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All Year FSC Moving to Ontario (California) Center Ice Arena

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by crzesk8dad, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. crzesk8dad

    crzesk8dad Well-Known Member

    From Ice Skating International (web blog):

    The All Year Figure Skating Club, the largest figure skating club in the Pacific Coast Section, and one of the largest member clubs of U.S. Figure Skating announced to its members in a January 13, 2012 e-mail that it is moving its principle skating headquarters from the Culver Ice Arena in Culver City, CA to the Ontario Center Ice Arena in Ontario, CA in June 2012.
    All Year, a long time fixture in Culver City, for several years has had to deal with an uncertain future in its home ice arena due to uncertainties over the future of the property, and deteriorating condition of the ice surface. The 2012 South West Pacific Regional Championships were to have been held in Culver City in October, 2011, but due to poor ice conditions the championships were moved to the Ontario Center Ice Arena with the consent of the Rim of the World Figure Skating Club, which until this month had its principle skating headquarters there. All Year holds an annual club competition each spring, the nationally known Golden West Championships held each Labor Day weekend, and Spring and Christmas recitals. All Year was the host club for the 2002 National Figure Skating Championships held in Los Angeles, CA.

    On January 12, 2012 Rim of the World lost their principle skating headquarters when they received an e-mail from Center Ice Arena management terminating the sale of ice time to Rim of the World and asking them to vacate the facility by January 31, 2012 so that "a larger, more experienced club" could call Center Ice Arena home.

    This is the second time Rim has lost its principle skating headquarters.

    Rim of the World for many years operated from the Ice Castle rink in Blue Jay, CA and held a large competition in that facility each July. Following the destruction of the arena in a severe snow storm in February, 2001 the club continued operating in the secondary training center rink in Lake Arrowhead, CA. Because that rink was not designed for spectators (with no seating and no dasher boards), Rim of the World was unable to continue holding its competition, and after the rink was sold by Carol Probst to Anthony Liu in April, 2003 the club was asked to vacate the premises. The club at that time moved to the Center Ice Arena in Ontario, where it has operated until this month, holding test sessions, and an open competition in September of each year.

    The Center Ice Arena was purchased by Danny Kwan in 2011, also owner of East West Ice Palace in Artesia, CA.

    See link: http://www.iceskatingintnl.com/archive/features/AYFSC Moves to Ontario.htm
  2. julianaqtpi

    julianaqtpi New Member

    Aw, I feel bad for Rim Of The World FSC. I know what it's like to have your club kicked out, essentially, of their rink. With my club though, it was only for a year (haha, the rink came to their senses and realized that they lost a crapload of money), and we still had our primary rink.
  3. crzesk8dad

    crzesk8dad Well-Known Member

    Local word has it that Rim of World FSC will be relocating to another SoCal rink, yet to be announced. If that doesn't work out, other local clubs, such as Glacier Falls, have offered to help out their membership with tests, etc.
  4. stejoho40

    stejoho40 Active Member

    Dang...that's like 50 miles from Culver City....and with LA traffic that's like 100 miles elsewhere.
  5. AnnM

    AnnM Well-Known Member

    True, but depending on the time of day it could be a reverse commute and not as bad.

    I wonder what the growth of Center Ice Arena will mean for the Ontario Ice Center, which is just a 1/2 a mile down the same street. It's smaller, older rink, but the people are all so nice there (obviously I'm biased since that's where I've taken lessons).