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Battle of the Canuck Pairs (D/R vs M-T/M)

Discussion in 'The Trash Can' started by aftershocks, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. aftershocks

    aftershocks Well-Known Member

    I haven't seen another thread about the rivalry between these two pairs teams aside from discussion in Canadian Pairs thread topics.

    But I think the development of these two teams and the back-and-forth rivalry has been very interesting. I thought both teams were strong when they came into prominence on the pairs scene a couple of seasons ago. At that point, I was more impressed by M-T/M. However. last year at Canadian Nationals, Meagan and Eric stole my heart.

    I think Julie Marcotte is a genius, and she has obviously helped the growth and improvement of a number of pairs teams, including the former Takahashi/ Tran pairing, Duhamel/ Radford, and this season, Castelli/ Shnapir of the U.S.

    Perhaps D/R are stronger technically than M-T/M. But both teams are looking very good this season. The results at 4CCs between them was interesting, and has heated up their rivalry for Worlds in March. M-T/M have a dynamite of a well-choreographed long program, so it will be an intense and interesting battle for the bronze.

    I think the two top Canadian teams are much stronger than the second and third Russian teams, and also fresher and more interesting than Pang/ Tong. Of course Berton/ Hotarek will also be in the mix at Worlds, but I still think the Canadians are better overall than those challenging for the bronze.
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  2. Sylvia

    Sylvia Prepping for club comp. season!

    I've never heard Meagan referred to as "Meg" (doesn't suit her, IMO).
  3. aftershocks

    aftershocks Well-Known Member

    ^^ I don't know if it suits her or not, but if no one ever shortens her name like that, then I'll fix it in my post. Thanks. :)

    DORISPULASKI Watching submarine races

    I love MT/M's SP program to the soundtrack from MicMacs! They are so musical and into the "nonstop shenanigans" the soundtrack calls for.
  5. jl22aries

    jl22aries Active Member

    I also love their sp. My favourite pairs sp of the season. Their sp last season was also fab.
  6. sequins

    sequins Active Member

    I like them both and it's great for Canada. Nationals was amazing. Myself I prefer MT/M simply because I feel more emotion watching them. They have so many interesting 'tricks' in their programs, I just find them very exciting to watch. D/R are more, how can I say it? Technical, get the job done and while I don't quite feel the connection or emotion I admire them tremendously for their work ethic and that while they know they are a bit of a long shot for the podium at worlds/Olys they are pulling out everything they can to make sure they give themselves a fighting chance at least for bronze, and hey you never know maybe more.
  7. timmybopper

    timmybopper Member

    This might seem like a weird comment but Meagan always seems to have a pasted on smile that I find distracting. Especially in the long program to such a dynamic piece of music, I sometimes wonder if the LP would have more impact if she simply didn't smile and get a serious face...
  8. flowerpower

    flowerpower Well-Known Member

    I agree. There's a spot I love near the end where they take a few simple steps back and forth, to beautifully match the musical phrases...it's so charming and expresses the character of the moment so well. Both teams are really working hard and improving in many areas - it's great to see.

    ETA: I'd forgotten the name of the film - but having followed the link, I realize I've seen it! It's unique and totally off-the-wall. :)
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2013
  9. kwanette

    kwanette Fetalized since 1998

    Me, too. They were the highlight of the prs event for me at Worlds. Their sp was brilliant.