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Becoming “hamakko” or “Yokohama’s daughter”, Mao will restart in Yokohama!

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by Akira Andrea, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. Akira Andrea

    Akira Andrea Well-Known Member

    This is an article in “Hochi Shinbun” in Japan.
    Translated from Japanese.
    Becoming “hamakko” or “Yokohama’s daughter”, Mao will restart in Yokohama!
    October 4th, 2010 JST

    In October 3rd, the Japanese players who participate to GP series in this season interviewed in TV Asahi. Mao Asada (20, Chukyo University) who sank in the worst point of herself in the FS of "Japan Open" in October 2nd, is going to proceed to the urgent reform of jumps with a close coaching of Nobuo Sato (67), while aiming at NHK Trophy (from October 22nd) of GP series. Appointing the Shin-Yokohama Skating Center where there is Sato coach as the second training base, she is going to aim at the restoration of "Jump's Mao"

    In the interview of the next day of the first match in this season which ended with jumps of the worst situation, Mao declared the restarting. The word which was written in her handwriting to the board introducing a goal of this season was "New start!"
    Mao emphasized the words, saying "I think that now is the time to withstand under a difficult situation and that it is possible to regain my jumps if making a little more effort".

    In the day before, she failed the six jumps including the triple Axel of big skill.

    She sank in 92.44 points which is her worst point in FS since shifting to the senior in 2005. We heard that, after the competition, she hold an urgent meeting with Sato coach and discussed over again as for the way etc of training.

    Sato coach is known as an able coach who was nominated to the World figure Skating Hall of Fame, but it is one month yet since Mao began to study under him. Moreover, before the first match, she had only been coached once or twice in a week. The person concerned said, “We are going to get him to coach narrowing the space of the lessons more”. It is her policy that, from now on, she goes out from Chukyo University and goes aggressively to the Shin-Yokohama which is the training base of Sato. She arranges the condition which can stay in a long term at Shin-Yokohama and there is possibility also to appoint as her new training base.

    She is going to go on without changing the program construction which has inserted the triple Axel in the second half of the program which the base value is worth 1.1 times of the initial value in. She seems not to change the policy which she installs six kinds of all jumps into a program. Even as for Lutz jump which she had excluded in last season because she is no good at the take-off of it, she is feeling a sufficient response, saying, "it is getting better gradually". She stared fixedly at the high goal, saying, "It is very far from 100% yet, but I would like to try to more difficult things, accomplishing it as fast as I can do.

    She participated to the interview with the womanly skirt figure, saying, "I decided by myself to wear it because I am 20 years old. We heard that, in the end of September, she went to a bar in Tokyo metropolitan area for the first time and drank a toast for celebration of her 20th birthday with Non-alcohol cocktail. Mao said, "Because it is first season which I became 20 years old, I intend to do my best so as to be able to grow in all points also as for the skill". Becoming a "hamakko" or "Yokohama's daughter", Mao will leap all the jumping one after another.

    Miki Ando: SP is secret yet.
    Miki Ando (22, Toyota Motor) displayed the word, "I would like to try delightfully" as the theme and said, "It is my goal to nail cleanly the five jumps which are inserted in the second half of the program of FS", eagerly.
    As for FS, she uses a piano concert of the classic music. As for SP, she hid it in a veil yet, but said, "It has an atmosphere which somewhat differs than before but I would like to show the audience me who am new", with a smile.

    The photo:
    Photography: by Hochi/Yomiuri
    Mao Asada who participated to it with skirt, in the interview of GP series.

    The photo:
    Photography: by Hochi/Yomiuri
    (from left in front line) Yuzuru Hanyu, Daisuke Takahashi, Mao Asada and Miki Ando, (from left in rear line) Shizuka Arakawa, Takahiko Kozuka, Nobunari Oda and Fumie Suguri who took photo, in the interview of GP series.

    The article:
    Becoming “hamakko” or “Yokohama’s daughter”, Mao will restart in Yokohama!
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2010
  2. Le Amarant

    Le Amarant New Member

    She is an amazing competitor. The sheer aggressiveness and determination she displays is admirable.

    However, I'm rather concerned at the pace at which she is driving herself, and whether or not it will affect her mentally and physically if she continues to push herself so hard.
  3. Sugar

    Sugar Well-Known Member

    o dear poor mao!
  4. Rex

    Rex Well-Known Member

    It's a lovely city IMO; not as distracting as Tokyo...
  5. Akira Andrea

    Akira Andrea Well-Known Member

    Translator's note:
    The distance between Nagoya and Shin-Yokohama is about 340 km and the distance between Shin-Yokohama and Tokyo is about 30 km.
    Shinn-Yokohama Skate Center is the place that Sato coach is using as the training base.
    It takes about two hours and a half from the Toyota Campus of Chukyo University to Shinn-Yokohama Skate Center.
    Namely, it takes about an hour by train etc from Chukyo University to Nagoya Station, it takes about an hour and a half by "Shinn-Kansen" or "the superexpress" from Nagoya Station to Shinn-Yokohama Station and it takes about 5minutes on foot from Shinn-Yokohama Station to Shinn-Yokohama Skate Center.
    If the need arises, Mao team seems to be considering to prepare an apartment in Yokohama, too.
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2010
  6. Doubletoe

    Doubletoe Well-Known Member

    That sounds like a good idea. The cost of an apartment probably wouldn't be much more than the cost of commuting via shinkansen between Nagoya and Yokohama all the time! I just hope she has enough uncrowded ice time at Shin-Yokohama. Wasn't that the reason she went back to Nagoya to train in the first place?
  7. L'amour

    L'amour New Member

    Good luck mao! I was really sad when I herad the news about Japan open. I hope somehow she cameback confident to grand pix seaosn, sounds like she is :)
  8. onionviper

    onionviper New Member

    Tks Akira! Good Luck Mao :p:p
  9. galaxy

    galaxy Active Member

    Thank you Akira for posting the article. Unlike the past 3 years Mao trained herself alone for most of the time, now she has a coach near her to run to and consult with. What a relief.:)
    It's good that now she is serious about taking more lessons regularly from a coach, and she is now thinking seriously about having a residence near her coach's home rink? Wow, wow! It looks like she is motivated and on fire.

    Good luck Mao at NHK, which is now quite around the corner. :cheer:
    The season begins! Wheee!
  10. galaxy

    galaxy Active Member

    Yes, it is. The bay, the park, the streets, the shops, the restaurants....they are all fascinating and full of charms. And the most famous China Town, where they serve yummy foods and fancy cuisines. She can enjoy Peking Duck there!:)