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As for the technical panel's judgment in Junior

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by Akira Andrea, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. Akira Andrea

    Akira Andrea Well-Known Member

    This is an article in "J Sports" in Japan.
    Translating to English from Japanese.

    As for the technical panel's judgment in Ladies single in Junior Worlds
    March 7th, 2013 JST

    By Yamato Tamura
    I returned from Italy where the Junior Worlds was held.
    As for the Ladies single in this competition, the skaters, including the players of Japan, showed us a wonderful performance.
    However, as for the judgment of the technical panel, I had felt an anger about how they could do such a judgment.
    While even doing video judgment while taking time, what was the technical panel seeing!? It is my feelings.

    As for the Ladies single in this event, because it tended to be scored generally low, wouldn't it have been the event which the audience felt strange, too? Because the result and the score of the player often seemed not to meet well, too, it is a fact that the booing occurred.
    It became the present judging system because there was an injustice in marking the score in Salt Lake City Olympics in 2002.
    However, it might become the event like which it isn't convincing not only for the player but also for the audience, too, if the judging like this time would be repeated. As for the Men single, there used to be the period when a lot of players hadn't challenged quad jump, but I felt even fear, as for the Ladies single, too, that it might become difficult that the players challenge to 3Axel and triple-triple. By the judgment of the technical panel, I thought that it became the event which was less excited and left a bad taste for both of the winning players, the defeated players. I think that, as for the junior Worlds in this time, the judgment like this was what disturbs the progress of the technic in Ladies single and decreases the motivation of the players much.

    In the rule as for the judgment of under-rotated or downgraded jumps, it has been prescribed, saying, "In all doubtful cases the Technical Panel should act to the benefit of the skater".

    However, in this event, I could not feel such a consideration. The player is piling a variety of efforts for raising the score only 0.1points or 0.01 points. Such a judgment tendency was found in short program. Therefore, in the official practice of the day of free skating, there was somewhat abnormal atmosphere, such as a lot of players confirmed a trace after the landing many times. Nothing starts even if saying something about the result which has ended.
    Therefore, changing the chagrin and the rage against this result to the energy, the player have no other choice than to make a new start and to improve more, as same as the great senior skater have been so.

    As soon as returning to Japan, I had the persons concerned to the figure skating of Japan see the video of the free skating of Miyahara. (They had been to the junior Worlds in this time, too.)

    They said, "I think that Miyahara took off with out-edge definitely as for the first Lutz of free skating and think that this judgment is strange certainly as for having judged this Lutz as 'e'". They said, "I think that those belong to a gray zone as for the lack of rotation of the jumps except Lutz", too.

    In the view point of the said rule "In all doubtful cases...", I think that "a gray zone" means "In all doubtful cases".
    At least, as for Lutz's judgment, I had a looking persons recognize that it was unreasonable. They promised me that they make effort so as to say opinion about it to ISU although being not able to protest now after a long time. I think that 'we coaches and the department in charge in JSF' must do some support or action so that the judgment like this time is not repeated.

    The good performance should be evaluated by the good judgment or the good result.

    Because I want to the figure skating to become an ideal situation which the persons who love figure skating wish, I dared claim this problem.

    Satoko Miyahara 2013 Junior Worlds SP

    Junor Worlds SP protocol: Miyahara is 6th place

    Satoko Miyahara: 2013 Junior Worlds FS

    Junior Worlds FS: Judges Details par Skater: Miyahara is 8th place

    Satoko Miyahara Biography:

    Satoko Miyahara (Wikipedia)

    translator's note:
    In the 'Calling under-rotated or downgraded jumps' of Clarifications of Jump Elements of Technical Panel Handbook 2012/2013 of 'ISU Judging System', it is prescribed as follows.
    "In all doubtful cases the Technical Panel should act to the benefit of the skater".
    http://www.usfsa.org/content/First Aid Singles.pdf

    As for the technical panel's judgment in Ladies single in Junior Worlds
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