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Apr 23, 2017 at 11:20 AM
Sep 26, 2003
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Jul 3, 1961 (Age: 55)
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Viewing thread, Apr 23, 2017 at 11:20 AM
    1. skateboy
      Happy birthday!

      - skateboy
    2. ioana
      Thank you for the rep & Happy New Year :)!
    3. marysy
      Thank you for the rep! : )
    4. skateboy
      Thank you for the rep!
    5. skateboy
      Happy birthday!

      - skateboy
    6. ioana
      You were right & I'm very happy to admit it!
    7. ioana
      Thank you --that means a lot coming from a fellow edge fetishist :)
    8. ioana
      Thank you for the rep & anytime :).
    9. kwanfan1818
      Oops, no, Lucy would have been in 4th or 5th grade at the time :o
    10. kwanfan1818
      I remember meeting her two middle siblings once or twice, but they seemed to be their own unit. I remember liking Lucy, who would have been in 8th or 9th grade at the time. I grew up in Ridgefield, so at some point, we picked her up at home and drove her back from some school break.

      I had forgotten that she got her PhD in Madison; mentally, I'm stuck with her at Northwestern. From Facebook, I see that she and her daughter spent half a year in China, where I think she taught English, but she's back now.
    11. gkelly
      Cool :)

      Amy had gone to my high school, and then went to Wesleyan, 4 years ahead of me, so I knew her younger siblings in high school but only met her briefly when I went to visit while I was deciding which college was my first choice. She did return to Middletown for a while a few years later, I think when I was a senior and her youngest sister Lucy was a freshman. (Her middle sister and brother went to Amherst, so I ran into Lee there when I first went to grad school at UMass.) Then much later both Amy and I got our doctorates in the theatre department at University of Wisconsin, so I got to know her well there.

      I did work on a few campus shows that Brad was in, and he performed memorably in a short scene I wrote for a playwriting class.
    12. kwanfan1818
      I knew Amy Seham! I was the costumer for her "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" -- Matt Penn was McMurphy and Brad Whitford was Billy Bibbitt, because only Amy had the balls to cast against type like that -- and designed the costumes for her "The Tempest," which I did as a senior project, since the CoL people knew better than to press me to write a thesis :lol:
    13. gkelly
      So you may have known some people I knew. . . . Amy Seham?
    14. kwanfan1818
      I don't know why, but for some reason I thought you had gone to Dartmouth :o I did a lot of theater in my last two years, but I graduated in '79, just before you came in.
    15. kwanfan1818
      Yes, I went to the Middletown Branch of "Not Yale." :) I was in College of Letters and S-M was out of department, but we managed to drive Elizabeth Young-Bruehl out of the university to study psychotherapy at Yale and later marry a woman, and he married a former student in the last ahead of me, I think. One of my Work Study positions was in the registrar's office of the summer program for teachers to earn an MA in Liberal Studies. (Public school teachers had to earn a Masters degree within a certain number of years of being hired.) The first time I saw S-M was when he was teaching a course for the program and came up and asked for some info: he had the most seductive, piercing blue eyes I had ever seen, and my boss, a woman in her 60's almost burst out laughing at my inability to speak :rofl:
    16. lulu
      thanks for the rep!
    17. pollyanna
      Thank you for the rep. Bunheads hath jumpeth the shark already. And Happy Belated Birthday! :cheer2:
    18. DarrellH
      Happy Birthday!!!
    19. skatefan
      Happy Birthday gkelly :40beers:
    20. skateboy
      Happy birthday!

      - Skateboy
    21. falling_dance
      Happy Birthday!
    22. kwanfan1818
      The rep message should have read "Your example was dead on!"
    23. DarrellH
      Thank you for the rep!!!
    24. DarrellH
    25. matti
      Long overdue, but thanks for the rep! :)
    26. kwanfan1818
      They named me something that no one ever pronounces or spells properly :lol: Although my mother always sounded very aggrieved when she told this story, so my dad must have had her scared :)
    27. DarrellH
      Thank you!
    28. MikiAndoFan#1
      You're welcome! And thanks for the rep! :)
    29. paskatefan
      Thanks for your kind words re: Todd (in the thread about skaters who have made improvements. I'd give you rep points if I had that feature. It's refreshing to read some positive comments about him on this board, because sadly, there are quite a few Todd bashers here (not to mention posters who mercilessly delight in bashing other talented skaters as well.
    30. l'etoile
      thank you for the rep point! interesting thread btw:)
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