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2011 Holiday on Ice shows at Galleria Dallas

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by ryanbfan, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. ryanbfan

    ryanbfan Active Member

    It's that time of year again...

    November 25/26 - Dorothy Hamill and Ryan Bradley (Amanda Dobbs also)
    December 3 and 10 - Ashley Cain and Joshua Reagan, Amanda Dobbs
    December 17 - Jonathan Cassar and Amanda Dobbs

    I went to the show on the 26th (todayish) and I am planning on going to Jonathan's show, no promises though, I only requested off work for this show so if I'm off for it I'm off, if I'm not then oh well.

    Videos >>

    Ryan Bradley

    Dorothy Hamill and Ryan Bradley

    Amanda Dobbs

    Dan Hollander as Santa

    As always, those videos are mine and I would appreciate you not using them on any websites, etc without my permission first. Rep is always appreciated for fighting for the front row to get these awesome videos for myself and everyone to enjoy :)

    Pictures >>
    Ryan and I, for the 7th time. My hair looks awful... I worked black friday and woke up a little late this morning, so I kinda just had to roll with it.

    7 just so happens to be my favorite number, and the 7th autograph goes on my skate. Hope it brings me some luck and I stop breaking bones :)

    My autographs from Dorothy. I got her book signed and she had 15 minutes left, they told me they no longer were allowing her to personalize autographs and were extremely hesitant to let me even get a picture with her, after they allowed every one in the front of the line to do all of that and then some. :rolleyes: But Dorothy was extremely friendly and kind about it, I managed to get a pic with her and after she signed her book, she said "well let me just give you a picture too"... I didn't even ask, so sweet, especially with the little time she had left.

    I refuse to post my pic with Dorothy, I look pretty awful. Oh well.

    Will have to post the pictures later, I have a terrible migraine. :(