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A question for runners

Discussion in 'Off The Beaten Track' started by Wyliefan, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. Wyliefan

    Wyliefan Well-Known Member

    My best friend has signed up for a half-marathon in October. It's her first in quite a while, and she's pretty excited about it.

    I thought it would be fun to put together a little care package for her, to show support. But I'm not a runner -- I am, in fact, a huge couch potato -- and don't know anything about what kind of supplies and things runners might need or want. She's mentioned various things in the past, but it was so long ago that I can't remember what they were.

    So, runners here: If someone were making you a half-marathon care package, what would you want in it? I would really appreciate some suggestions!
  2. Aceon6

    Aceon6 Hit ball, find ball, hit it again.

    I can think of a few things:
    BodyGlide to prevent chafing
    A moisture locking microfiber towel like a Chill Towel to wear around the neck. The longer ones work best
    Thin socks especially for running with no seams
    Cotton gloves in case it's cool at the start
    High visibility clothing or wrist bands for training
  3. snoopy

    snoopy Team St. Petersburg

    Some runners carb up the night before the run so dried pasta, jarred spaghetti sauce, spices, etc.
  4. LilJen

    LilJen Reaching out with my hand sensitively

    I have no clue, but what a great idea! I'm sure your friend will appreciate the thought.
  5. KCC

    KCC Well-Known Member

    Small gym bag
    Runner's watch
    Odor stuff for running shoes
    Runner's log for mileage
    Gift certificate for a massage for after the race
    Rain shell
    Goo or power bars of some sort for energy during long runs
    water bottle that is easy to carry
    Map of local running routes with distances
    Subscription to Runner's World magazine
  6. Fridge_Break

    Fridge_Break #HotMessExpress

    This for sure! Although some local business typically offer discounted and/or free services for race participants (at least in the ones that I have run), a post-race massage after a 13.1 miles hits the spot amazingly well! :swoon:
  7. Wyliefan

    Wyliefan Well-Known Member

    By goo, do you mean that gel stuff? I do think I remember her mentioning that. Where do you get that, at a sporting goods store?

    Thanks, you guys, this has been very helpful!
  8. Wiery

    Wiery Well-Known Member

    Motrin and an ice pack. Seriously. :) I am a runner.
  9. Prancer

    Prancer Cursed for all time Staff Member

    A massaging foot bath. I got one for my husband for after he did his first (and last) marathon, and he really liked it.

    Also, if she doesn't have a ride home, offer to go and cheer and then drive her home. My husband always insists on driving, but he's learned that after a long race, he's better off letting me do it so he can move around and not get as stiff.
  10. PrincessLeppard

    PrincessLeppard Holding Alex Johnson's Pineapple

    Yes. In all sorts of fun flavors. :)
  11. BigB08822

    BigB08822 Well-Known Member

    I saw some type of towel at Bed Bath and Beyond that is like a squeegee but when it is wet it turns cold. It would probably be great for her to wet before the marathon and then throw over her neck. I am not sure how long it stays cold but perhaps rewetting it during the race would cool it back down quickly?
  12. elka_sk8

    elka_sk8 Well-Known Member

    Also, see if you can find out if there are any particular flavors/brands she likes/doesn't like. There are some that taste fine and others that made me want to gag! It's a personal preference thing. There are gummy options now too- same idea but less messy. I may try those next time I finally do a race again....:scream:

    Great idea for sure!