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Beatles Tribute on Ice Show

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by joemauerlover, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. joemauerlover

    joemauerlover Member

    Did anyone go?? I LOVE the beatles, so I am excited to see this show when it airs. But I'm confused about Rain, are they a music group and/or a broadway show?? oh well. I know it will be the usual botched job of showing the musicians more than the skaters.

  2. FigureSpins

    FigureSpins Well-Known Member

    I hate to say it, but they had live streaming of the dress rehearsal and the show on their Facebook page. I missed it, but they said they'll be streaming for the Skating & Gymnastics show, if that helps.
  3. skaters04

    skaters04 Active Member

    I went to the show, and really enjoyed it. Rain - A Tribute to the Beatles is a Broadway musical with a Beatles impersonator group (Rain) recreating some of the history of the Beatles and doing a (from what I've read) good job with singing and looks with Beatles songs.

    The group (the four guys playing John, Paul, George and Ringo -- with the addition of a fifth guy on keyboards) played the entire show and played about 18-20 songs. They sounded remarkably like the Beatles and looked the part, too (well, I was too far away to see them really well, but they did look like the band from a ways away). That's music from my era so I really enjoyed the music and enjoyed the skating, too. Glad I was there, because I'm sure the broadcast will show the band a LOT more than the skaters.

    Let's see what I can do with a review -- didn't really take a lot of notes, but wrote down most of the songs I heard.

    The opening was to Can't Buy Me Love, with a short bit with just the ladies to All My Lovin'. (Oh -- cast included Brian Boitano, Todd Eldredge, Steven Cousins, Ryan Bradley, Josef Sabovcik, Sarah Hughes, Yuka Sato, Shae-Lynn Bourne, Sinead and John Kerr and Naomi Lange and Peter Tchernyshev). Guys were in black pants, white long-sleeved shirts and skinny black ties (harking back to Beatles' look) and the ladies in silver-and-white short white tight dresses. Ryan followed to This Boy (did a couple of triples, I think and a backflip). Nice program. Then the guys came out (at least, four of them did, don't think Boitano was in there) in hard hats and did a fun group number involving hard hats, caution tape and wire barriers to Hard Day's Night. Sinead came out at the end with the group. I enjoyed the program. Sinead and John stayed out there for Happy Just to Dance, and did a great job (in fact, the audience, which was really good and very enthusiastic, seemed to like the two dance couples, Brian and Yuka the most, although everyone got very, very nice ovations). Sarah skated to Yesterday -- she looks better than last year, but still did no jumps and had trouble with even the split falling leaves she did -- had to retake a couple. She did just the one solo, although had a long "solo" type set in the opening of the finale, as well. Naomi and Peter did I Feel Fine, really cute, fun number (and does Peter just get better looking and hotter every year, or is it just me?). Brian did Day Tripper -- really upbeat and fun and lots of funky moves. He had a double-double (later redid it into a triple sal-double toe), triple toe-double toe and double axel. Kinda ironic that the oldest guy on the ice (unless, is Josef a few months older? Can't remember) did probably the most triples in the show (well, I think Ryan and three that he got in for two programs, plus a double axel or two, and Boitano had three triples -- one in combination -- and a double-double that he had to redo into a triple, plus a double axel. And the 2002 Olympic gold medalist didn't do a jump at all).

    Anyway, then a costume change for the band into Sgt. Pepper outfits and a section of Sgt. Pepper music -- Sgt. Pepper, which, I think Steven skated to, and Eleanor Rigby from Yuka (lovely program -- she manages to always get the essence of the music and just entrance an audience -- think she had a double axel), and Shae-Lynn to Strawberry Fields. Then Todd with a cute number to When I'm 64 (the host/hostess -- Peggy Fleming and Michael Weiss -- talked about Scott Hamilton's number to that and how Todd was a castmate of Scott's on Stars for a while and how much it meant to him) with four of the girls joining him for part of it. He fell on a triple and redid it after.

    Second half had Yuka to Hello/Goodbye (lots of fun), using a pretty butterfly kite at the end (don't know if that had some significance), Ryan and Steven combining to I Am The Walrus (each did some solo work, then some together), Naomi and Peter with a fun number to Come Together (poor photo op, though -- they were in black suits, black hats, sun glasses, etc., and did some Michael Jackson moves -- hats and shades eventually came off, but still, hard to get a good photo) and Sinead & John with a really upbeat and energetic program to Get Back. Josef did Revolution and Todd did ... I had a hard time with this, but think it was The End (thought I knew all Beatles music, but this one kinda threw me, so tried to look it up). Again, Josef and Todd seemed to be kinda "together," so I think the two songs were somehow connected. Then Brian to Let It Be, a really nice program.

    Finale to Hey Jude, with plenty of time for individual stuff and group work with Rain encouraging everyone to join in on the Na-na-na-nanananas. We did. (Oh, and somewhere in there -- in the first half, I think, after one of the guy's numbers (Steven maybe???) four of the girls came out with big bags of big and small beach ball type thing and threw them to the crowd. Again, I was not aware of any significance, but I assume there was some. Any Beatles historians know why?

    Then the band asked the crowd to stay and played two songs -- I Wanna Hold Your Hand and ... was it All My Lovin again, or something else? I can't recall. All I know was that the audience was encouraged to stand and dance and recreate the Ed Sullivan show appearance of the Beatles and pretty much everyone in the audience (and almost all of them stayed) did just that, clapping, singing along and dancing around. It was fun. Then a couple of no-music, quick retakes and we were outta there.

    Fun show. Music was very familiar to most of the audience and there was a lot of clapping along and singing along. And I really enjoyed just about all of the skating, too -- lots of enthusiasm and some great skating. I wish I could say I was looking forward to the broadcast, but not sure I am. I'm pretty sure we'll get a LOT of Rain and a few quick cuts to the skaters. Sigh. The music was great, but I liked the SKATING!
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  4. paskatefan

    paskatefan Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much for your review! :encore: We saw the live "Rain" show when it came to Philly (loved it), and can't wait to see the November 6 broadcast of this show. Of course, I hope that the skating cast gets much more balance in being shown than in the most recent Disson shows. I can dream, can't I?
  5. Garden Kitty

    Garden Kitty Tranquillo

    Thanks for the report and I'm eager to see the show. Love how Brian continues to give each show his all almost 25 years after he won his OGM!
  6. Yazmeen

    Yazmeen Well-Known Member

    Also saw Rain in Philly at the Mann, and it was incredible, can't wait for this.

    I have to comment, though, isn't it about time that Sarah at least get a double jump in her repertoire? It's got to be a little perplexing for audience members who aren't in the "skating know" to see her introduced as Olympic Champion and she can't jump????? I've always been a Sarah fan, but this is a little embarassing.
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  7. AJ Skatefan

    AJ Skatefan Well-Known Member


    I know. I've been wondering about this too.
  8. joemauerlover

    joemauerlover Member

    I've been wondering about Sarah too, its not like she's out of shape, like she was when she did SOI in '05, but come on Katia still does double axels and she never had to do all the triple jumps when her and Sergei skated.

    Thanks for all your comments!

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  9. Hooloovoo

    Hooloovoo New Member

  10. paskatefan

    paskatefan Well-Known Member

    Thanks, "Hoo!" The pictures are fabulous, as always. :encore: