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Angry Customer Tries to Taser Drive-Through Employee

Discussion in 'Off The Beaten Track' started by overedge, May 18, 2010.

  1. jenny12

    jenny12 Well-Known Member

    Wow, all this over mustard and mayonnaise!
  2. soxxy

    soxxy Guest

    This is worse than the spate of calls to 911 calling about botched orders. Ugh!
  3. LynnW

    LynnW Politiking for Purple

    [rhetorical question] What the hell is wrong with people? [/rhetorical question] Trying to attack someone over mustard and mayonnaise? Seriously? It really makes me wonder about how empty some people's lives must be (not to mention how stupid are they?)..
  4. Jayar

    Jayar Well-Known Member

    I saw a guy in Harlem throw his Whopper back at the counterperson because they put mustard on it. He opened it up and threw two halves at the guy all the while swearing as if it were the worst offense ever.

    Last week in the airport, I saw an older businessman going through security with a soda in hand. They told him repeatedly that he could not take it through, but he insisted. When he got through the walkthrough scanner, they were going to confiscate it from him, but instead he threw a temper tantrum and eventually threw the soda bottle. I pointed and laughed at him really loudly and said 'What an asshole' so that he could hear me. The TSA agents thought I was a rock star. LOL.