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American Idol, Season 13

Discussion in 'Off The Beaten Track' started by PeterG, Jan 16, 2014.

Who Have You Purchased Singles or Albums From On This List?

  1. Adam Lambert

    27 vote(s)
  2. Carrie Underwood

    30 vote(s)
  3. Clay Aiken

    22 vote(s)
  4. David Cook

    22 vote(s)
  5. Daughtry

    16 vote(s)
  6. Fantasia

    7 vote(s)
  7. Jennifer Hudson

    13 vote(s)
  8. Jordin Sparks

    9 vote(s)
  9. Kellie Pickler

    8 vote(s)
  10. Kelly Clarkson

    48 vote(s)
  11. Ruben Studdard

    6 vote(s)
  12. Scotty McCreery

    2 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. haribobo

    haribobo Well-Known Member

    Poll results
    Mjsbigblog- 1. Sam, 2. Alex, 3. Spencer, 4. Caleb, 5. CJ, 6. Ben, 7. Dexter, 8. Malcolm, 9. George, 10. Emmanuel

    Tvline- 1. Sam, 2. Alex, 3. CJ, 4. Caleb, 5. Dexter, 6. Ben, 7. Malcolm, 8. Spencer, 9. George, 10. Emmanuel

    Youtube views
    Sam 2127
    Alex 1793
    Spencer 1570
    CJ 1501
    Caleb 1374
    Emmanuel 1284
    Dexter 1155
    Malcolm 1131
    George 1123
    Ben 926

    Seems pretty clear-cut from the polls and youtube views that those top 5 on youtube will probably make it tomorrow, though you never know. Tough to choose who should get through as a wildcard, I wonder if they will get to sing again, its only an hour long show...on DialIdol, Malcolm has the highest busy percentage, but the top vote getters there were Spencer, Sam, and Caleb.
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2014
  2. haribobo

    haribobo Well-Known Member

    Mjsbigblog- 1. Majesty, 2. MK, 3. Malaya, 4. Jessica, 5. Jena, 6. Emily, 7. Kristen, 8. Briana, 9. Marrialle, 10. Bria

    TVLine- 1. MK, 2. Majesty, 3. Jessica, 4. Malaya, 5. Jena, 6. Emily, 7. Kristen, 8. Briana, 9. Marrialle, 10. Bria

    Youtube views

    MK Nobilette- 49K
    Malaya Watson- 33K
    Majesty Rose- 32K
    Emily Piriz- 26K
    Marrialle Sellars- 24K
    Kristen O'Connor - 21K
    Briana Oakley- 21K
    Jessica Meuse- 20K
    Bria Anai- 20K
    Jena Irene- 19K

    Jessica had by far the most votes on DialIdol, but Kristen had the highest busy percentage. Looks pretty obvious that MK, Malaya, and Majesty should make the top 5 from the above numbers, after that it gets tricky.
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2014
  3. Aceon6

    Aceon6 Hit ball, find ball, hit it again.

    I was pleasantly surprised by the guys last night. I only fast forwarded through three of them as opposed to 5 of the girls.
  4. taf2002

    taf2002 zexy demon

    Whyyyyyy was Spencer chosen over way more talented guys? Or Emmanuel? Do they never learn? He & Emmanuel are at the bottom of the TVLine poll but the fact that Spencer is #3 in youtube views scares me (he'll advance much farther just because of his looks & then he'll go out in 6th place or so & never be heard of again) & the fact that anyone wanted to hear Emmanuel's mess again confuses me. Why would anyone want to listen to either again? I'm sad that more talented guys didn't get to sing on TV. I really liked Maurice, & even Casey was better than these two guys. IMHO of course.
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2014
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  5. PeterG

    PeterG Well-Known Member

    Ohhhhh...last night was not good... :(

    The only performance that I really liked was Caleb Johnson - Stay With Me . I don't really like that song, but he put everything he could into it. I'm listening to it now and it doesn't sound quite as good as when you see him giving it all he's got...it's a better performance to watch than to listen to.

    Second would be Sam Woolf - Babylon. Maybe a better performance than Caleb's pitch-wise, but it's a bit too subdued to listen to. But he deserves to move on.

    Emmanuel Zidor - The Best Of My Love is my third favourite. Mainly because I LOVE this song. And he has a good voice. But he let the live aspect of the performance take over and the vocals suffered for it. He should have stood at the microphone rather than moving all over the place.

    I should probably have Spencer Lloyd (Love Don't Die) ahead of Emmanuel. But he reeks of entitlement. He always has a semi-nasty smirk on his face, like he thinks he's better than Adam Lambert and Daughtry. Yuck.

    The rest...didn't like them at all. Hated all their song choices. Blech.

    Alex Preston's nasally voice...horrific. He's a great musician. He should be in a good singer's band. I can't even remember much about anybody else, which I am grateful for. Dexter Roberts has a Spencer Lloyd entitlement thing going on. Like he thinks he's really great, but Keith Urban was right when he said there are 60,000 guys across America in a cover band at some bar doing the exact same thing as him.

    The only person I'm really rooting for is Caleb. Maybe Emmanuel, but he is very awkward on stage. The way he moves is very unattractive, the clothes choices are bad and his facial expressions are pained. He looks really p***ed off pretty much all the time. He needs to relax his facial muscles and smile a lot more.
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  6. taf2002

    taf2002 zexy demon

    Emmanuel needs to smile more? The only time he wasn't grinning like a fool was when he got negative critiques. I also think he has an entitlement vibe. I liked "Best of My Love" back in the day but it was a really old-fashioned choice. I agree Caleb had the best stage presence.
  7. PeterG

    PeterG Well-Known Member

    Comment on mjsbigblog about the five men America voted into the top 10:

    The Top 5 guys: Holy White Guys Batman :/

    Interesting that
    did not get voted in by America.
  8. taf2002

    taf2002 zexy demon

    I was pleased overall by America's choices & by the wild cards.

    Top girls:
    Majesty *
    Jessica *
    MK *

    Top guys:
    Caleb *
    Sam *
    Dexter *
    Alex *

    Wild Cards:
    C J *
    Jena *

    The judges picked 5 people to sing for their lives & then picked three of them. I was shocked that Marrielle & Emmanuel wasn't picked since those 2 have had so much screen time. Bria & Spencer got to sing - that was also a surprise to me because I thought they were among the worse Tuesday & Wednesday night. Bria was just as bad again. I knew she wasn't going through. The feedback was brutal.

    * These people were my picks - 9 out of 13 ain't bad.

    BTW, Ryan asked the top 10 some questions before the wild cards were picked. Majesty answered the question about what she was most excited about & she said "we get to go on tour". I guess she doesn't realize that she will have to survive at least 3 eliminations & really end up in the top 10 in order to go on tour.
  9. Allskate

    Allskate Well-Known Member

    taf, I basically had the same fine picks that you had. But, I still am not very excited about this season's group. I hope The Voice has a better crop of contestants. I don't think The Voice judges can be worse. I was tired of JLo before she ever came back. I like Harry, but he's far too limited in his taste in vocals.
  10. PeterG

    PeterG Well-Known Member

    Who I'm rooting for:

    1. mk
    2. Jessica
    3. Majesty
    4. Caleb
    5. Malaya
    6. Kristen
    7. Sam
    8. Ben
    9. Emily
    10. Jena
    72. Alex
    99. C J
    100. Dexter
  11. merrywidow

    merrywidow Well-Known Member

  12. Aceon6

    Aceon6 Hit ball, find ball, hit it again.

    Majesty and MK for the ladies. Caleb and Alex for the guys.
  13. Aceon6

    Aceon6 Hit ball, find ball, hit it again.

    Anyone watching tonight? The sound engineer needs to be fired. The lead mics are muffled, you cant hear the backups, and the mics near the drum set are way too close to the snare. I guess the budget is cut enough that they can't test the feed.
  14. kylet3

    kylet3 Well-Known Member

    So clearly I didn't miss anything after the first couple episodes. This is what they call "talent"? Ugh! This is the worst batch I have ever seen! That being said, this is what happens when they let J-Lo back onto a judging panel. They start at mediocrity and work their way down from there. :scream:
  15. BaileyCatts

    BaileyCatts Well-Known Member

    What the hell was wrong tonight! Everyone was awful and so many were out of tune! I gave up trying to keep up during the Olympics so didn't see last week where the Girls and Boys sang and viewers voted them thru, but watching fresh tonight I'm thinking 'THIS was the best they had'?? There was something very wrong with the whole show.
  16. haribobo

    haribobo Well-Known Member

    Rankings tonight-

    1. Jessica Meuse- MY PRECIOUS! :swoon: I freakin' adore her!
    2. MK, Caleb- pretty awesome
    4. Alex - I love Mraz and he is a less good looking and less creative clone, but close enough to the real thing to be enjoyable
    5. Emily- exactly what Keith said- yin yin yin, needs more rasp, but good job.
    6. Majesty- don't serve me last week's performance a 2nd time and try to pretend its something new and fresh.
    7. CJ- just because I think his voice is cool, but what a stupid brokedown wickity wack song.
    8. Dexter- basically I completely forget him but it didn't offend me. My impression was that it was standard country fare, not comp winning stuff.
    9. Sam- he sings fine but there's no bite or bark to his voice, but then that song never goes over well as a cover, and he really has not impressed me 2 weeks running now, he is good but massively overrated. Waiting for him to prove why he's such a frontrunner...
    10. Malaya- that was pretty low-budget but I'd still rather see her around another week than a few of the other snoozefests we have lying around.
    11. Ben, Kristen, Jena- for very different reasons. Ben sounded like Kermit, really atrocious version of Folsom, if that's what he starts his concerts with, yikes for the rest of it. Jena was wonderful in the wildcard round but tonight my ears bled on that Coldplay song. HATED it. Kristen gave a very surface-y version of that song, and completely skipped the awesome bridge which makes that whole song, I don't understand why average singer people think they will succeed comparing themselves to Kelly like that. Have a fun trip home tomorrow.
  17. taf2002

    taf2002 zexy demon

    We were about halfway thru the show last night when it occurred to me that the Randy Jackson segments were exactly like when the Peanuts gang has an adult in the room. Every time he talked it was like wah-wah. I didn't understand a word he said but I didn't really try.
  18. PeterG

    PeterG Well-Known Member

    Some random comments before I try to rank last night...

    It was strange to see the contestants leave the stage and pull a Mariah Carey as they walked through the crowd. "Must I REALLY physically touch the hands of commoners?" Half of them looked like they were trying to keep their lunch down when audience members reached out to them. :lol: Jessica and Caleb seemed to be the only ones who tried to touch as many people as they could.

    Have you ever seen such a dour group of people when the camera shows the other competitors during or after someone else's performance? Man, are these people competitive! :lol: It's like they're analyzing how much better anyone might have done and if it means they might be in the bottom three. Most of the time after a performance, very few of the contestants are clapping along with the audience. Harsh! And the sour looks on people's faces...don't they know the camera is on them?

    Another good laugh is how a singer is introduced and the audience starts clapping....and they air Randy's pre-recorded ten second bit. Which gets COMPLETELY drowned out by the applause. Part of me wants to maybe hear what he has to say even though I know it won't mean much. Jimmy Iovine would have given better soundbites.

    So my rankings:

    1. Caleb - he was better than the bottom 11 singers all combined. He nailed it!
    2. Jessica - not only was her performance great, but she did something different than she had ever done before. She rocked!
    3. Emily - Glitter In The Air. I agree that she needed more grit to her performance. She was kind of a beauty pageant performance. But she hit most of the notes.
    4. Majesty - Pretty good.
    5. Kristen - Beautiful Disaster. Good enough.
    6. Alex - Beautiful Mess. I'm not a fan of Alex (at all). But that said, he did pretty well!
    7. Jena - The Scientist. She can get pretty shrill with her upper range. She should think twice about going that high.
    8. Dexter - Aw Naw. I just don't see anything likeable about him. He hit the notes, but there isn't an ounce of originality in this guy.
    9. DJ - Radio. Dexter and DJ might as well be the same person. Boring as all hell.
    10. mk - Satisfaction. I listened to the Allen Stone version of the song when I read about mk's song choice online before the show started. His version is quite cool. mk's was not. It was similar to Emily covering Pink. Neither have the grit of the original performer. I fear my favourite mk might be a ballad singer and unable to do anything else.
    11. Malaya - Runaway Baby. Another favourite who I hate ranking so low. But that song has so little melody to it. It's a fun live song, not one that will help you win a singing competition. Possibly the worst song choice of the night.
    12. Sam - Unwell. Sam is more boring than Dexter and DJ combined. I can't believe that is possible!!
    13. Ben - Folsom Prison Blues. Awful. Just awful! :(
  19. mikey

    mikey ...an acquired taste

    I haven't watched in a while, but I did last night because I had heard that it was a good crop of contestants this season. It was a rough night, at best. Actually, it was pretty bad.
  20. my little pony

    my little pony war crawling into canada

    what gave them the impression that people wanted MORE randy jackson
  21. moebius

    moebius Well-Known Member

    RJ can't seem to get away from Idol, LOL! Either that or they can't find anybody else to mentor the contestants.
  22. taf2002

    taf2002 zexy demon

    I bet Adam Lambert and/or Chris Daughtry would be willing to continue to mentor them. They were great. Or they could approach Melinda Doolittle or one of the other alumnus or someone else not from the AI franchise. Hell, Allison Iraheto would be a good choice & she's right there. Kick the dawg out, I say!
  23. moebius

    moebius Well-Known Member

    Nurse is gone. Good riddance!
  24. PeterG

    PeterG Well-Known Member

    Hmm. Three women in the bottom three. Makes me think of my worst nightmare: Dexter, Ben and CJ in the final three. And the icing on top would be Alex and Sam joining them in the top five. :eek: :scream:

    May you have to listen to Dexter sing for all eternity.

  25. merrywidow

    merrywidow Well-Known Member

    The best IMO were: Caleb, Alex, Majesty Rose, & Jessica. Somewhat surprised by Jessica as I didn't care for her during auditions. Disappointed by Sam & Gena but delighted to see Kristen leave. She never should have made it this far. I agree many of them sang off key. Fortunately I had the good sense to record this & watched "Survivor" in the same time slot. One of the best openings ever for "Survivor" so guess who I'll continue to record so I can fast forward through the worst of it?
  26. Aceon6

    Aceon6 Hit ball, find ball, hit it again.

    Said it upthread and I'll say it again, WGWG for the win. Producers are back to their old tricks making sure the tour makes money. I don't think anyone expects the AI winner to sell a lot of music.
  27. PeterG

    PeterG Well-Known Member

    Why would you say that? Phillip Phillips (2012 winner) record sales from Wikipedia:

    From the same year, Colton Dixon has sold over 100,000 copies of his album. Definitely short of gold, but decent sales for a Christian music album.

    2011 American Idol contestants:

    Scotty McCreery - platinum for solo album, gold for Christmas album and 200,000 for album released just in October - plus three of his four singles have all gone gold
    Lauren Alaina - debut album has sold 303,000 (more than halfway to gold)
    James Durbin - 123,000 copies sold of debut album...clearly short of gold, but probably larger sales than anyone who has been on The Voice


    Lee DeWyze - 153,000 for "Live It Up" album (worst AI sales ever? still more than anybody on The Voice??)
    Crystal Bowersox's album sold over 200,000 copies
    Casey James - album only sold 77,000 copies, but the second single "Crying On A Suitcase" sold 337,000 copies (and the first single "Let's Don't Call It a Night" sold 106,000)
  28. my little pony

    my little pony war crawling into canada

    (((voice contestants)))
  29. taf2002

    taf2002 zexy demon

    Apparently Candice Glover has the worst debut of any of the winners, even Lee Dewyze. I'm not surprised since she waited too long to release the album.
  30. Allskate

    Allskate Well-Known Member

    I don't think they are particularly concerned about the tour. The money from that pales in comparison to the money they make from the show. They usually don't make nearly as much money from the albums either. It's primarily about money from broadcasts. I doubt The Voice's producers are very concerned about music sales. And, to the extent they care, I think it has more to do with the perception of the show.

    But, with Idol viewership plummeting, music sales are likely to decline as well.

    The Idol producers apparently think that country and guys with guitars attract the viewers and demographics they want. But, I have to say that the girls in the bottom three didn't do themselves any favors. I thought Malaya was terrible. And nobody ever should cover Kelly's "Beautiful Disaster." That's probably my favorite Kelly song and nobody is going to do it as well as she does. It's also one of those songs that seems almost too personal to be covered.

    BTW, Idol is expected to lose money for the first time this season. It's not just because viewership is way down. They have a lot of costs. JLo probably gets paid as much as the four Voice judges combined. Aside from CeeLo, I'd take any of the Voice judges over JLo. I suspect that Randy is still on the show because he is still under contract. Why else would they still have him? Former producers apparently are still getting money, too.