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2012-13 ISU Grand Prix Assignments

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by Sylvia, May 21, 2012.

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  1. kwanfan1818

    kwanfan1818 I <3 Kozuka

    Cynthia Phaneuf is out of consideration for GP due to a back injury:

    She was not assigned a spot in the general selection, but there was a TBD for Ladies at Skate Canada. She's far enough down the SB list that an alternates spot wasn't very likely.
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  2. danafan

    danafan Canadian ladies ├╝ber

    I wonder who will get that spot now. Maybe a skate off at a senior B between Desanctis and Najarro.
  3. fsfan22

    fsfan22 Member

    My thoughts exactly ... it's definitely going to be either of these 2.
  4. fan

    fan Well-Known Member

    it could also potentially be samson if she returns and monitors well.
  5. Jeschke

    Jeschke #teamtrainwreck #teamschott

    please, i really wanna see her again in competition
  6. kwanfan1818

    kwanfan1818 I <3 Kozuka

    Contesti's spots have been assigned to:

    Sergei Voronov (COC)
    Jinlin Guan (TEB)

    All of the Top 24 SB competing Senior, with the exception of Plushenko (none) were assigned two in the initial assignments.

    Before selection, the Top 6 -- Ge and Guan were tied at 31 -- with zero or one were:

    28-Hendrickx (already assigned to TEB)
    29-Rogozine (assigned to NHK the week after TEB)
    30-Dmitriev (injured?, already assigned to CoC)
    31 Guan

    I don't see any tie-breaker rules for SB, and it's possible that Ge and Guan were added together and the order on the SB list was alphabetical, or Ge was never submitted for GP (which doesn't make sense).

    The wording on the GP announcement suggests that the grouping is static and that all of the men (if possible) in the Top 5 (or 6 with tie) would be assigned before someone else moved up to the Top 5 list. If not, Bush would be slotted into the remaining skaters in the group if Ge is in it, or Bush and Menshov if Ge is not in it.
  7. Sylvia

    Sylvia Prepping for club comp. season!

    Thanks for the update, kwanfan1818. So both Voronov and Guan have received second GP assignments.

    Myriane Samson has returned to competition - link to a brief update if you missed seeing it posted in another thread: http://www.fsuniverse.net/forum/showthread.php?p=3617988#post3617988
  8. kwanfan1818

    kwanfan1818 I <3 Kozuka

    For whatever reason, the ISU published Ladies and Pairs sheets dated July 13, but I don't see any changes from the originals posted on May 21.
  9. sus2850

    sus2850 Well-Known Member

    Would have rather seen Ge at TEB...
  10. analia

    analia Well-Known Member

    Misha doesn't have a fed pulling for him I suppose. Dimitrev's COC spot can still go to him though. Chinese fed is friendly with Misha's parents, or at least some coaches do.
  11. Rochelle

    Rochelle Active Member

    As posted in the Carlina Kostner thread (http://www.fsuniverse.net/forum/showthread.php?p=3642710#post3642710)

    Do we have a sense of whose at the top of the alternate/replacement/substitute list, that could fill Carolina's spots?
  12. haribobo

    haribobo Well-Known Member

    From Sylvia's post #335 in this thread (taking out Kexin Zhang who has 2 now)

    1 GP assignment received (listed in order of ISU SB score ranking):
    8 Alissa Czisny USA (NHK; #4 in World Standings; currently recovering from surgery on 6/6)
    11 Mirai Nagasu USA (Cup of China; #13 in WS)
    14 Kiira Korpi FIN (Rostelecom Cup; #5 in WS)
    15 Sofia Biryukova RUS (NHK)
    17 Polina Korobeynikova RUS (TEB)
    19 Polina Shelepen RUS (NHK; #23 in WS)
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  13. toddlj

    toddlj I was an Ashley Wagner fan before it was cool

    My (hopeful) guesses: I would guess that Nagasu will get TEB.

    as for China: With Korpi already at Rostelecom, she may be out of luck in terms of the timing. Biryukova or one of the other Russian ladies may get it instead.
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  14. Stephanie

    Stephanie Well-Known Member

    I think Korpi might well get TEB since the French Fed tends to use European skaters (cheaper flights) for their subs.

    I really hope either Korobeynikova or Biryukova get Cup of China.
  15. kirkbiggestfan

    kirkbiggestfan Well-Known Member

    That is a very very strong substitute list. They all deserve 2 GP. Those "subs" could come in and win a GP, so we will have to pay attention to the host federations' strategies.
  16. kwanfan1818

    kwanfan1818 I <3 Kozuka

    It still isn't clear from the contradictory wording* of the GP announcement whether they are supposed to be assigned in the order of their SB if they were Top 24 SB, or whether the host can choose any of the top five, including the Top 24 SB.

    *The wording says, "The alternate list needs to be worked through in ranking order for the top 24 ranked skaters/couples according to their Season's Best. All skaters/couples of the alternates list will be grouped in top ranked groups of five (5) skaters, out of which the respective Organizing Member may pick one skater/couple for invitation." For the Top 24 SB, they can't be both chosen in ranking order and in any order within their group of five based on OM's preference.

    If the former, and there is no strategy involved, then, assuming the Czisny passes because of injury recovery, that Nagasu, who is assigned to CoC, should get Kostner's spot at TEB. Korpi should be next in line, but she's already at RC, which would mean back-to-back competitions for her, traveling from China to Russia. (Even if she were considered for TEB, she would be going from Russia to Paris, although that isn't that much longer to travel or time-zone adjustment-wise than the SA/SC tandem that skaters do, when they are on different coasts.)

    Were Korpi skipped because CoC and RC are back-to-back, then Biryukova, who has NHK, would be next in line.
  17. SamuraiK

    SamuraiK Well-Known Member

    Voronov and Guan were assigned to Contesti's vacant spots withouth being the first two in order so I guess the "chose anyone from top 5 alternates" apply.
  18. kwanfan1818

    kwanfan1818 I <3 Kozuka

    Voronov was first in the order. What shows that FRA was able to choose from the Top 5, was that Guan was chosen over Dmmitriev, both of whom were assigned to CoC. (Hendrickx was already assigned to TEB and Rogozine has NHK the week after.)

    I wish they'd remove the conflicting information, because "ranking order" on its own applies to all skaters in the Top 75 who've met the GP minimum, and it only pertains to the creation of groups. Since they do mention being broken into groups, and not moving someone lower in the list in to become part of Top 5, Hendrickx, Rogozine, and Dmitriev should be considered next.
  19. olympic

    olympic Well-Known Member

    US men -

    After some summer comps and assuming that Evan won't skate this year (wouldn't we have heard something by now?), I think Armin is a safer bet for the TBA slot at SA. He rocked at the Vail open. Plus, the other US men w/o a spot (Carriere, Aaron, Messing, Mroz) were either subpar or downright craptacular. I think only a scintillating performance from 1 of these 4 at Nebelhorn or Finlandia could change the trajectory (when does the USFSA choose the open slots, anyway?)

    US pairs -

    Thinking the TBA spot at SA will go to Z/B. They're doing quite well and very motivated. I think D/L and C/S have good options to be substitutes
  20. haribobo

    haribobo Well-Known Member

    Hochstein should be in this conversation too. He was strong at Glacier Falls. I'd put him right behind Armin in the pecking order for the SA spot right now.
  21. chika3

    chika3 Member

  22. VarBar

    VarBar Well-Known Member

    Seems like Carolina Kostner is out of the GP series. Why, what happened?:confused:
  23. Jeschke

    Jeschke #teamtrainwreck #teamschott

    management told in an italian interview, she would bestead her boyfriend alex schwarzer in his bad time (positive doping test).

    despite that she resumed training not berfore july, so she will not be in form for the early competition. kostners first appearance should be the italian championships in december, afther that euros and worlds.
  24. C_T_T_

    C_T_T_ Well-Known Member

    Zijun Li has just replaced Kostner at TEB. I assume she will also get the TBA at CoC.
  25. Stephanie

    Stephanie Well-Known Member

    Zijun :cheer:

    Zijun won't be at CoC, though since she's already assigned to NHK along with TEB.
  26. C_T_T_

    C_T_T_ Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah! :duh:
  27. change of edge

    change of edge Member

    A little surprised that Zijun got the spot, since she wasn't in the top 5 of last year's SB. Was hoping that Mirai would get it, with this year's programs she might have a legit shot at the GPF
  28. kirkbiggestfan

    kirkbiggestfan Well-Known Member

    What's the strategy from the French Fed? Be nice to the Chinese so that they return the favors? Getting a softer field? They could care less about paying ticket holders who would rather see a stronger skater!!!!!
  29. Jarrett

    Jarrett Firebird for worlds!

    How in the heck did Li get that assignment?
  30. Sylvia

    Sylvia Prepping for club comp. season!

    See the sentence I bolded above - Zijun Li is #24 on the Season Best list: http://www.fsuniverse.net/forum/showpost.php?p=3588715&postcount=335
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