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1st Senior B in USA to be held in Salt Lake City, Utah in mid-September

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by Sylvia, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. A.H.Black

    A.H.Black Well-Known Member

    Men's free and Free Dance are scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 15th. Please note that this is the same day as the biggest College Football Game for local interest of the season. It will be even more nuts this year as it is the last year of this particular rivalry for several years.

    The Ice Rink is very close to the stadium. It will be VERY crowded in that area that day. The Football game is scheduled for 8:00 PM. The tailgate parties will start Much earlier. Some people will camp out overnight.

    Hopefully skating will be scheduled earlier in the day so everyone can be out and gone by the time the craziness hits its peak.
  2. vexlak

    vexlak Member

    It seems that the US Nationals does not play a role the way USFSA selects skaters. Rightfully so in my view. If good skater screws up the sectionals or nationals, he/she should not be subject to a year long ban for International competition selection. If they improve and pull couple of good performances at the US club competitions in the summer, why not send them further? Gold and Cesario are perfect examples. While Gold failed to go trough the section in 2010 season, she showed great improvement after that. Maybe it was a good wake up call. Samantha on the other had has almost a tradition to scratch from the US nationals, yet pulling great programs on the US club and JGP circuit competitions. Hicks, Kaiser are not far away...
  3. gkelly

    gkelly Well-Known Member

    Oh, it definitely plays a role. Just not the only role.

    Certainly the most important role in selecting world and Olympic teams, which is written into the rules. A lesser role for fall competition assignments.
  4. Sylvia

    Sylvia Still recovering from Worlds...

    My impression is that most recent Nationals placement is weighted heavily in most Senior B singles assignments as well.
  5. crawall

    crawall New Member

    Me, too! Besides Kate and Katelyn, what other Canadian ladies have met the 130 criteria this summer?Anybody?
  6. Sylvia

    Sylvia Still recovering from Worlds...

    Adriana DeSanctis and Alexandra Najarro are scheduled to compete at Thornhill this week.
  7. crzesk8dad

    crzesk8dad Well-Known Member

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  8. demetriosj

    demetriosj Well-Known Member

  9. Sylvia

    Sylvia Still recovering from Worlds...

    There are other Senior B assignments to come.
  10. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    Only it has to be done at an international, ISU-sanctioned competition.

    I reckon Gao is done.

    It's very obvious that Nationals results are the main means of selecting skaters.

    She had to miss US Nationals for the last two years because of injuries.
  11. vexlak

    vexlak Member

    Exactly my point...she missed the Nationals twice...
    If the Nationals would be the only determining factor, she would have not get the JGP's last and this year. Not only she got themn, she did well and it looks as she will do well this year too.
    My point is that unless it is the Olympic year, the US nationals are not the determining factor. You do not have to be there if you skater really well.
  12. Lara

    Lara It's JJ style!

    You could argue though that had Cesario been at Nats with good results, she'd be getting senior GP spots (notably the third TBA spot at 2011 SA filled by Joelle Forte) instead.
  13. TanithandBenFan

    TanithandBenFan Author of the Ice and Edge Series

    Thanks for letting us know! My hotel is right by campus, too, so sounds like it will be nuts around there.
  14. peibeck

    peibeck Simply looking

    :confused: Zhang has a lot more points and higher ranking than Gold. And Zhang may have gotten an invite and declined? We just don't know.

    I'm more surprised about Zawadski getting an invite than Gold.

    I thought for sure Christina Gao would get tapped, but maybe the USFS knew she was getting a second GP, or maybe she declined?
  15. Sylvia

    Sylvia Still recovering from Worlds...

    If any of the U.S. skaters in the ISP wanted to be considered for the Salt Lake Senior B, I believe they needed to have competed both their programs in the same summer competition by the first weekend of August (Gao hasn't fulfilled this requirement AFAIK).
  16. peibeck

    peibeck Simply looking

    Thanks Sylvia!
  17. Coco

    Coco Well-Known Member

    I don't see how the world standings points Gracie might earn here will have a significant impact for her. She's got no prayer of getting into the final group for either of her GP short program start lists. I suppose it might matter at the end of the year, but I'm not sure.

    I think they are sending Gracie to give her another chance to get comfortable with her programs before Skate Canada.

    Agnes has a chance to pass Imai, who is only 2 points ahead of her. Depending on who replaces Alissa (if anyone does) at NHK, that could be a factor.

    Taking a closer look at the GP entries, I'm very confused as to how Gao has 2 and Nagasu 1, also how Silete has 2 and Meite only 1. Must have missed Gao getting TEB during the Olympics!
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  18. Sylvia

    Sylvia Still recovering from Worlds...

    Makes sense to me.

    ETA: Here's how the Skate Canada SP start order would look like based on the current ISU World Standings:
    ?? TBA CAN
    82 Kaetlyn Osmond CAN - 338 points
    55 Gracie Gold USA - 700
    26 Caroline Zhang USA - 1315
    21 Amélie Lacoste CAN - 1536 (has a chance to move into 2nd group IF she places top 4 in Salt Lake and Liza T. doesn't compete in a Sr B before SC)
    14 Elizaveta Tuktamysheva RUS - 1694
    11 Ksenia Makarova RUS
    10 Elene Gedevanishvili GEO
    6 Kanako Murakami JPN
    2 Akiko Suzuki JPN

    Gao's 2nd assignment was made official on August 10 - see the discussion in the Grand Prix Assignments thread, starting here: http://www.fsuniverse.net/forum/showthread.php?p=3655699#post3655699
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  19. kwanfan1818

    kwanfan1818 I <3 Kozuka

    Silete was guaranteed two by coming in top 12 in Nice.
  20. kppt

    kppt Member

    I'm a little surprised that Desanctis isn't going, despite the mediocre skate at Thornhill in the FP. I'm betting Najarro's knee isn't 100% yet after her surgery in the spring:(
  21. kppt

    kppt Member

    Ralph/Hill are going to Oberstdorf, along with Paul/Islam. I think that sets up our dance teams well to earn points.
  22. lavenderblue

    lavenderblue Active Member

    Oh, that's fantastic. I'm glad that all the bronze contenders are getting opportunities after all, be it through the GP or Senior Bs (or, in R/H's case, one of each). Also smart, given the new TES minimums.
  23. Sylvia

    Sylvia Still recovering from Worlds...

  24. TanithandBenFan

    TanithandBenFan Author of the Ice and Edge Series

    Here's the tentative schedule of events:

    Thurs Sept. 13
    Short Dance 11:30am
    Men SP 1:45

    Fri Sept. 14
    Ladies SP 12:45
    Pairs SP 3:45

    Sat Sept. 15
    Free Dance 11:15am
    Men's FS 1:45

    Sun Sept. 16
    Ladies FS 1:45
    Pairs FS 5:00
  25. A.H.Black

    A.H.Black Well-Known Member

    Thank heavens. The first tentative schedule I saw had the Saturday events ending at around 7:00 PM - just the time when the football madness would be in full swing. This is much better.
  26. Sylvia

    Sylvia Still recovering from Worlds...

    Tiffany Vise tweeted today:
    "So excited to be heading to Utah in a couple weeks to compete at the U.S. International Figure Skating Classic"

    Glad USFS has added Vise/Baldwin as the 3rd pair team.
  27. peibeck

    peibeck Simply looking

    After the roster is finalized on the ISU website, we will have open a prediction contest for the big 3 "Senior B" fall competitions (US Classic, Nebelhorn, and Finlandia).

    Look for more details in the Kiss-N-Cry section as we get closer to the event.
  28. A.H.Black

    A.H.Black Well-Known Member

    Prices and challenge skate schedule - https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=gmail&attid=0.2&thid=139811819fa8e445&mt=application/pdf&url=https://mail.google.com/mail/?ui%3D2%26ik%3Da54360d1e9%26view%3Datt%26th%3D139811819fa8e445%26attid%3D0.2%26disp%3Dsafe%26zw&sig=AHIEtbScXX7CoSFZCzC23BPOwj5l3ClmUQ

    I still haven't seen anything about who the challenge skate competitors are. So far the plans are to have this event in Salt Lake every year. As a nickname - I suggest we just call it The Classic
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  29. SamuraiK

    SamuraiK Well-Known Member

    No Ondrej Nepela:(:p
  30. Debbie S

    Debbie S Well-Known Member

    The link you posted is private - is there a public link anywhere?