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Aaron Family is having a great week

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by dupagegal, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. dupagegal

    dupagegal New Member

    Just noticed that the Aaron family is having quite a week:

    Madeline Aaron and Max Settledge novice pairs Champ

    Max Aaron Junior Men's Champ.......

  2. mysticchic

    mysticchic Well-Known Member

    I know it's awesome! Molly seems really excited on FB about it
  3. paskatefan

    paskatefan Well-Known Member

    Very impressed with the Aaron family! :encore:
  4. Garden Kitty

    Garden Kitty Tranquillo

    I loved Max at the gala finale in Greensboro. When they brought out the toys and tshirts for the skaters to throw to the audience most of the skaters were having a good time skating around and tossing the items into the crowd. Max came up to this very sweet young girl sitting near me who was staring wide eyed at all the activity and handed her one and was very sweet to her. He then did the same thing for an older lady in a different section.

    I enjoyed his skating, but he also impressed me as a very thoughtful young man .