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Any 2013 Worlds news?

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by Sally1214, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. Sally1214

    Sally1214 Well-Known Member

    Somewhere on here, probably at least 3 months ago, I read that information regarding the 2013 Worlds in London, ON would be available in May, 2011. I was assuming it would probably be an announcement as to when tickets might go on sale. I've tried to keep an eye on the forum but haven't seen anything yet.

    Did I miss any announcement or is Skate Canada just being late again? Tks.
  2. kehoes_rock

    kehoes_rock New Member

    I was wondering the exact same thing last week so I emailed Skate Canada and got this response:

    Tickets will go on sale at the beginning of 2012.

    More information will be available soon about ticket prices and the specific date that they go on sale.

    *Sigh* Don't know what happened to tickets going on sale this spring.
  3. Susy

    Susy Active Member

    Its sad that there isn't even ticket information for 2012 Worlds!
  4. Sally1214

    Sally1214 Well-Known Member


    Thanks, kehoes rock. :)
  5. riveredge

    riveredge Active Member

    not a surprise at all