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Are You Brave Enough to Try This With Your Hair?

Discussion in 'Off The Beaten Track' started by nubka, May 17, 2012.

  1. nubka

    nubka Well-Known Member

  2. genevieve

    genevieve drinky typo pbp, closet hugger Staff Member

    typical Daily Mail article, making a huge fuss over nothing.

    The woman's hair looks great - but of course it does, she was supervised by a celeb stylist every step of the way :lol:
  3. my little pony

    my little pony war crawling into canada

    i know a girl who cuts her own hair sort of like that. she hangs upside down and cuts it. it helps that she has freakishly healthy looking hair and she's gorgeous. it drives me crazy how little she spends to look amazing.
  4. Bev Johnston

    Bev Johnston Well-Known Member

    It's tempting...... I guess I could always :slinkaway off to the hair dresser if I mess it up too much.
  5. ribbon

    ribbon Active Member

    I've cut my own hair for a year now. It's not too hard, but I was so nervous the first time. No one ever asks where I got it cut which means it isn't amazing but it isn't bad. I used to pay $20 at local hairdresser that used recently graduated trainees and before that $40 at a regular salon.

    I do it differently than the article. I put a dollop of conditioner through dry hair so it's not fly away or wavy, and then into a ponytail. Move the elastic gently down and then move the hair over one shoulder so I can see it, trying not to disturb anything. Snip or cut how much I want. Undo the ponytail. Divide hair into two loose pigtails. Snip any grossly uneven parts from each side. Undo, wash out conditioner. Takes about 10 minutes for the whole thing and costs nothing. I control it so am never disappointed.

    Now, I've never done bangs. I would imagine those would be a nightmare to cut the first time if one doesn't have them. Then easy to do upkeep.

    I haven't had bangs since I was a young child. I found them annoying then, and so never bothered to have them again.
  6. triple_toe

    triple_toe Well-Known Member

    Her hair looks awful in the after picture! I've seen people who cut their hair well before but she's not one of them :lol:
  7. TheGirlCanSkate

    TheGirlCanSkate Well-Known Member

    I've done it similarly for a couple years - my daughter's as well. It didn't look like that though -it was layered but not choppy. It looked more like her before picture. :D

    Then I decided to go with shorter hair and pay someone to do it. As for my daughter...she gets hers cut where I go but just 2x's a year. She has long hair with layers so it doesn't need a lot of fuss.

    Adding - I didn't do it to save money. I did it to save time. I hate being in a salon. I hate making appointments. I hate the wait. I hate sitting in the chair and I hate strangers touching me. :p My new girl is great though - she does a traditional Japanese scalp and upper body massage that is firm and fantastic with every haircut. If you are going to touch me it might as well be worth it. :D
    Last edited: May 17, 2012
  8. myhoneyhoney

    myhoneyhoney Well-Known Member

    I do this all the time! I use the same method to layer it.
  9. danceronice

    danceronice Corgi Wrangler

    I don't do layers, I just put it in a ponytail and whack off the dead ends. As my hair's LONG, and I consider any cut you have to maintain more trouble than it's worth, that's all I need anyway.
  10. Simone411

    Simone411 Covfefe! FSU Uber fan!

    I saw something similar in a Glamour magazine many years ago. Instead, you brush all your hair to the top of your head and then put the rubber band around the hair. I tried it once. It looked okay, but it wasn't easy to keep the hair even while using the scissors to cut it off.
  11. Skittl1321

    Skittl1321 Well-Known Member

    I would never cut my own hair. It curls tighter on the left side than the right side, so it is important for a stylist to recognize this and figure out how it impacts the final cut (since they cut wet, but it curls as it dries.)

    That said, there is no need to save money at a salon. I get my hair cut every 2 or so years. I can handle the $50ish it costs.
  12. Anita18

    Anita18 Well-Known Member

    My mom used to cut my hair. I put a kibosh to that when she messed up majorly and one side was 2 inches shorter than the other. :shuffle:

    I get my hair cut maybe once a year now, although it's currently coming on two. I keep saying that I'll donate it (done it twice, last time I had my hair cut was for hair donation), but I kind of like it this long. :lol: I just snip off the split ends for now. It's something to do when you're bored. :lol:

    But I have super-thick Asian hair that looks pretty good when I roll out of bed, so I'm not really complaining. :eek:
  13. Wiery

    Wiery Well-Known Member

    I've cut my hair this way for years. It's not a money issue, I just can't be arsed to go to a salon. :coffee:
  14. aliceanne

    aliceanne Well-Known Member

    I've never done anything but upkeep on bangs when I was a teen. I've let non-professionals cut my hair when it is long. I wouldn't do it with short hair though. Shaping short hair definitely takes talent and practice, and you can't hide a bad haircut with a ponytail.
  15. Marilou

    Marilou Well-Known Member

    While tempting, don't think I would. My hair is longer, but ultra thick, coarse and curly. I'd probably make a mess of it.
  16. vesperholly

    vesperholly Well-Known Member

    I thinned my hair a few times, with varying success. I can never seem to get hairdressers to understand that my thick hair is a CURSE, not a blessing. As soon as it gets past my shoulders, it becomes so heavy that it flattens out any volume at the top, takes forever to dry and looks poufy if I don't flatiron it or at least aggressively blowdry with a round brush. Layering is not enough, it needs to be thinned with those special thinning shears that have a comb on one side.

    What worked the best was pinning back the top part of my hair, from my temples. That part was not to be cut. Then I'd make 3 horizontal layers and pin two out of the way. I make one cut with thinning shears from the middle, then move down an inch and cut again, then once more toward the bottom. Repeat on all layers. The idea is to taper the hair to a point. If I take a section of hair, run pinched fingers down it, and it's the same thickness all the way down or blunt at the end, that's bad. I should gradually run out of hair. And really, it isn't the same because I was only adding dimension, not taking away length.

    I have only really done full-out once, because it's so difficult to do the back evenly. But I loved how it turned out (excuse the crap expression).
  17. KatieC

    KatieC So peaceful

    I did that once, years ago. Finally recognized I hate bangs, and layers don't suit me. But my sister and I cut each others hair throughout our teens - likely to save money. I had short hair for awhile, but it never looked right, or behaved the same way two days running, so when I left it for awhile and it just grew nice and long. I remembered I like long hair best. It takes less time in the mornings and doesn't require purchasing anything to go in it.
  18. Aussie Willy

    Aussie Willy Hates both vegemite and peanut butter

    I cut my fringe when it gets too long. And don't mind doing home colouring. But otherwise don't think I would try to attempt cutting the whole lot.

    Thankfully I have found a hairdresser I am happy with.
  19. Gazpacho

    Gazpacho Well-Known Member

    It looks like a mullet!

    The article says that haircuts there are 35-100£. Is it really that expensive? Are there no discount hair cutting places?
  20. Really

    Really I need a new title

    Mullet? I don't think so! It's not shaped around her ears a la Biily Ray Cyrus! The after looks a lot better than the before!
  21. snoopy

    snoopy Team St. Petersburg

    I don’t think it looks like a mullet but it reminds me of Leather Tuscadero circa Happy Days 1975. I had a hair cut similar to this once, I didn’t really care for it.
  22. cruisin

    cruisin Banned Member

    This method isn't new. I knew girls, when I was in high school, who cut their own hair that way. And I graduated HS in 1971! My hair I've very short, no way I could cut it myself. And, I do think you need great hair, at least thick hair to do the ponytail cut. My hair is thin, it needs a pro! :lol:
  23. Karina1974

    Karina1974 Well-Known Member

    Amen to that. I keep my hair short - razored in the back, above my ears on the sides, and bangs in front. It took my several tries to find someone to cut my hair the way I want it done, and yes, I have had to trim up my bangs to even them after a stylist I was going to never seemed to cut them so they would fall in a straight line across my forehead the way I want, plus she always had to style my hair in ways I don't want and don't have the time to do myself (I think she did that to try and disguise her mistakes). I prefer hair that can be styled in 10 minutes or less, because I have other things to do than stand in front of a mirror futzing with it. That's why she doesn't cut my hair anymore.

    I had a decent stylist before that one, but had to fire her when she spritzed about my switching from dyeing with chemical colors - at $80 a pop - to using pure henna, which I can do myself and is a lot cheaper (I can buy enough henna to last me a year for less than one "salon color", plus I get better color that actually lasts. Now I get it shaped every 6 weeks for only $16, by a stylist who "gets it". :)
  24. triple_toe

    triple_toe Well-Known Member

    I totally thought mullet too! Not the mention the ends looks all scraggly and rough in the after photo, her hair looked so much healthier in the before.
  25. nubka

    nubka Well-Known Member