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New Profile Posts

  1. Vagabond
    It's just another night of moon.
  2. bardtoob
    So, that's what my medicine tastes like.
  3. misskarne
    Team Australia is in your 4CC, gatecrashing your top 10
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  4. bardtoob
    bardtoob escaflowne9282
    . . . Your grumpy avatar is still a manspreader . . . hehehe

    ETA: Errr . . . score one for personality stability theory . . . about a half a year has passed and virtually the same joke came to mind, and I told it in the same location . . . :rofl: at myself.
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  5. Simone411
    What is a free gift? Aren't all gifts free?
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  6. justtojoke
    amused by insecure ubers
  7. Simone411
    Ever notice how fast Windows runs? Neither did I.
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  8. misskarne
  9. FGRSK8
    No Super Bowl here. We, including the Cane Toads are watching CSI: Miami.....
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  10. bardtoob
    I am imagining what it must be like to win the singles and pairs competition at Jr Worlds, then take my trophies back to my trailer park.
  11. FGRSK8
    My Cane Toads are waiting for Trump to leave office.....
  12. Vagabond
    Two options. You either follow my rules or follow my rules. Capisce?
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  13. falling_dance
    falling_dance Ageless
    You have one of the three best avatars on FSU.
  14. misskarne
    Still have faith in the Lion King.
  15. DimaToe
    I wonder if Chenfluenza is a legitimate excuse to miss school tomorrow?
  16. bardtoob
    I am happy for the winners, but this US Nationals broke my heart.
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  17. Nomad
    Nomad SkateFanBerlin
    You could have confronted me directly. I may be a bitch but I'm not a coward.
  18. Messalina
  19. SkateFanBerlin
    SkateFanBerlin Admin
    How do we report troll behavior? Someone called Nomad told me I'm ridiculous and dilusional. I left GS over this middle school behavior. I'm certainly not going to PAY to be called names. I am officially reporting Nomad's behavior.
    1. PRlady
      Dearie, around here people are smart, articulate, opinionated and know how to spell. Nomad qualifies on all counts.

      Welcome to FSU.
      Jan 22, 2017
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    2. Kasey
      Welcome to FSU. We have post-graduate trollish behavior here. You have to be on your toes. I love paying to be called names. But perhaps I'm DElusional. Perhaps just lightening up and enjoying the intelligent and knowledgeable opinions here will make the experience more enjoyable, buttercup.
      Jan 22, 2017
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    3. Prancer
      To officially report a post, click on the Report button at the bottom of the post that you wish to report. This sends a complaint to the Admins, who will see a blazing red flag on the home page that lets them know a post has been reported, and they will respond (or not) there. Complaints made here will usually not be seen at all and we will not address issues here.
      Jan 23, 2017
  20. clairecloutier
    I'm just going to think about Nationals today.
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  21. FGRSK8
    My Cane Toads are awaiting the return of Lee.
  22. Amantide
    Stolbova&Klimov, Yulia and Ruslena Team!
  23. Mozart
    Mozart N_Halifax
    Hello fellow bluenoser! I'm a caper
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    2. N_Halifax
      East coast skating fans are the BEST kind of skating fans. :)
      Jan 11, 2017
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  24. misskarne
    Lookin' out for the royal junk in the trunk
  25. victorskid
    victorskid Ellie493
    There is a thread in the Great Skate Debate forum for selling/buying tickets. You might to post there about your all event tickets. There is no such thing as all-event "passes", however.
  26. Ellie493
    Selling two all-event passes for Canadian Nationals, separately or together.
  27. russell30
    Skating Enthusiast
  28. highrisegiraffe
    highrisegiraffe Finnice
    Finnice - I'm a Canadian wanting to attend Worlds in Helsinki but I have a couple of questions I'm hoping you can help me with. Do you know if the Hartwall Arena has handrails in the aisles? Is access to the seating area available from ice level or only from the concourse level? I have problems with stairs.
  29. bardtoob
    I could watch Patrick Chan's 2012-13 La Boheme LP with all double jumps and find it equally enjoyable.
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  30. Nell411
    "Sometimes you can only find Heaven by slowly backing away from Hell." Carrie Fisher