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Canadian 2011-2012 Intl Assignments (projection)

Discussion in 'The Trash Can' started by haribobo, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. haribobo

    haribobo Well-Known Member

    Now that Nationals are complete, we can better guess who will go where next season...


    Grand Prix-
    Patrick Chan - 2 spots (current ISU rank 2, SB 1)
    Shawn Sawyer- 1 or 2 spots depending on 4cc/Worlds (ISU 28, SB 24)
    Joey Russell- 1 spot, maybe 2 (ISU 104, no SB yet)
    Kevin Reynolds- 1 or 2 spots (ISU 22, SB 9)
    Elladj Balde- no SB but should get Skate Canada IMO (ISU rank 81)
    Andrei Rogozine- 1 or 2 spots (ISU rank 40, SB 31)

    Liam Firus, Shaquille Davis, Peter O'Brien, Garrett Gosselin, Nam Nguyen, Mitchell Gordon...

    Ronald Lam (ISU rank 82)
    Ian Martinez
    Marc Andre Craig
    Maxime Billy Fortin
    Dave Ferland
    Samuel Morais (ISU rank 77, SB 61)- slight chance at a GP spot


    Joannie Rochette, Cynthia Phaneuf, Myriane Samson, Amelie Lacoste, Alexandra Najarro (has had 3 season on JGP, probably ready for new challenges), perhaps Adriana DeSanctis at SC, maybe Vanessa Grenier (she ages out of juniors this year)

    Kate Charbonneau, Kelsey McNeil, Rylie Mcculloch-Casarsa, Roxanne Rheault, Kitty Qian, Julianna Sagaria, Natasha Purich, Karelle Nadeau, Kaetlyn Osmond (likely not enough spots for all of them but these are the likely contendors)

    Dallas Daniel (ages out of Juniors this year), Sarah Jourdain, Devon Neuls, also DeSanctis and Grenier

    Grand Prix
    Dube/Davison, B/M if not retiring, MT/M, D/R, L/S, Hole/Johnson (I guess). The top 4 Juniors (S/S, P/S, J/G, and B/P) are all aging out (first 3) or already aged out (B/P) if my math is correct. Probably not enough spots for all of them though.

    V/M, C/P, W/P, P/I, Ralph/Hill, Arnold/Trojek (maybe), Harvey/Gagnon (perhaps SC). Are Orford/Williams and Oliveira/Hockley aging out? I know the men aren't but the ladies maybe? Orford is 10/92 and Hockley is 5/93.
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