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2011-12 Junior Grand Prix Announcement & early discussion thread

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by Sylvia, May 9, 2011.

  1. Sylvia

    Sylvia Prepping for club comp. season!

    Just noticed that the 2011-12 Announcement is up on the JGP page of the ISU site: http://www5.isu.org/vsite/vnavsite/page/directory/0,10853,4844-151840-169056-nav-list,00.html

    Bad news is that the JGP Final is down to 6 ladies and men from 8 (pairs and dance were cut to 6 this past fall). :(

    ETA: The charts that break down the number of allotted JGP spots per country per discipline for each of the 7 JGPs begin on page 17 of the Announcement.

    The seven events of the ISU Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating are:

    1st event Riga, LAT (including Pairs) August 31–Sept. 4, 2011
    2nd event Brisbane, AUS Sept. 7–11, 2011
    3rd event Gdansk, POL (including Pairs) Sept. 14–18, 2011
    4th event Brasov, ROU Sept. 21–25, 2011
    5th event Innsbruck, AUT (including Pairs) Sept. 28–Oct. 2, 2011
    6th event Milan, ITA Oct. 5–9, 2011
    7th event Tallinn, EST (including Pairs) Oct. 12–16, 2011

    The combined ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final (Juniors and Seniors) will be organized for the best
    Men, Ladies, Pairs and Ice Dance Couples in
    December 8–11, 2011, Quebec City / Canada
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  2. Jenna

    Jenna Well-Known Member

    :( for the reduced # of spots. Good prep. for the senior ranks, though, I suppose.
  3. oleada

    oleada Well-Known Member

    I'm so disappointed at how spots are being cut all over the place :(
  4. Hedwig

    Hedwig WoolSilk Fanatic

    me too. :(

    Who from the Russian wonderbabies is going to be on the JPG this season?

    I assume Lipnitskaya, Sheveleva and Ovcharova if she is healthy again. Is Deeva old enough now?
  5. Autumn_girl

    Autumn_girl Active Member

    Yes, Deeva was born in May 1997, so she already was eligible this season but didn't have good results to qualify.
    So I think we will see on JGP for sure:

    Others are question marks and I think all depends on test skates for juniors in July-August:
    Ovcharova (missed the season, so it's hard to tell anything about her now)
    Daria Medvedeva (also was injured, but looked much better at her last competition, so I think she will be okay in summer and has a chance to get JGP spot)
    Deeva (reworking her technique this season, so her results wasn't as good as they could be but still has time to prepare for the test skates, she already has great skating skills, spins and presentation, and her jumps are huge, more work and she can be unstoppable)
    Korobeinikova (deserves a spot according her results this season, but don't have 3Lz, if she'll get her lutz soon I think we will see her on JGP)

    Dark horses:
    Gosviani (too inconsistent, so I don't think she'll get a spot, but who knows what can happen)
    Zaseeva (she is with Vodorezova now and it shows, spins are getting much better, 3T-3T is back and still has time to work on her jumps and prepare for test skates)
  6. Aimless

    Aimless Active Member

    This sure makes the JGP/GP final in Quebec City a very attractive competition to attend. Good bang for the buck. I'm disappointed that there is no JGP comp in the States, but there you go. Loved that event in Lack Placid a couple years ago.
  7. pinky166

    pinky166 #teamtrainwreck #teamdiva

    Regarding American ladies, I assume Gao and Gong will move to seniors, so likely candidates are:

    Siraj - could opt for SGP but she'd likely only get 1 assignment if that due to the limited number of international competitions she's attended
    Lam - same as Siraj, although she's only competed once internationally
    Hicks - same as Lam, again probably smarter to stay junior
    Dinh - 2nd at nationals, 1st at Gardenia, should be given an initial spot
    Kulgeyko - 3rd at nationals, 2nd at Gardenia, lots of potential, should get an initial spot
    Daniels - 4th at nationals, don't know if that will be enough for an initial spot but my guess is probably

    and then we have some question marks such as:

    Miller - 1st in novice and she's old enough I think
    Long - 3rd in novice, really impressive tech content
    Baga - injured this season and I doubt would be able to get a SGP assignment, but will she even get a JGP assignment where she competed in so few competitions last season and didn't put up great scores?
    Cesario - also injured this season and didn't compete at nationals, but maybe a little old for JGP and will opt for senior Bs and maybe try and get the SA host spot instead
    Marley, Cain, Edmunds, Jiang - maybe if they have great summer competition results they can get an assignment

    I doubt Angela Wang, Leah Keiser, and Gracie Gold will be given any assignments regardless of summer competition results just where they did not qualify for nationals last season.

    Am I forgetting anyone?
  8. Sylvia

    Sylvia Prepping for club comp. season!

    Barbie Long was 2nd in Novice (landed 4 different triples in competition, including 2A+3T, 3S, 3Lo, 3Lz+2T+2Lo; was even attempting 3Lz+3T in Nationals practices that I saw), but was not included in the initial ISP... probably because JGP ladies are more likely to come from the Senior/Junior ranks.

    The JGP age-eligible singles skaters currently listed in USFS' International Selection Pool (ISP) are (2011 Nationals placement & relevant or recent international results included; names aren't listed in any particular order):

    * denotes previous JGP experience

    LADIES (14 slots)
    *Vanessa Lam S7
    *Yasmin Siraj S8
    Courtney Hicks J1 (6th, Jr. Worlds)
    Lauren Dinh J2 (Gardena Jr. gold)
    Katarina Kulgeyko J3 (Gardena Jr. silver)
    McKinzie Daniels J4
    Mary Beth Marley J5
    Ashley Cain J6
    *Kristiene Gong S11
    *Kiri Baga S-wd
    *Samantha Cesario S-wd
    Polina Edmunds J7
    Haley Dunne J8
    *Nina Jiang J9
    *Angela Wang (4th at JGP JPN last fall)
    Hannah Miller N1
    Kelsey Traunero S13
    *Ellie Kawamura S16

    MEN (7 slots for now)
    *Jason Brown S9
    *Joshua Farris S21 (skated injured at Nationals)
    Emmanuel Savary J5 (Gardena Nov. gold)
    Philip Warren J6 (Gardena Jr. silver)
    David Wang J7
    Harrison Choate J8 (Gardena Jr. gold)
    *Timothy Dolensky (4th at JGP GBR last fall)
    Shotaro Omori J9 (Gardena Jr. bronze)
    Jordan Moeller N2
    Nix Phengsy N3
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  9. Stephanie

    Stephanie Well-Known Member

    I doubt we'll see Gong on the SGP, her scores weren't super high. She has a decent shot at a JGP (my guess is that Hicks, Lam, Siraj, Dinh, Kulgeyko, and Baga will get initial spots), but if we don't see her there I'd think she'd get a senior B.

    As for Baga, she made two straight JGP finals (even though she didn't compete in the last one due to injury) and has good component scores, so I think USFS will give her the benefit of the doubt as long as she does reasonably well in her summer monitoring event. She also added the triple lutz last season, so that should help as well given that the solo jump this coming season is the lutz.
  10. oleada

    oleada Well-Known Member

    Thanks everyone for the info.

    Autumn Girl, do you know if Sheveleva is working on a 3+3? Her jumps are so big that I can't see why she wouldn't be able to do one. I really like her skating and I hope she can skate more consistently next year.
  11. Autumn_girl

    Autumn_girl Active Member

    ^^ Don't know really, I think she is but who knows if she will try it in programs. Rosa has enough of speed and height on her jumps I guess we will see 3-3 from her soon, the second half of the season was really great for her, impressive skate at Nationals and Jr. Nationals, then the Russian cup final where she beat Leonova and Makarova. She can do really great at JGP I think
  12. sandra_persch

    sandra_persch Well-Known Member

    I am absolutely delightes for the Australian ... having the JGP at home means having 3 spots with little travel expenses. having 8 ladies and 6? men spots should be a great development opportunity for the skaters. can´t wait to see who will get the Brisbane spots and who will be in the JGPs.

    Germany on the other hand is screwed! 5 spots for ladies and men :mad: they bether send the 16 and olders ones to the Senior Bs and let the younger ones do the JGPs!
  13. maclou

    maclou Member

    I like trying to figure out which Japanese skaters will be sent to the JGP, I came up with the list of eligible skaters from the list of skaters that are receiving funding from the jfed next season.

    Ryuichi Kihara S12 J2 (10th junior worlds)
    Ryuju Hino S13 J3
    Keiji Tanaka S11 (silver junior worlds)
    Shoma Uno J4 N1
    Yoji Tsuboi S20 J5
    Sei Kawahara J7
    Jun Suzuki J8

    It seems a bit silly going over the men since all of them are pretty much guaranteed spots :shuffle: that is if they choose to send them all. I'm looking forward to Shoma's debut and I hope Keiji can do well!

    Haha now the real fun...

    Risa Shoji S5 J1 (5th at junior worlds)
    Yuki Nishino S6 (12th at junior worlds)
    Kako Tomotaki S15 J2
    Miyabi Oba S8 J3 (8th at junior worlds)
    Kana Muramoto S10
    Ayumi Goto S11 (silver at Gardner Trophy)
    Satoko Miyahara J4 N2 (silver in novice at Triglav Trophy, gold in novice at Asian Figure Skating Trophy)
    Saya Ueno S25 J6
    Roanna Sari Oshikawa S17 J7
    Haruna Suzuki S14 J8
    Riona Kato J26 N1 (gold in novice at Gardner Trophy)
    Rin Nitaya J13 N3
    Hinano Isobe J22 N4 (gold in novice at Triglav)
    Saki Kawakami N5
    Karen Kemanai S13 J8
    Kono Yuka S16
    Yukiko Fujisawa J11
    Miu Sato J14
    Ayana Yasuhara J16

    Hopefully I got them all right... If they do it like they did last season they're probably most likely to just give 2 spots to 7 of the top girls though I wish they'd be more willing to give some of the girls who probably won't place that well one spot each just to give them some experience. Also if last year is anything to go by they seem to choose assignments mostly on nationals placements and not take other competitions in to account... Miyahara, Kato, Isobe and Nitaya are all very promising novice girls moving up to junior but the only one I see possibly getting a spot is Miyahara since the other three did so poorly at junior nats.
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  14. NMURA

    NMURA Active Member

    The JSF is placing more weight on jumping abilities than national placements these day. The most important criteria should be the 3Lz. They have a test skate in summer. I guess following eight girls will have the priority slots.

    Shoji - flutz, all triples
    Miyahara - real lutz, at least no edge call received, all triples
    Oba - flutz, Lz and F are not reliable
    Tomotaki - flutz, all triples
    Fujisawa - real lutz, no salchow, attempting 3A with no success yet
    Kemanai - flutz, all triples
    Kato - minor flutz, all triples
    Miu Sato - real lutz, no loop

    Nishino should move up to the senior (NHK or Nebelhorn/Finlandia).
  15. blademate

    blademate Active Member

    who's in for junior pairs? with most of the top contenders from last year aging out, it could be a pretty weak year :(
  16. oleada

    oleada Well-Known Member

    I agree that this could be a transitional year for pairs, since the top teams are aging out. But that isn't necessarily a bad thing, there will be new teams for us to enjoy :)

    Russia has a lot of young teams aging in. A small sample (The technical content listed here is from this season, but it could improve over the summer):

    Tatiana Tudvaseva/Sergei Liseev (J6, 1997/1993) - coached by Liudmila Kalinina (B/L's coach). They have a 3TTh and a 2A. Very nice speed, flow and musicality. They have a very classical look. This was their first full year together.

    Elizaveta Semenova/Maxim Petukhov (J8, 1997/1991) - Also coached by Kalinina. Have 2A, 3Sth, 3Loth. I think they could make a statement this year. They made some mistakes at Junior Nats which prevented a higher finish.

    Lena Fedorova/Maxim Miroshkin (1997/1994, J11) - very, very cute and charismatic, but also really young. They have a 3Twist and a 2A and side by side Biellmans :rollin:

    Evgenia Kazantseva/Antonio Souza - Cordeiro (1997/1993)- very new team, her first year in pairs. They are quite charming but lack the technical yet. They are coached by Arina Ushakova.

    I don't know which teams will get JGPs ( I think it's quite likely the first two will), but they all show potential in varying degrees.

    I was also really impressed with the American team of Aaron/Settlage when they won their novice title - far more impressed with them than any of the junior teams. I thought they had really nice musicality and programs. I remember they had at least a throw 3S and a 2A. I also think the Czech team of Kadlecova/Bidar hasn't aged out. They made the FS at Worlds. Ekaterina Petaikina/Maxim Kudukov (RUS) are also age-eligible, but I'm not sure if they are a match, size wise....a shame as they have really lovely moves.

    Can anyone remind me what the throw for the pairs is this year? The loop? :eek:
    Last edited: May 17, 2011
  17. Sylvia

    Sylvia Prepping for club comp. season!

  18. oubik

    oubik Well-Known Member

    1/ Yes, Petr has one more year of Junior eligibility
    2/ Yes, it´s loop
  19. sammyf

    sammyf Well-Known Member

    These are the skaters who haven't aged out or split and should be skating junior next year. I'm not sure all these teams are official, but they've all been mentioned on FSU or competed last year and are all age eligible.

    Stina Martini/Severin Kiefer AUT
    Mariya Polyakova/Mikhail Fomichev BEL
    Katie Bobak/Ian Beharry CAN
    Margaret Purdy/Michael Marinaro CAN
    Krystel Desjardins/Charlie Bilodeau CAN
    Alexandra Young/Matthew Young CAN
    Xiao Xue Chen/Bo Wen Song CHN
    Mei Yi Li/Bo Jiang CHN
    Yu Xiao Yu/Jin Yang CHN
    WenJing Sui/Cong Han CHN
    Xin Xin Fan/Xin Ze Liu CHN
    Klara Kadlecova/Petr Bidar CZE
    Minami Dobashi/Alexander Völler GER
    Monika Peterka/Konrad Hocker-Scholler GER
    Karolin Salatzki/Nolan Seegert GER
    Linda Wenzig/Matti Landgraf GER
    Heather Murdoch/Lewis Gibson GBR
    Lidiya Voblenko/Vladimir Rudi KAZ
    Racheal Epstein/Dmitry Epstein NED
    Chiara Laffranchi/Benjamin Naggiar ITA
    Sonia Manfredi/Nicolò Macii ITA
    Magdalena Klatka/Radoslaw Chruscinski POL
    Magdalena Jaskółka/Peter Snopek POL
    Aleksandra Malinkiewicz/Sebastian Lofek POL
    Anna Siedlecka/Jakub Tyc POL
    Kristina Astakhova/Nikita Bochkov RUS
    Anastasia Dolidze/Igor Chudinov RUS
    Nadezhda Egorova/Andrey Kositsyn RUS
    Lina Federova/Maxim Miroshkin RUS
    Valeria Grechukhina/Andrey Filonov RUS
    Yevgenya Kazantseva/Antonio Souza-Cordeiro RUS
    Ekaterina Kuklina/Eduard Kushtanov RUS
    Anastasia Ortikova/Mikhail Akulov RUS
    Ekaterina Petaykina/Maksim Kurdukov RUS
    Tatiana Tudvaseva/Sergei Lisyev RUS
    Elizaveta Semenova/Maxim Petukhov RUS
    Aleksandra Vasileva/Uriy Shevchuk RUS
    Yana Volkova/Alexej Petrjanin RUS
    Alexandra Rodriguez/Aritz Maestu ESP
    Michelle Lundberg/Richard Lundberg SWE
    Anais Morand/Timothy Leemann SUI
    Julia Lavrentjeva/Jurij Rudyk UKR
    Madeline Aaron/Max Settlage USA
    Morgan Agster/Adam Civiello USA
    Jessica Calalang/Zack Sidhu USA
    Haven Denney/Brandon Frazier USA
    Kylie Duarte/Colin Grafton USA
    Olivia Oltmanns/Joshua Santillan USA
    Audrey Goldberg/Joseph Dolkiewicz USA
    Christine Mozer/Daniel O'Shea USA
    Alexandria Shaughnessy/James Morgan USA
    Britney Simpson/Matthew Blackmer USA
    Ali Smith/Craig Segall USA

    Teams that I'm not sure if they are age eligible but they may be
    Tamara Jurkiewicz/Alex Arpin CAN
    Melissa Kustra/Paul Schatz CAN
    Rebecca Marsh/Christopher Blackmore CAN
    Gabriella DeBono/Christopher Sisca CAN
    Mary Orr/Anthony Furiano CAN
    Leah Hyslop/Bob Goodwin CAN
    Dylan Conway/Dustin Sherriff-Clayton CAN
    Vasilisa Davankova/Semen Kazantsev RUS
    Maria Deryabina/Vladimir Arhipov RUS
    Ekaterina Krutskikh/Vladimir Morozov RUS
    Natalia Kolodko/Alexander Myskina RUS
    Catherine Pribilof/Arseniy Repkin RUS
    Zoya Rogovtseva/Pavel Kovalev RUS
    Ekaterina Serzhantova/Yaroslav Maslov RUS
    Pauline Vetoshkin/Ivan Pavlichenko RUS
    Maria Vigalova/Egor Zakroev RUS
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  20. HisWeirness

    HisWeirness pork cutlet bowl fatale

    I'm thinking Sui/Han will go fully senior for 2011-12 because she will be 15 years old (according to ISU bio) by July 1, so they can do senior ISU Championships in 2011-12. They've already won the Jr. World title twice and medaled at the senior GP final.
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  21. oleada

    oleada Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the info, Sammy!

    I don't think these teams are long for this world, if they haven't split already. The first two are having size mismatchs now that the ladies have grown; and there were rumors of Vasileva/Shevchuk splitting.

    These teams are age eligible for the 2011/2012 season (birthdates in m/d/y):

    Ekaterina Krutskikh & Vladimir Morozov (10.30.97 & 11.1.92)
    Maria Deryabina & Vladimir Arhipov (10.22.96 & 9.9.94)
    Vasilisa Davankova & Semen Kazantsev (5.2.98 & 12.17.93)

    The following teams are too young (birthdays in m/d/y format)

    Ekaterina Serzhantova & Yaroslav Maslov (12.8.98 & 3.4.94)
    Maria Vigalova & Egor Zakroev (1999/12.31.93)
    Natalia Kolodko & Alexander Myskin (11.2.00 & 9.5.93)
    Ekaterina Pribilof & Arseniy Repkin (1999 & 1995)
    Polina Vetoshkina & Ivan Pavlichenko (2000 & 1997

    I've only seen videos of like two couples on the list, but I liked what I saw of Serzhantova & Maslov :D Young team trying some big elements.
  22. yfbg722

    yfbg722 Active Member

    Arpin is listed as 21 on his Canada Winter Games bio so he has aged out. Furiano has aged out. Sisca has also aged out for this coming year.

    I am amazed at the number of Russian jr. teams. They are clearly doing something right!

    Great list Sammy F. Thanks!
    Last edited: May 19, 2011
  23. emilieh

    emilieh Active Member

    Arpin, Sisca, and Furiano have already aged out. Arpin & Sisca turned 21 last fall, Furiano just this month.

    I'd thought that Orr & Furiano would have a year on the junior level, it's too bad that he's not just a couple of months younger.

    Kustra/Schatz (ages 16/20), Marsh/Blackmore (18/17), Hyslop/Goodwin (15/19), Conway & Sherriff-Clayton (14/18) are all eligible, if they are still together.
  24. sandra_persch

    sandra_persch Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately Karolin hasn't fully recovered from her injury / health issues yet. The German Pairs SKating Fanclub is reporting tha Nolan will be skating with a new partner very soon. Karolin will be taking a year off to fully recover as recommended by her doctors.
  25. oubik

    oubik Well-Known Member

    Mariya Polyakova/Mikhail Fomichev BEL

    Sammy, those two are from BLR, not Belgium ;)
  26. oubik

    oubik Well-Known Member

    That´s sad.

    Will Jessica Füssinger with Franz Streubel be ISU Junior eligible next season? I suppose, yes.
  27. sandra_persch

    sandra_persch Well-Known Member

    They would be age eligible. I haven't seen them skating together yet as Franz was injured. I have my doubts that the German Federation will let them do a JGP without any competition experience.

    They are holding test skates for every JGP this season so you never know what will happen

  28. grandma

    grandma Active Member

    Füssinger and Streubel are not doing pairs.
    Salatzki has resigned from pairs, she is afraid of heights , has become too tall and has been skating in Syncro for some time. Keeping her in BK, was support given by the DEU to the Berlin federation in order for them to not loose another skater for their BK ranking. I think Nolan might skate with Kavita Lorenz.
    THE JGP SKATE OUTS ARE "primarily" ONLY FOR SINGLE SKATERS !!! This is the official wording of the DEU.
    Matti Landgraf has sustained a foot injury, so hopefully he will be ok again in time for the JGPs. Otherwise it seems to be rather bleek on the german junior pairs front.
  29. sandra_persch

    sandra_persch Well-Known Member

    Lets hope they monitor the dance teams too. they have 4 teams in DC with keeping one of the better ones off the DC Team. Well maybe their regional skating body appealed and they are added later on.

    I can see Dieck / Zenkner and Koch / Nüchtern get 2 spots each. If they don't use the Australia spot then there is still 1 spot up for grabs with 5 teams trying to get one ... or if they use Australia then its 5 teams and 2 spots and I would really like to see Vogel / Preiss and Schiffner / Salatzki getting them :p

    In pairs I really really hope they give Peterke / Hocker-Scholler a change even though its only their second season together and their first on the junior circuit.

    National Coaches conference it this weekend. I would love to play fly on the wall to see what comes out of it.

    While I love the older skaters to bit I would rather see the JGP spots going to some of the younger skaters like Nicole Schott, Jessica Füssinger, Christina Erdel and Julia Pfrengle.

    In mens its only 5 spots and I have a feeling the older guys might get 1 or 2 spots each and the younger one getting Junior Bs instead
  30. grandma

    grandma Active Member

    Well Sandra the whole BK list is an entire joke. If one takes in all the mediocre dance couples into the D/C why exclude one couple who was injured. It seemed as if only a few people were aware that one needed to compete at the DEU Pokal in order to get into BK. On the other hand why take in Aldinger and then leave Betke and Stiefel out ?
    The whole Pairs list is a joke. Except for our top 2 senior pairs, absolutely none of the others fulfilled the requirements set at the beginning of the season.
    If prominent skaters like Julia Pfrengle had not been injured and Frau Treitz or Frau Schindler had not had an interest to conserve their BK status a S Kader would never have been agreed to. So thank you to Julia for helping all the other injured and pair skaters without a partner this season to having a S Kader set up.
    The next big joke is going to be the list of athletes newly set up into the Bundeswehr.