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Any kdrama or jdorama fans out there?

Discussion in 'Off The Beaten Track' started by shinji, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. shinji

    shinji New Member

    I don't recall seeing a thread like this on FSU, so I thought I would start one. I'm wondering if there are any other fans of kdrama, jdorama or asian drama in general.

    Since I started watching korean dramas, I've almost totally stopped watching American TV. I saw my first one in 2007 and literally did a marathon 16-hr viewing (no eating, no sleeping for the entire weekend). Since then, I've been hooked. It's like TV cr@ck.

    Many kdrama fans claim to start that way--they catch a drama online and then can't stop watching until it is done. (Check out these funny stories on the lengths to which kdrama fans will go to get their fix at dramabeans.com, a kdrama review blog)

    I even noticed that Korean shows are popping up all over hulu these days--Boys Before Flowers, Bad Boy, and The Coffee Prince.

    If you've watched dramas--which ones have you liked? My favorites include Princess Hours, I'm Sorry, I Love You, Nobute Wo Produce, Pasta, You're Beautiful, and My Lovely Sam Soon. Right now I'm watching the Baker King.
  2. Gil-Galad

    Gil-Galad Well-Known Member

    Me! Me! I have a South Korean friend who lent me her entire collection (that include English subtitles of course - otherwise I would be lost). From your favourites I watched "You're beautiful" - in the beginning I wasn't that amazed by it, I consider the whole world of showbiz to be very artificial - but I really loved it towards the end, I think it has a great message, nearly philosophical. Plus there are just some fantastic songs in that series.

    I also watched Boys before Flowers and Coffee Prince, I like them both - but I found Boys before Flowers to be really over the top at some points. Coffee Prince was really lovely, very much about everyday problems, everyday life - likeable characters too...

    I would like to recommend "Thank You", a drama about a single Mum raising her HIV-positive daughter - and how they meet a cynical depressed doctor, whose girlfriend died. It sounds very melodramatic, and at some points it really is, but it is also full of humour and entertaining scenes. It made me cry and it made me laugh. The actors in it are incredibly good.
  3. shinji

    shinji New Member

    Oooh, I liked Thank You too. The two lead actors, Jang Hyuk and the woman (she starred in Pasta) are among my favorites. Jang Hyuk is kind of considered the Johnny Depp of Korea--serious actor who take quirky roles that have some depth to them. So far, I've liked most of his dramas.

    If you liked the lead actress--you might want to try Pasta. it was cute and light and funny--a perfect romantic comedy and not cliche at all. Probably my favorite drama this year.

    As for BBF--it's over the top because it was based on a japanese manga--and when you are trying to essentially copy a comic book for teen girls--I think there is no other choice that to go way over the top. I actually prefer the japanese version of the drama--Hana Yori Dango. It was also over the top, but had more charm. I could never finish the Korean version.
  4. jl

    jl Well-Known Member

    My parents were so riveted by Dae Jang-Geum, they watched about 4 episodes a night! :eek:

    Then, imagine my immense surprise when I go to Ghana and guess what's playing on TV? :lol:

    I think that's one of the biggest hits Korean TV has had internationally. It seems to be really popular everywhere.
  5. moebius

    moebius Well-Known Member

    My parents too! I heard that show is so popular when it aired on tv, people would cut work just to watch it.
  6. escaflowne9282

    escaflowne9282 Reformed Manspreader

    I feel so old now, I remember being back in High School and addicted to the anime version of Hana Yori Dango and trying to track down fansubs any way I could lol