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2013-14 ISU Grand Prix Pre-announcement Thread

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by Sylvia, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. Sylvia

    Sylvia Prepping for club comp. season!

    Here are the early projections for Grand Prix assignments based on this past season's selection criteria (2012-13 Grand Prix Announcement for reference), while we await the publication of the 2013-14 GP Announcement and the set minimum scores.

    The ISU World Standings (abbreviated WS below) have not yet been updated for the new season (they were updated by the ISU last year on April 30), but here is the thread with the projected top 24 in each discipline with the 2010-11 season points removed and 2011-12 points reduced to 70%: http://www.fsuniverse.net/forum/sho...ORES-UPDATED&p=3892918&viewfull=1#post3892918

    2012-13 ISU Season Best (SB) total scores lists:
    Ladies: http://www.isuresults.com/isujsstat/sb2012-13/sbtslto.htm
    Men: http://www.isuresults.com/isujsstat/sb2012-13/sbtsmto.htm
    Pairs: http://www.isuresults.com/isujsstat/sb2012-13/sbtspto.htm
    Dance: http://www.isuresults.com/isujsstat/sb2012-13/sbtsdto.htm

    The GP assignments are due to be published on or around June 1, 2013.

    Fall 2013 dates and locations:
    Oct. 18-20 - Hilton HHonors Skate America, Detroit, Michigan, USA
    Oct. 25-27 - Skate Canada International, St. John, New Brunswick, Canada
    Nov. 1-3 - Cup of China, Beijing, China
    Nov. 8-10 - NHK Trophy, Tokyo, Japan
    Nov. 15-17 - Trophee Bompard, Paris, France
    Nov. 22-24 - Rostelecom Cup, Moscow, Russia
    Dec. 5-8 - Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final (Combined Juniors and Seniors), Fukuoka, Japan

    * = ISU Junior age-eligible in 2013-14

    MEN (60 slots)
    Worlds 1-12 (guaranteed 2 GP): Chan CAN, Ten KAZ, Fernandez ESP, Hanyu JPN, Reynolds CAN, Takahashi JPN, Aaron USA, Mura JPN, Joubert FRA, Brezina CZE, Liebers GER, Amodio FRA
    Guaranteed at least 1 GP invite:
    Top 24 SB & WS (11): Kozuka JPN, Oda JPN, Machida JPN, Miner USA, *Yan CHN, Dornbush USA, Abbott USA, *Farris USA (JW1), *Kovtun RUS (JGPF1), *Brown USA (JW2), Menshov RUS
    Top WS only (3): Majorov SWE, Rippon USA, Besseghier FRA
    Top 24 SB only: Song CHN (*Chen USA)
    Comeback (eligible for 2 GP): Lysacek USA

    SB below 24: Voronov RUS 25, (Liebers GER 26), Rogozine CAN 27, Majorov SWE 28, Rippon USA 29, Gachinski RUS 30, Ge UZB 31, (*Omori USA 32 JW3), Mahbanoozadeh USA 33, Balde CAN 34, Bush RUS 35, (*Hino JPN 36), Verner CZE 37...

    LADIES (60 slots)
    Worlds 1-12 (guaranteed 2 GP): Kim KOR, Kostner ITA, Asada JPN, Murakami JPN, Wagner USA, Gold USA, Li CHN, Osmond CAN, Sotnikova RUS, Tuktamysheva RUS, Meite FRA, Suzuki JPN
    Guaranteed at least 1 GP invite:
    Top 24 SB & WS (7): Lipnitskaia RUS (JW2), Korpi FIN, Nagasu USA, Gao USA, Marchei ITA, Zawadzki USA, Gedevanishvili GEO
    Top WS only (6): V. Helgesson SWE, Leonova RUS, J. Helgesson SWE, Lacoste CAN, Imai JPN, Korobeynikova RUS
    Top 24 SB only (5): *Radionova RUS (JGPF1/JW1), *Miller USA, *Pogorilaya RUS (JW3), *Wang USA, *Miyahara JPN
    Comeback: Czisny USA (if ready)

    SB below 24: Leonova RUS 25, V. Helgesson SWE 26, Imai JPN 27, Cesario USA 27, Makarova RUS 28, (*Keiser USA 29), Popova UKR 30, K. Zhang CHN 31, Lacoste CAN 32, Gosviani RUS 33...

    PAIRS (48 slots)
    Worlds 1-12 (guaranteed 2 GP): Volosozhar/Trankov RUS, Savchenko/Szolkowy GER, Duhamel/Radford CAN, Moore-Towers/Moscovitch CAN, Pang/Tong CHN, Kavaguti/Smirnov RUS, Bazarova/Larionov RUS, James/Cipres FRA, Scimeca/Knierim USA, Berton/Hotarek ITA, Peng/Zhang CHN, Sui/Han CHN
    Guaranteed at least 1 GP invite:
    Top 24 SB & WS (7): Denney/Coughlin USA, Castelli/Shnapir USA, Lawrence/Swiegers CAN, *Fedorova/Miroshkin RUS (JGPF1/JW3), Popova/Massot FRA, *Denney/Frazier USA (JW1), Purdy/Marinaro CAN (JW2)
    Top WS only (3): Vartmann/VanCleave GER, Yu/Jin CHN, Della Monica/Guarise ITA (Simpson/Blackmer USA 25)
    Top 24 SB only (5): Stolbova/Klimova RUS, Zhang/Bartholomay USA, Martiusheva/Rogonov RUS, *Davankova/Deputat RUS, *Vigalova/Zakroev RUS
    Returning Split Couple from 2012 Worlds: Takahashi/Kihara JPN, Purich/Tran CAN, Davis/Brubaker USA

    SB below 24: Jones/Beharry CAN 25, *Yu/Jin CHN 26, *Tarasova/Morozov 27, Prolss/Blommaert GER 28, Wang/Zhang CHN 29

    ICE DANCE (48 slots)
    Worlds 1-12 (guaranteed 2 GP): Davis/White USA, Virtue/Moir CAN, Bobrova/Soloviev RUS, Cappellini/Lanotte ITA, Weaver/Poje CAN, Pechalat/Bourzat FRA, Chock/Bates USA, Shibutani/Shibutani USA, Ilinykh/Katsalapov RUS, Zhiganshin/Gazsi GER, Riazanova/Tkachenko RUS, Carron/Jones FRA
    Guaranteed at least 1 GP invite:
    Top 24 SB and WS (9): Gilles/Poirier CAN, Coomes/Buckland GBR, *Stepanova/Bukin RUS (JGPF1/JW1), Hubbell/Donohue USA, Sinitsina/Zhiganshin RUS, Zlobina/Sitnikov AZE, *Papadakis/Cizeron FRA (JW2), Guignard/Fabbri ITA, Reed/Reed JPN
    Top 24 WS only (3): Aldridge/Eaton USA (JW3), Orford/Williams CAN, Tobias/Stagniunas LTU
    Top 24 SB only (3): Monko/Khaliavin RUS, Kolbe/Caruso GER, Heekin-Canedy/Dun UKR

    SB below 24: Tobias/Stagniunas LTU 25, Kriengkrairut/Giulietti-Schmitt USA 26, Aldridge/Eaton USA 27, Orford/Williams CAN 28, (*Hawayek/Baker USA 29), Koch/Nuchtern GER 30

    Corrections/additions welcomed.
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  2. N_Halifax

    N_Halifax Well-Known Member

    I am going to try to make it to Skate Canada in the fall. It's only in New Brunswick, which isn't far, and it would be a wonderful excuse to spend some time with one of my best friends. I've gone there the last 3 summers for their Pride - might just wait until fall.
  3. Sylvia

    Sylvia Prepping for club comp. season!

  4. robinhood

    robinhood Active Member

    I think you missed Pang and Tong:)
  5. Sylvia

    Sylvia Prepping for club comp. season!

    Wow, someone noticed! Just kidding ;) - P/T's names have been added, thanks for pointing it out!

    Probable host picks among the seeded or top finishers at 2013 Worlds:
    Skate America: Davis/White, Wagner or Gold, Aaron
    Skate Canada: Chan, Osmond, Duhamel/Radford, Virtue/Moir
    Cup of China: Pang/Tong, Zijun Li
    NHK: Takahashi and/or Hanyu, Asada
    TEB: Pechalat/Bourzat, James/Cipres, Joubert and/or Amodio, Meite
    Rostelecom Cup: Volosozhar/Trankov, Bobrova/Soloviev, Sotnikova or Tuktamysheva
  6. Proustable

    Proustable New Member

    I suspect that Weaver/Poje will also be a host pick (strategically, anyway).
  7. euterpe

    euterpe Well-Known Member

    I'd think Japan will also pick their pair team, Takahashi and new partner.
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  8. aka_gerbil

    aka_gerbil Rooting for the Underdogs

    W/P are guaranteed two spots somewhere though. It would make more sense for SC to use their two spots left after V/M for teams that wouldn't otherwise be able to receive an assignment.
  9. Proustable

    Proustable New Member

    They were guaranteed two slots in the 11/12 season as well (based on 5th place at Worlds), and SC still chose them. I think W/P getting SC will help them get to the GPF. And SC did horribly strategically last year, re the GP circuit

    But how host nations should structure the GP events/their entries fascinates me, and it a whole 'nother (trash can) topic.
  10. kwanfan1818

    kwanfan1818 I <3 Kozuka

    W/P did not want to go up against V/M at SC last year, and they were assigned to SA against D/W and CoC the following week, against P/B and B/S. It didn't work out for them last season, but I don't know why they'd want to go back to competing against V/M.
  11. Dave of the North

    Dave of the North Well-Known Member

    Minor picky note - it's Saint John, not St. John...:)
  12. SidelineSkater

    SidelineSkater Member

    It's a bit of a jigsaw puzzle and fun to figure out, or at least try to guess where the chips/skaters will land (not fall!)

    I think Wagner will get SA as the US champs typically get that spot.

    Bobrova/Soloviev will probably get COC along with host at Rost Cup, because D/W & V/M will have competed already at the first two GP's.
    Both DW and VM are popular in Japan, but I'd bet DW get NHK and VM get TEB.

    Teams 4-6 are tricky to place. Two of the teams are Detroit based (I can't remember if C/L are based in NA as well or just sometimes train there.) As stated P/B will be host picks at TEB. My guesses are W/P for SA and C/L for SC (and Skate Canada keeps two host spots...one for Gilles/Poirier as they only have 1 guaranteed events. SC will hold a spot TBA for them, so they'll be guaranteed 1 elsewhere and get #2 after the list goes out).

    I could go on and on, but those are a few Dance observations.

    For Pairs...

    I see S/S getting SA and TEB
    D/R at SC and NHK
    V/T going to COC and Rostelecom


    Fernandez at SA & TEB
    Chan, SC & NHK
    Ten, COC & RC


    Kim SC RC
    Mao SA NHK
    Carolina TEB COC

    Again...just guesswork...nothing scientific.
  13. Sylvia

    Sylvia Prepping for club comp. season!

    Thanks. :) Be sure to let the ISU know, too! ;) http://www.isu.org/vsite/vnavsite/page/directory/0,10853,4844-136494-137802-nav-list,00.html

    CORRECTION to my PAIRS list in post #1:
    Top 24 SB & WS (8): Denney/Coughlin USA, Castelli/Shnapir USA, Stolbova/Klimov RUS, Lawrence/Swiegers CAN, *Fedorova/Miroshkin RUS (JGPF1/JW3), Popova/Massot FRA, *Denney/Frazier USA (JW1), Purdy/Marinaro CAN (JW2)
    Top 24 WS only (3): Vartmann/VanCleave GER, Yu/Jin CHN, Della Monica/Guarise ITA
    Top 24 SB only (4): Zhang/Bartholomay USA, Martiusheva/Rogonov RUS, *Davankova/Deputat RUS, *Vigalova/Zakroev RUS
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2013
  14. Skater91

    Skater91 Member

    Japan please let Miki Ando apply to get 2 spots as the comeback skater! (or atleast pay Shizuka a lot of money to make a comeback! Since she can still jump!)
  15. jlai

    jlai Title-less

    I think the highest placing US finisher at world tends to get it; I think that was how Abbott finally got SA last season. I think there are exceptions though
  16. Jeschke

    Jeschke #teamtrainwreck #teamschott

    yay, shizuka! :D

    would it be possible for ando to get grand prixs as a comeback skater?
    she had that status last season and declined.

    and i can't remember how often sasha cohen or lysacek were given grand prix spots before the came back (or didn't came back in lysaceks case :p)
  17. kwanfan1818

    kwanfan1818 I <3 Kozuka

    Ando can't: she already did that for this season, and then she withdrew from her GPs. Unless they change the rules this year, it's a one-time deal.

    Arakawa may be a season too late, I think, for two guaranteed GP spots: her World title was 2004, and if they go by seasons, that would be 2004-5 to 2013-14. If they go by calendar years, then she'd qualify.

    Not that she would.
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2013
  18. Jeschke

    Jeschke #teamtrainwreck #teamschott

    wasn't lysacek assigned to the grand prix series this season and the previous? or did he get the spots for the previous season by his world standings and not as a comeback skater?

    it's a shame.
  19. SidelineSkater

    SidelineSkater Member

    Aha! I forgot that Abbott won the US Champs in 09 and 10, but wasn't assigned to to Skate America. Evan was the highest US Men's finisher at WC 09, but Jeremy was highest at WC 10. Armin, Adam Rippon, and Stephen Carriere got the spots. Jeremy was sent to NHK and Rostelecom.
  20. Sylvia

    Sylvia Prepping for club comp. season!

    Lysacek was still in top 24 of the ISU World Standings at the start of the 2011-12 season and so the comeback clause did not apply to him, AFAIK.

    Posted in another thread:
  21. Jeschke

    Jeschke #teamtrainwreck #teamschott

    thanks sylvia
  22. kwanfan1818

    kwanfan1818 I <3 Kozuka

    Lysacek was 18th on the WS list when 2012 GP was chosen; he was guaranteed one spot and was assigned to TEB as well as a SA host spot. He had no points from 2010-11, but he had 70% of his 2009-10 points, which included his Olympic gold, GPF gold, and one GP gold (since only two count per season), or 1680 points ([1200+800+400]*70%). He didn't need to use the "come-back" provision.
  23. pingu

    pingu Well-Known Member

    They are based in Milan and train in Detroit during the summer and before some competitions during the competitive season.
  24. Frau Muller

    Frau Muller #1 Dick Button Fan

    Could Alissa Czisny be hand-selected as one of the three US ladies at Skate America? She seems to have a lot of pull with NBC and Hamilton/Bezik. Two-time US champ. It would be great if Alissa could get herself 'back out there' before Sectionals and Nationals, assuming that she's still serious about her comeback. The bits that we saw of her new programs this season, prior to latest injury, are promising.
  25. Skittl1321

    Skittl1321 Well-Known Member

    She could definetly be a 'host pick', but I do wonder if USFS will do that.
  26. SidelineSkater

    SidelineSkater Member

    If recovered and able to compete, I think Alissa would not be a host pick for Skate America (if she's given the two guaranteed spots as a comeback skater). Hicks and Cesario are possible choices for the other two host picks at SA.

    Training location also has an influence in invites to GP's. Imai & Marchei are Detroit based, so they're almost a given for SA. Lacoste, Leonova, Meite, and a Helgesson sister are possibilities. As for Asada, Kim, Kostner as the top 3 rep...I'm not sure. Does USFS go for the biggest name and to fill seats and pick Kim? Or do they hope for early season rust from Asada or Kostner to go up against Wagner? Then there's the 6-12place WC skaters guaranteed 2 spots. I'd go with Meite and any of Li/Sotnikova/Tuktamysheva.

    Wagner, Gold, and Czisny are all guaranteed two spots. Wagner and Gold are seeded and can't compete against each other. The other US ladies with 1 spot are Gao, Nagasu, Zawadski, Miller, and Wang. Wang is staying junior internationally.

    I could see the assignments being divided up as follows.

    Wagner - SA, TEB
    Gold - SC, NHK
    Czisny - COC, Rostelecom
    Gao - SC (
    Nagasu - NHK
    Zawadski - Rostelecom
    Miller - COC (if competing SR Internationally)
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2013
  27. euterpe

    euterpe Well-Known Member

    Host picks are the first step in the selection process, and the hosts can pick any of their skaters they choose. The JSF has often picked two seeds for NHK even when the seeds were in the same bracket. So yes, USFS could pick both Wagner and Gold, although IMO they probably would not.

    The top 3 seeds often get to choose where they would prefer to skate, and that is usually honored. But if a host has already picked two lower-tier seeds (e.g. Gold and Wagner), then a top 3 seed could not appear at that venue (only two seeds per host).

    It's really a crapshoot where the non-seeds will skate. That depends entirely on the hosts.
  28. kwanfan1818

    kwanfan1818 I <3 Kozuka

    Czisny could be a "come-back" skater and a host pick, unless USFS uses their and the Japanese Fed's stategy last year to maximize spots by getting Weir and Ando assigned elsewhere.

    Wagner is a given, whether USFS decides based on top finisher at Worlds or National Champion (and, possibly, that skater's preference). Gold shouldn't be able to be chosen, being in the same 4-6 selection group, but that didn't stop the Japanese Fed from picking Takahashi and Hanyu last year, when both were in the 1-3 seeded group, leaving TEB with no one from that group, but with Joubert and Amodio both from the 4-5 group.

    USFS could give Nagasu a break, because the ISU let the Feds ignore the provision that Top 24 SB skaters get a second GP (if possible) before those outside the Top 24 were recruited from the alternates list, but I wouldn't count on it, based on her performance at 2013 Nationals.

    The Feds not only take geography into consideration -- there's a financial incentive there, since they pay airfare -- but they also seem to take coaches into consideration at times, assigning more than one of their skaters to the same event if they can, like Tuktamysheva and Gachinsky at Skate Canada and Abbott and Marchei at Skate America. Kozuka has been a popular choice at Skate America since Everett; perhaps SA will see Asada this year, although Kim might be a bigger draw.
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  29. SidelineSkater

    SidelineSkater Member

    Good point(s)! I shouldn't have said "can't", but rather shouldn't or likely won't be together. JSF may do the same this year with Asada/Kanako and Takahashi/Hanyu, and use host picks rather than pushing their 2 GP guaranteed skaters our to the other events.

    Ah...it's the off season and fun to guess.

    I didn't realize there was a two seed max per event.

  30. kwanfan1818

    kwanfan1818 I <3 Kozuka

    Generally, each host picks one each from 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, abd 10-12. Since 1-6 are seeded, that means a max of two seeds for host picks.

    Last season may have been the first time that a host chose two seeded skaters from the same group (1-3 vs. 4-6). Before that, it was still rare, but the Japanese Fed took two out of the 7-9 or 10-12 in the past, IIRC. It's generally not strategically sound to choose two seeds from the same country, even if sticking with the groups, if the goal is to max out GPF, because the hope is that the country's 4-6 skater will upset the 1-3 skater from somewhere else, but it didn't matter for Japan, whose Men earned four of six GPF spots, and I'm sure the fans at NHK appreciated seeing Takashi and teir newly minted World bronze medalist.