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Aliona Savchenko

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by skamper23, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. skamper23

    skamper23 New Member

  2. paskatefan

    paskatefan Well-Known Member

    Hope she'll be OK for Europeans and Worlds. Wishing Aliona a speedy, complete recovery!
  3. maggylyn

    maggylyn Well-Known Member

    Not to make light of any fall in pairs' skating, but is it normal for there to be any kind of "It is reported...." at all unless it's serious?

    (I hope this is not the case!)
  4. LilJen

    LilJen Reaching out with my hand sensitively

    Yikes!! I hope she is OK.
  5. rfisher

    rfisher Will you rise like a phoenix or be a burnt chicken

    That they reported a fall is very disturbing. I'm betting she was trying the 3A again. I guess we'll hear soon enough if she was injured. :(
  6. Jeschke

    Jeschke #teamtrainwreck #teamschott

    in the german press the fall was confirmed.
    like said before, ingo steuer didnĀ“t tell anything exactly.

    afterwards they cancelled an award show that night, wer s/s should be awarded team of the year and steuer coach of the year.

    hope the best.
  7. kimkom

    kimkom Two Pot Screamer

    I agree, that the fact it was reported a fall is upsetting. Pairs frequently have nasty falls, so I'll admit I'm nervous. :(
  8. skatesindreams

    skatesindreams Well-Known Member

    I hope this isn't too serious.
    Pairs' skating is a hazardous business.
  9. l'etoile

    l'etoile New Member

    Oh, no :( Really hoping for the best for 'em and hopefully the fall didn't lead to any serious injuries.
  10. julieann

    julieann Well-Known Member

    I'm very worried as well! Ingo usually never mentions injuries with his skaters so I wonder why it got mentioned this time. I really hope she is ok.
  11. Imperfect Edge

    Imperfect Edge Member

    Oh no, really keeping my fingers crossed that she is ok :(
  12. Finnice

    Finnice Well-Known Member

    Poor Aliona! I hope it is not VERY serious, but I guess it is serious if they had to cancel an award show:(.
  13. aftershocks

    aftershocks Well-Known Member

    Very upsetting news. I pray Aliona is not too badly hurt, and that she will fully recover asap.
  14. victoriajh

    victoriajh trying to ignore rod and find the eurosport feed

    yikes... hope that she is ok- she must be or they woudl have posted more.
    euros will be interesting this year if they are not there =(
    speedy recovery to her
  15. jiggs

    jiggs Well-Known Member

    Oh no! I really hope she is OK. They make everything look so easy, I always forget how dangerious pair's skating is... Get well soon, Aliona!
  16. bek

    bek Guest

    I'm kind of hoping that Ingo just mentioned the fall to explain why they had to skip the awards ceremony. He said something about wanting to get back in line for Euros (right) so hopefully its not that serious. Her and Robin are such a special team; I feel like they are team that won't be fully appreciated until they retire. (not that they aren't appreciated but..)
  17. victoriajh

    victoriajh trying to ignore rod and find the eurosport feed

    makes sense- maybe they did not really want to go :lol: kidding aside- there pair skaters are pretty hearty so if she is hurt you know it was not just a small thing
  18. bek

    bek Guest

    Well absolutely, I'm sure falls happen all the time. I hope she's okay and if need be better to skip Euros and come back healthy for worlds.
  19. kimkom

    kimkom Two Pot Screamer


    Run through Google Translate:

  20. bek

    bek Guest

  21. kimkom

    kimkom Two Pot Screamer

    There are a few other articles that are saying much the same thing, but have used the word "overthrown" (translated), so I bet the accident was on the throw 3 axel. :(
  22. Eislauffan

    Eislauffan Well-Known Member

    A source close to Savchenko/Szolkowy and Steuer confirmed today that she hurt her knee in a fall on the throw triple Axel but that she plans to resume practice on Monday. So hopefully it is not so serious and only got stirred up because they cancelled the awards show referring to the injury.
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  23. Morelli

    Morelli New Member

    A better translation than google can manage is as follows.

    Shock for the European and World champions S&Z. Savchenko injured herself on a fall in training on Saturday and, 2 weeks before the Europeans, is having to take a short break. Trainer Ingo Steuer didn't give any further details of the injury. He hopes his pair will still be at Europeans.

    Hopefully it works out that way.
  24. rfisher

    rfisher Will you rise like a phoenix or be a burnt chicken

    It's certainly their decision to make, but I have to wonder if the 3A is worth the risk. She injured herself in a fall during the GP. I hope she's well by Europeans, but if she's not, I'd rather see her at Worlds.
  25. bek

    bek Guest

    Sigh. Its not like that 3 axel throw is even going to give them a huge point advantage. I understand why they are doing it. They want to create some room between themselves and V/T...It can't be easy anticipating the Olympics being in your top competition's home country, with their home country gearing up to regain their Gold Medal... Heck I'm already torn. The idea of Russia with their great tradition regaining that gold with their great pair in Sochi. Or S/S with their amazing career having that Gold medal. I'm going to be heartbroken for whoever doesn't win. They have every other title under the sun, and an Olympic medal, so I see why to them its worth the risk...
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  26. Proustable

    Proustable New Member

    That, in a nutshell, sums it up.
  27. VarBar

    VarBar Well-Known Member

    Oh my, I would be extremely sad if S/S had to skip the Europeans. Wishing Aliona speedy recovery.
  28. miffy

    miffy Well-Known Member

    :wuzrobbed Ditch the 3x! They don't need it if they skate clean... I still think that at this stage Aliona & Robin are better (and I do like V/T.)
  29. bek

    bek Guest

    But they can't assume that they will always be better than V/T. V/T especially are a new team.

    To be quite frank a part of me feels if they are going to insist on working on a risk move they might be better of going for the 4 flip. At least it would give them a bigger point advantage.
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  30. museksk8r

    museksk8r Holding an edge and looking dangerously sexy

    I really hope Aliona is not severely injured and I wish her a fully healed, speedy recovery! :)