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125th IOC Session - 2020 Olympics/Wrestling In or Out?/New President

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by allezfred, Sep 6, 2013.

  1. Oreo

    Oreo Active Member

    Barcelona is also considering opening a bid for the 2022 Games.
  2. allezfred

    allezfred Master/Mistress of Sneer Staff Member

    It was already with the 2018 Olympics being held in Pyeongchang. In fact, it was 0% even before Tokyo was selected.
  3. Asli

    Asli Well-Known Member

    On the one hand yes, but OTOH even if you are busy during the day, you can watch part of the Rio Olympics live if you are willing to be a bit sleep depraved. :)
  4. Coco

    Coco Well-Known Member

    I think they are still smarting from the rejection of Chicago. Not a lot of love lost between USOC and IOC for that and other reasons right now (TV $$$).
  5. kylet3

    kylet3 Well-Known Member

    While I wish wrestling was never dropped in the first place, I think ultimately it is a great thing for the sport, it forced itself to get with the times and ultimately will be better off in the long run. I do though, wish that baseball/softball had a chance to return, but alas I'd much rather have wrestling back in the games than baseball/softball so the IOC made a good decision here.
  6. Zemgirl

    Zemgirl Well-Known Member

    Good decision. But then I read this:
    That's the IOC in a nutshell. While I agree that wrestling needed to be brought back, it shouldn't have been dropped to begin with, and it created an unfair competition for softball/baseball and squash - sports in which successful players and teams are often from countries that are not sports powerhouses.
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  7. allezfred

    allezfred Master/Mistress of Sneer Staff Member

    So wrestling is back and everybody can go back to not paying attention to it any more. ;)
  8. Loves_Shizuka

    Loves_Shizuka The Stolbova/Klimov and James/Cipres Uber

    Tokyo :cheer:
  9. beepbeep

    beepbeep Brazilian Eurotrash

    I'll, for once (!!), be in the perfect time zone for Rio :p

    Yay for Tokyo! :cheer:
    I'll be joining the :coffee: brigade for this one.
  10. Buzz

    Buzz Well-Known Member

  11. Lara

    Lara It's JJ style!

    Agreed re Tokyo, congrats! :cheer2: Also glad wrestling was saved even if I don't enjoy watching it myself.

    But will point out North America has it worse timewise for 3/4 of the next Olympics. :wuzrobbed :drama: :coffee:
  12. SpeedySucks

    SpeedySucks Active Member

    Actually, I think both PyeongChang 2018 and Tokyo 2020 will be favorable for North Americans. I fully expect NBC to manipulate the schedule to have as many key events as possible live in U.S. primetime, just like they did in 2008. We should get most of the skiing and snowboarding events live in 2018, as those events can easily be scheduled for 10am-2pm in Korea (which is 8pm-midnight in the Eastern time zone), and I wouldn't be surprised if NBC is able to have most of the figure skating events staged between 10am and 2pm as well. In 2020, I'm sure the swimming and gymnastics finals will be held in the late morning/early afternoon in Tokyo to accommodate the U.S. audience. NBC paid enough for the 2018 and 2020 Games that I would be very surprised if the IOC doesn't meet their scheduling demands.
  13. GarrAarghHrumph

    GarrAarghHrumph I can kill you with my brain

    I've always watched the wrestling, and I know I am one of the few, the proud on that one. My grandfather was an Olympic wrestler back about a zillion years ago. Seriously - a zillion years ago. :lol: But I'm psyched.
  14. rosewood

    rosewood Well-Known Member

    TOKIOOOOO :cheer2:
    WRESTRLNG you did :cheer2:
  15. Ziggy

    Ziggy Well-Known Member

    Hot men rubbing against each other!
  16. Gazpacho

    Gazpacho Well-Known Member

    It's actually really popular in many parts of the world. In places like Iran and Turkey, the general public basically cares only about football/soccer and wrestling. Same with a lot of the former Soviet republics and the eastern parts of Russia. A third of India's medals (3 of 9) in the last two Olympics have come from wrestling, and the medal-winning wrestlers are more famous there than Tiger Woods is in the US. In terms of worldwide participants, only a few sports are ahead of wrestling.

    Like these hot brothers.
  17. Alixana

    Alixana Definitely NOT a sonogram

    Whew .. who turned up the temp in here? *fans herself frantically*
  18. Buzz

    Buzz Well-Known Member

    I never would have guessed they were brothers
  19. Domshabfan

    Domshabfan A proud P/C fan

    Thomas Bach (GER) is the new IOC president.
  20. Gazpacho

    Gazpacho Well-Known Member

    Yet another European male, and this one seems to come with more controversy than Rogge. Allegations of cheating during his sporting career, breaking IOC campaigning rules, business relationships with apparent conflicts of interest, and getting cozy with a Kuwaiti sheikh who isn't reluctant to throw this influence and money around.

    In other words, he's the IOC in a nutshell.