Canada's former ice dance teams from the same era both ended up staying together off ice and starting their own ice dance training centers.
  11. Twilight1

    Twilight1 Well-Known Member

    I have to think working with your significant other must place a lot of stress on you. I love my husband but I think either he or I would end up going crazy working with the other.

    That said, I am so happy for them. They were very good dancers that skated during the Bourne & Kraatz and Dubreuil & Lauzon reign.

    There waltz OD from 1998-9 season remains one of my all time favourite Original dances.
  12. mag

    mag Well-Known Member

    Wing and Lowe are married. I believe Skate Canada even had photos on their website for a while.
  13. The Observer

    The Observer Active Member

    Thanks for the info. I guess I was right the first time afterall. :)

    Anyway, it's nice that both Wing/Lowe and Dubreuil/Lauzon got married and went into coaching together. It has meant that Canada now has more former top ice dancers working as coaches than we did in the past. And in this case, we have one center set up on the west coast, and one in Montreal. So it gives ice dancers more choices to choose from in their part of the country.
  14. overedge

    overedge Janny uber

    Couldn't find them, but I stand corrected. Did this happen recently?
  15. The Observer

    The Observer Active Member

  16. NorthernDancers

    NorthernDancers Well-Known Member

    Wing/Lowe have always stated in the past that their goal was to create a strong centre for ice dance on the West Coast. They are doing an excellent job of achieving this. They have created a great team atmosphere in the rink, keep strong discipline and focused training, and really look out for all their kids. I don't think being international level athletes themselves is the key to their success, although it is helpful. There have been great athletes who make terrible coaches, and lower level athletes who make exceptional coaches. I think the key factor in their success is that they have been able to combine the things they've learned in different rinks with a Masters level education in areas that compliment - human kinetics and sports psychology. There is science to what they do, and how they've structured their program. This is very important as the SPORT of ice dance progresses. What they need to do now is bring in someone with the experience to manage the ART and DANCE of ice dance, and refinement and packaging. They need someone to help them with pattern dances, and who can bring in more artistic, less formulaic, and more mature programs that can compete with the top in the world. They need someone of the calibre of David Wilson, Jeff Buttle, Krylova/Carmelengo - maybe an international dancer like V/M and W/P have used for their programs. Even better, if V/M are taking time out or retiring, maybe scoop them to put together a few international level programs. No one in the world can compare to those 2 in putting the dance in ice dance, packaging, refinement, etc. If Edwards/Pang have a full season to train without injury, with the right programs, packaging and choreography, I think they have the talent and skill to be at the top of the world podium next season.
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  17. The Observer

    The Observer Active Member

    I assume you mean the Junior World Podium? ;)

    Yes, Edwards & Pang have potential, perhaps more so than their training mates Orford & Williams.

    It was interesting that E&P achieved the required TES score and were named alternates to Senior Worlds and O&W didn't.
  18. Rogueskater

    Rogueskater Member

    I think it is nothing but a good thing to have another strong training center for ice dance in North America. How great it is for west coast ice dancers to have this option as a place to train, otherwise it is a move East for them. The more people knowing about and talking about ice dance is exciting.