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Article about Miles Addison, former pairs skater

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by livetoskate, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. livetoskate

    livetoskate Well-Known Member

  2. 2sk8

    2sk8 Active Member

    Thanks for posting this - a wonderful family & a great kid - I'm glad he had the guts to make the switch & wish him the best!
  3. Debbie S

    Debbie S Well-Known Member

    Nice article! (except for the part about the AFSA/American Figure Skating Association :rolleyes:)

    I'm glad Miles is happy, and I hope Kay can find a new partner (or go on in singles, if that's what she wants).
  4. Sit_spin

    Sit_spin Member

    This is my local newspaper, and that annoyed me, too.

    I used to skate with Miles when we were younger, and I wish him the best of luck. He deserves to be happy - he's an awesome guy.
  5. overedge

    overedge Janny uber

    I'm really impressed that his parents and his partner understood why he wanted to change sports and were supportive of him finding what he wanted to do, rather than pressuring him to stay on in skating - especially when the parents had invested that much $$$$ on his skating career. He is very fortunate.
  6. reese

    reese Well-Known Member

    The disturbing part of that article is his mother. I know $350,000 isn't really unusual in this sport, but somehow I still found it jarring. For a novice-level pairs skater in North Carolina? Wow. And the part about her sobbing for 3 weeks? Yikes! I'm glad everyone is being supportive, ultimately, of his decision.
  7. MacMadame

    MacMadame Cat Lady-in-Training

    I thought that 350,000 was for his entire career. Which would then be a pretty small amount, maybe 35,000 a year or less.
  8. reese

    reese Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I think it was his whole skating career. Still, kind of a lot. Does it really cost $35,000 a year for like an 8-year-old?
  9. Debbie S

    Debbie S Well-Known Member

    Probably not, but it can cost $50K a year for a top competitive skater at Int and Novice levels. Miles (and Kay) also competed in singles in addition to pairs. I'm sure more than half of the total expense was incurred over the past 5 years.
  10. MacMadame

    MacMadame Cat Lady-in-Training

    Once you get "serious", a minimum schedule is skating 1-2 sessions a day 5 days a week with 1 or 2 lessons. At certain times of the year, it can be more. So ice time and lessons alone tend to run 10,000-20,000 a year depending on how many lessons there are, what ice time costs in your area, how many hours you are on the ice a week.

    Then you throw in at least 2 costumes a year and multiple competition entry fees and travel expenses for at least some of them, off-ice conditioning, choreography for at least 2 programs (but often 3 or more) and 35,000 a year is easy to spend.

    I think that your typical elite skater is spending about 45,000 a year on it. If the family has money, that can go much higher but it doesn't really have to until you get to a level where there is international travel involved.
  11. leigh466

    leigh466 Well-Known Member

    It kind of makes me feel sad that I love figure skating so much since it is only a sport for the ultra ultra rich.
  12. Sylvia

    Sylvia Still recovering from Worlds...

    Bergdolt/Addison were one of the few US pairs age-eligible to be considered for the 2012 Youth Olympics, but I don't know if that opportunity could have provided enough incentive to keep them skating together for one more season? It can be really difficult for families to justify the enormous expense of skating...

    I didn't see her skate but Kay Bergdolt qualified for the Novice Ladies Final at the Middle Atlantics club competition in NYC this past weekend and placed 10th.