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New Profile Posts

  1. misskarne
    So, you're afraid of Team Australia, are you? Good. You should be.
  2. nsima
  3. misskarne
    Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. - MLK Jr
  4. PRlady
  5. Simone411
    Love that is given but never received is like taking ice cubes from a tray and not refilling it. That's a cold feeling.
  6. misskarne
    FSU can adult, drink, vote, and join the Australian army now! Yay!
  7. bardtoob
    I hear FSU saying, "Vegas, baby!"
  8. FGRSK8
    We would of named our girls Siobhan and Sinead. Think they would have had their names to themselves....
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  9. justtojoke
    I'll take the bait...it's the offseason
  10. FSWer
    FSWer treesprite
    Hi Tree. I hope we can be friends.
  11. Fairuza
  12. FGRSK8
    Finding lots of grubs in the gardens as I turned them over. Toads are really enjoying the feast. They are getting big!
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  13. mariolemieux
  14. FGRSK8
    Toadies are a little worried about Really as well........
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  15. bardtoob
    If both "Memory" serves, Betty belted like she was on Broadway while Elaine sang pretty and perfect like she was on London's West End.
  16. LynnW
    Dance like your microwave isn't watching
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  17. Mad for Skating
    Mad for Skating
    Channeling my inner Diva Stolbova one day at a time.
  18. kwanatic
    Missing my Mao already
    1. clairecloutier
      Me too!!
      Apr 17, 2017
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  19. FGRSK8
    Summah temps and the cane toads are warming up their song.
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  20. mikey
  21. MacMadame
    “The greatest purveyor of violence in the world : My own Government, I can not be Silent.” -Martin Luther King, Jr.
  22. pETEs (Sasha Fan)
    pETEs (Sasha Fan)
  23. JasperBoy
    Aging in a great place
  24. Messalina
    Adelina is coming back woot woot
  25. bardtoob
  26. misskarne
    Janny uber
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  27. Simone411
    Janny Uber
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  28. overedge
    Janny uber
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  29. misskarne
    Now with one less division to panic about at Nebelhorn. THANKS BRENDAN!!!!!!!!!! :D
  30. Bill Trenary
    Bill Trenary Aerobicidal
    Why have I just noticed your avatar?! Well done :-)