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2012 Michael Weiss Foundation "Ice Champions Live!" Show ~ Sept. 8 in Arlington, VA

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by Sylvia, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. Sylvia

    Sylvia Prepping for club comp. season!

    This year's show will be held again at Kettler Capitals Iceplex in Arlington, Virginia - date/time is Saturday, September 8, 2012 at 4 pm, with a Silent Auction at 3 pm.

    Seating chart: http://www.michaelweiss.org/chart.htm

    To purchase tickets: http://www.ticketweb.com/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?dispatch=loadSelectionData&eventId=4611885
  2. RD

    RD Well-Known Member

    Cool. Glad it is earlier this year. Hope I can make it again & get some shots.
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2012
  3. Wyliefan

    Wyliefan Well-Known Member

    Goody! I ended up missing it last year -- this year I'm SO there!
  4. paskatefan

    paskatefan Well-Known Member

    We just ordered our tickets! Hope to see you there (love meeting up with other board members).
  5. Sylvia

    Sylvia Prepping for club comp. season!

    @MichaelWeiss2 tweeted yesterday:
    "Come support Ice Champions LIVE! and my Foundation please...VIP tickets ON SALE now!"
  6. RD

    RD Well-Known Member

    Like last year, I might wait until more skaters are confirmed (and my schedule becomes clearer) before committing.
  7. Pretty Vegas

    Pretty Vegas Well-Known Member

    I went last year and will definitely be going again this year! :)
  8. RD

    RD Well-Known Member

    Nagasu has just been added

    I've decided to bite the bullet and order a ticket.
  9. Sylvia

    Sylvia Prepping for club comp. season!

    As of today:
  10. RD

    RD Well-Known Member

    Hmm, most were there last year as well. Nagasu and Marley/Brubaker are really the only notable additions IMO.
  11. MissIzzy

    MissIzzy Active Member

    And now Marley & Brubaker are gone.:( And when I bought tickets just this morning too, having originally thought I wouldn't be able to make it this year.
  12. RD

    RD Well-Known Member

    Yeah- I was just wondering. Are they still going to do this show or is the split effective "immediately"?
  13. RD

    RD Well-Known Member

    EDIT 8/19: M/B have been removed from the list of confirmed participants, so that's that.
  14. Frau Muller

    Frau Muller #1 Dick Button Fan

    Just two days to go. I cannot wait to see this, especially Ashley's new program (SP or LP).
  15. Sylvia

    Sylvia Prepping for club comp. season!

    Ashley tweeted that she will be debuting her new SP (The Red Violin).
  16. Lanie

    Lanie Well-Known Member

    John Kerr is going to be skating solo as Sinead isn't there. Should be fun!
  17. Wyliefan

    Wyliefan Well-Known Member

    Just got back! And a great time was had by all. Will report fully later, but I have a couple of things I have to take care of first. Unfortunately, I didn't get any good pictures except a couple of the bows at the end. And I missed running into any FSUers, though I tried to find some. :( Sorry, guys.
  18. Wyliefan

    Wyliefan Well-Known Member

    The view was pretty terrible, as it often is at this venue. Next year I think I'll just spring for on-ice seats. But I did get to be by the "bullpen" again, which I love. Half the fun at these things is watching the skaters mill around down there. Saw some cute stuff, like Ricky and Mirai striking a dance pose or two for someone's camera (I hope that one shows up online), and the skaters making a "tunnel" for Michael Weiss when he went out to do his encore.

    Anyway, the on-ice action! I'm afraid I couldn't identify a lot of the music (and it didn't help that the sound system sucked). But I'll give you what I can. And I apologize in advance for not being able to identify jumps very well.

    Elise Romolea -- young local skater. Very cute and perky.

    Luca & Gigi Becker -- intermediate dance champions. Skated to something bossa-nova-ish.

    Next Ice Age -- skated to some instrumental piece I didn't know.

    Dan Hollander -- did a Popeye routine, complete with big foam "muscles." Very cute.

    Michael & Rachel Parsons -- local ice dancers. Didn't get their music either, but it was a nice routine.

    Richard Dornbush -- did his "nerd" exhibition, complete with enormous cowlick. Lots of fun, but looked like he was overrotating some of the jumps. I devoutly hope that's not a new habit he's picked up! No falls or pops, though, just a stumble here and there. And for the finale, when every skater got a chance to do a move or two, he whipped off his nerd glasses and did a beautiful Tano lutz.

    Mirai Nagasu -- "Even Crazy Dreams Come True," Carrie Underwood. Dark dress with sparkles. Nailed one jump and popped two. But she moved absolutely beautifully, and her skating looks a lot more mature to me.

    Steven Cousins -- white T-shirt and . . . jeans, I think? I didn't recognize the song, but it was a simple, serious number, which I don't think I've seen before from him. Looked good.

    Kimmie Meissner -- "Skinny Love," Bon Iver. Sparkly lavender dress. Very pretty number. They couldn't get her music started at the beginning, and she had to wait forever, but she was a really good sport about it and danced around a bit to entertain the audience. :)

    Ryan Bradley -- "Footloose," in jeans and a sweatshirt that he later took off, to finish in his T-shirt. Lots of energy, a big crowd-pleaser. And he was unfazed when the song faded in and out a couple of times!

    John Kerr -- as Lanie said, he was on his own. They announced that Sinead had gotten stuck in Great Britain, but that John, "like the class act he is," was going ahead. White shirt, black pants. He skated to "Ain't That a Kick in the Head," singer unknown (maybe Michael Buble?), and did great. Once or twice he looked like he was doing some sort of solitary dance hold, but most of the time he did a very convincing impression of a singles skater. Even threw in a single jump. His number got a huge reaction. And BTW, he's even better-looking in person. :)

    Brian Boitano -- "Nessun Dorma." Burgundy shirt and black pants. Beautiful number, very well done, with a fantastic delayed . . . something (double axel, I guess). ETA: No, I'm wrong, not delayed -- the opposite of delayed. Where you finish rotating and hang in the air for a second before you come down. Sorry -- I told you I was lousy at describing jumps. Anyway, the crowd still loves him!

    Ashley Wagner -- did her new SP to "The Red Violin," as Sylvia said. Black sparkly dress with a pretty skirt (not long, but with a bit of flair to it). Now I know I'm biased toward Ashley, but WOW. This number is gorgeous, and she skated it so beautifully, I got goosebumps! She put so much expression into it, especially at the beginning; toward the end she started to look a mite tired. But this has potential to be a masterpiece. Jumps were good -- just one two-foot that I saw.

    Capitol Steps -- synchro group. Skated to "Feelin' Good" -- Buble again, I think.

    Michael Weiss -- skated two numbers; I didn't know either song. For the first one, his daughter sang, after Michael carried her out to a platform on the ice -- very cute, and also very necessary, as she was wearing sky-high heels. :)

    Finale was to two songs: One I can't remember, and the other was (of course) "Call Me Maybe."

    Hopefully others can fill in the gaps I've left. It was a really fun show and I'm so glad I made it this year!
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2012
  19. Jessica

    Jessica Well-Known Member

    Thanks Wyliefan. I'm glad you had a good time.
    I can't wait to see Ashley's SP.
  20. Simone411

    Simone411 Covfefe! FSU Uber fan!

    Thank you so much for the review, Wyliefan. So many great skaters. Maybe we'll see some of this online (hopefully). It would be fantastic if it came out on DVD. :)
  21. icemusings

    icemusings Active Member

    I just put up my full review of the show including quotes from several of the skaters: http://icemusings.blogspot.com/2012/09/ice-champions-live.html

    Ashley's program is going to be great. She's already showing so much potential. Nagasu skated a show program and it was gorgeous. She looked so at ease on the ice.

    I think one of the cutest things I saw was Elise Romola running around after the show collecting autographs from the other skaters :)

    It was a great show and all of the skaters were so gracious as always. They hung around in the meet and greet and talked to fans for about an hour and then signed autographs for people waiting outside on their way out as well.
  22. Wyliefan

    Wyliefan Well-Known Member

    Really nice job, icemusings! You got some good quotes.
  23. Lanie

    Lanie Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Wyliefan! :D
  24. skfan

    skfan Member

    thanks for the reviews. especially glad to hear about mirai and ashley skating beautifully. :)
  25. RD

    RD Well-Known Member

    Got back from the show...not a whole lot to add, but I will say this: Wagner's fans are in for a treat this season if the preview we saw of her SP is any indication.

    Nagasu was MUCH better than when I saw her on SOI two years ago. We need to see more of this Nagasu in competition.

    It was a great show...it seemed to go by so quickly, though!
  26. Frau Muller

    Frau Muller #1 Dick Button Fan

    I don't have much to add to Wyliefan's report except to expound on Ashley's gorgeous new SP to 'Red Violin.' She went all-out and tried all elements in the program except for doing a combo...in other words, her jumping passes were, in this order:

    solo triple (loop, I think)...likely will be the spot for her combo in the future
    2 axel
    3ple flip ... slight 2-foot.

    The passion and musicality are extraordinary. Great choreography. Ashley is becoming quite the dancer and performer out there; much, much more than a competetent skater. She oozes self confidence...like a true champion. Brava!

    The cuts of music are from soft to wildly fast. Begins with a slow vocalise...then the slightly-dissonant slow music (remember that from Kwan's LP to same music)...then very fast for final circular footwork, immediately into combo spin, ending in a sudden bold pose. This has the makings of a masterpiece.

    Dress - she wore the plainish-black spaghetti-strap dress that we've seen her wear before at a couple of G-P events in the past. This is surely not her final competition outfit. I can't wait to see this program in 'full bloom' with proper make-up, hair, outfit...and that 3ple-3ple combo intact!

    All in all, a great start to this program & Ashley.

    Other notes: John Kerr did a great job on his own, garnering huge applause for his solo hydroblading. RYAN BRADLEY had THE most applauded and 'woo-hoo'ed' program of the day (well, Capitol Steps synchro group came pretty close). The guy is electric!!!! Mirai had lovely spins and flow. Finally, I was pleasantly surprised by the great progress in the singing of Annie Mae Weiss; this is the best number I've heard from her, pitch-wise, with resonance and feeling. Her dad, of course, was his usual magnificent self. I enjoyed the entire show. "First rate," as Uncle Dick Button would say.

    p.s. I filmed from up high but, alas, don't know how to upload my DVD to You Tube. One of these days I'll learn. :)
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2012
  27. lulu

    lulu New Member

    Thanks for the review. John Kerr's number sounds great. :respec:
  28. deltask8er

    deltask8er Well-Known Member

    A couple of years ago I had an on-ice seat and just felt awkward sitting there. When I saw the option for sitting on a hockey bench instead, I went for it. Good place to sit (with a cushion, of course). It's slightly elevated from the on-icers, plenty of personal space, and a clear view of most of the rink.

    I took video of the last minute of most performances. I've asked Weiss for permission to post it. I haven't received a response yet, but if he wants me to remove it, I will.

  29. YukiNieve

    YukiNieve Well-Known Member

    I ran into a really bad storm and got to the rink a bit late, so I missed Gigi and Luca’s performance,
    which I was looking forward to. :(

    Overall it was a great show and am very thankful to Mike and those
    who made this happen.

    Since there are excellent reviews already here, I'd just add a few comments with some photos I took:

    - John Kerr's solo was awesome!
    His performance included an axel jump (he said he did it because people bet on if he can do it, lol),
    the eagle with his hands in the pocket, a solo death-spiral (is that how it is called?), etc.

    - Richard Dornbush did a funny "nerd" program.
    A bunch of his hairs always stood up even when he did jumps and break-dancing. Wondering if his hair was set?

    - Mirai Nagasu did her signature moves such as ina-bauer and a Bielman spin,
    but what I was impressed with was her eagle - it was beautiful!

    - Brian Boitano is still one of the fastest skaters out there!

    - Ashley Wagner did her passionate SP routine.
    A very promising program!
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2012