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Brian Joubert returns to Véronique Guyon

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by Madmarch, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. Madmarch

    Madmarch New Member

  2. Libertango

    Libertango New Member

    Well it says that nothing is official yet but they've been working together since monday...
    I'm not sure that's what the French Fed had in mind but well, I wish them all the best.
  3. orbitz

    orbitz Well-Known Member

    Best of luck to him. He needs to make some impact this year and maybe next year, because I don't see him having too many years left competing at the top anymore; The judges have moved on to younger and better skaters.
  4. Nmsis

    Nmsis Well-Known Member

    On monday, he came back from Canada.
    He has been working with Guyon since June, a few weeks after Depouilly's resignation. I can't find the article when Guyon said she saw Brian training alone (while the fed was saying that Racle was doing the interim) and proposed to help him a bit but not as something official or definitive. Must have been in L'Equipe. Gailhaguet was asked for a comment but was actually learning the news from the journalist and he wasn't overly enthusiastic.
    This article was published in June and talks about the same thing.
  5. Nomad

    Nomad Celebrity cheese-monger

    What's the "DTN" Mamman Joubert was talking about?
  6. Jackie Sparrow

    Jackie Sparrow Well-Known Member

    For feck's sake, retire already!
  7. Tony Wheeler

    Tony Wheeler Well-Known Member

    Why? He's only been off the World podium once in the last seven years. It's not like he is falling completely by the wayside and trying to hold on to something he once had (a la Suguri, etc). I'm curious to see his David Wilson-choeographed free skate.
  8. Nomad

    Nomad Celebrity cheese-monger

    I'm wondering how long he will keep the choreography.
  9. peibeck

    peibeck Simply looking

  10. caseyedwards

    caseyedwards Well-Known Member

    He has such a great run of both Euro and World medals! I bet he will be on the Euro podium next year. Worlds a little iffier but it is still very very possible!
  11. elanor

    elanor New Member

    I'm tired of watching Brian in competition with the same programs and being overscored on PCs but it's up to him to decide when he wants to retire. He is most likely past his prime and we won't see much new from him but he's one of these skaters who seem to like competition for the sake of competition whether he stands or falls. When he retires he probably won't have big career left, maybe he will become a coach as he wanted. He's determined and hard worker. Just don't go to another Olympics, it is definitely not his thing. :p
  12. Nomad

    Nomad Celebrity cheese-monger

    I don't expect great things from his programs, I just watch him for the porn factor. I think he'll still be medal contender at worlds, especially with Lysacek and Plush out of the picture.
  13. Carolla5501

    Carolla5501 Well-Known Member

    My bet's on one event and then "it's too hard to do this and jump" :lol:

    Which is sad because he could be a very interesting skater if he did more then "jump" and I think he has the ablity!
  14. Nan

    Nan Just me, retired

    Maybe this will close the circle and give Brian what he needs to compete with confidence. I hope so.
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  15. mia joy

    mia joy Well-Known Member

    You know, I haven't been a member of this forum for a long time and I'm really surprised to see how mean people in here are towards Joubert. I get it, he might not skate the way you like it, his style might not make you crazy or excited, but for God's sake, he's still an amazing skater who constantly tries to improve, who rises after very spectacular falls, you managed to win 9 Euros and 6 Worlds' medals, golds included, he was both on Euros and Worlds podium last season (two bronzes but honestly deserved two silvers), why on Earth would he retire? I know 25 is becoming "an old guy" these days, but objectively it's not that old, so if he still feels like competing, why wouldn't he?

    he's still a great skater, you know, you don't have to like his style, but at least he does have a style, unlike some others. And he's still working to improve. For me it's just sad to see his struggles with coaches all his career long. The only thing I can blame him for is not wanting to leave Poitiers. But I really think saying he does nothing but jump is totally unfair for the guy.
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  16. Nmsis

    Nmsis Well-Known Member

    The DTN is the Direction Technique National (national technical direction).
    That's the "profesionnal" part of the fed, which sets the skating programs, supervise the high level, set the criterias for the national or international selections, organize camps, etc...

    That's the part of the fed which is paid by the state, they are civil servants.
    A number of positions are defined by the state and make them available for each sport federation. The FFSG which is a private association then recruits whoever it wants to fill those positions. The head of the DTN (who is also called the DTN as in director) may or may not come from figure skating. The fed is multi-discipline anyway so ... The current one, Charles Dumont, has previously worked for the french olympic comittee, for the olympic preparation. The rest is more specialised.

    Here is the list of the current DTN. There are familiar names.

    But the DTN is quite dependant of the president of the fed who recruits it.
    In the last few years, the head of the DTN has usually lasted a year or two and has sometimes proved to be quite "ductile". OTOH, in 2005-2006, when Gailhaguet was out of the presidency and the president of the fed was a speed-skater or a bobber (can't remind), the DTN was more independant. Brian and Gailhaguet were rather at war with the DTN then and got Patrick Ranvier's head after 2006.

    So pointing at the DTN can be what it is (ie pointing at the DTN) or avoiding to point directly at the president while sending a message. Depends on the case and time. Here I'd say it's both. Mama Joubert is sending a message to Gailhaguet.

    And to me, it sounds like "found us a coach or we might be going back to Guyon and you'll be pissed". :p
  17. Nomad

    Nomad Celebrity cheese-monger

    Merci beaucoup for taking the time to explain that, Nmsis.
  18. Nmsis

    Nmsis Well-Known Member

    I'm currently sick so that's a way to occupy my mind with other things than *ouch* ;)
  19. senorita

    senorita New Member

    you probably were not here when ""Plushenko is too old to compete in Vancouver"" topics:watch:
    I think some categories of fs fans can retire before Joubert retires;)
  20. Rock2

    Rock2 Well-Known Member

    For the sake of the sport you need a diverse group of male skaters if you ever want to build an audience and pull more of the general public in, both male and female.

    Complain about Elvis and his lack of artistry, but skating in Canada was never bigger than when he and Kurt did battle. We could fill a 16,000 seat arena like snap for nationals. Wide appeal and also pulled in the straight male crowd. Works in the same in other countries. You need stars that appeal to the masses...and remember the masses don't know that much about skating.

    Look at skaters like Candeloro. The man is hideous and can butcher technique like only the French can, but he took his shirt off and was a confident performer. Audiences all over the world tripped over themselves to watch him. Again, part of the 90s surge in popularity.

    Who are the draws now? Chan is cute but doesn't draw crowds, Diasuke is metrosexual and a star only in Japan, Evan and Jeremy are vapid, Johnny's a big ol queen. Love 'em all but they will only pull in nominal amounts of traditional audiences which are needed to fuel the growth of the sport.

    Brian is way hot. He like Plushenko can go ahead and do big tricks and nothing else but pose...and if they collect a few medals along the way, so be it. They draw attention to the sport, pull in the audiences that are tougher to get and hopefully will pave the way for bigger and brighter future for the sport.
  21. Gil-Galad

    Gil-Galad Well-Known Member

    Wait, so Brian is supposed to be like the prostitute of figure skating? Detested by the aristocracy of skating fans, but since his looks and Neanderthal skating style can draw in the simple uneducated commoners, he is tolerated as a necessary evil? Ah well, at least his life has a purpose.
  22. bigjohn

    bigjohn New Member


    Quite an affront to metrosexual men...
  23. Rock2

    Rock2 Well-Known Member

    Ok then...a metrosexual who spent too much time in Chernobyl....
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  24. Aussie Willy

    Aussie Willy Hates both vegemite and peanut butter

    Yeah but aside from the Ewww factor that Candeloro sometimes generated (for stripping on ice), and regardless of his technique or lack of it, he probably did one of the best conceptually and most entertaining programs with his D'Artagnan. That straightline step sequence was fabulous. Great program.
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  25. HisWeirness

    HisWeirness pork cutlet bowl fatale

    ...and that is to make :TT1: squeal with glee. ;)

    (and he's pretty easy on the eyes, so I don't mind seeing him hip thrust and run-in-place on my screen as long as he and/or DG wishes :watch:)
  26. Rock2

    Rock2 Well-Known Member

    Yes, but only if you want the sport to remain financially viable as a sport over the long term. If you're ok with it slowly eroding in popularity (both spectator and participatant) then yeah, I get your drift.

    Oh and when you refer to the 'aristocracy of skating fans', I assume you're aware we are the vocal minority....so our importance to the overall long term well being of the sport is perhaps less than we think.
  27. Rock2

    Rock2 Well-Known Member


    Brian's much cuter so he doesn't have to work as hard to gain a following. Mug for the audience, sway the hips, pick catchy music, make sure all audience members get a good look at what's in the trunk...

    ...and then maybe leak a video on youtube of him working out in his skimpy underwear....

  28. Willowway

    Willowway Well-Known Member

    If memory serves, fans got a lot more than BJ in his skivvies a while back though not on video. I guess he thought nothing but socks was good for the state of skating, huh? Well, it probably didn't hurt given what fans are looking for these days from almost any celebrity in any area (athletes included).

    Of course I think skating could use a few more Ilia's and some eligible versions would be nice - wonderful skating, fabulous looking, very male but keeps most of his clothes on. My kind of skater.
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  29. Meredith

    Meredith what a glorious day!

    This is one of those threads I hope skaters never open.

  30. Nomad

    Nomad Celebrity cheese-monger

    I didn't like Candeloro as a skater, but yeah, I have to admit I liked that program.