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  • 1976 Pakhomova and Gorshkov

    11 5.79%
  • 1980 Linichuk and Karponossov

    1 0.53%
  • 1984 Torvill and Dean

    126 66.32%
  • 1988 Bestemanova and Bukin

    8 4.21%
  • 1992 Klimova and Ponomarenko

    102 53.68%
  • 1994 Grishuk and Platov

    8 4.21%
  • 1998 Grishuk and Platov

    27 14.21%
  • 2002 Anissina and Peizerat

    16 8.42%
  • 2006 Navka and Kostomarov

    4 2.11%
  • 2010 Virtue and Moir

    109 57.37%
  • 2014 Davis and White

    69 36.32%
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    Quote Originally Posted by frillit View Post
    Belbin & Agosto who were 2nd behind N&K at most events from 2004-2006 were only 13th at the 2002 worlds to N&K's 8th. Do you have a question of their rise as well. The top 5 teams of the entire 2000-2002 period were all gone by summer 2003. The 6th ranked team of that period- Chait & Shaknovsky, are a terrible team who were blacklisted forever after their bogus 2002 world bronze, and the 7th ranked team of that period Winkler & Lohse were already maxed out and would retire soon after their home country bronze at 2004 worlds. Nearly all the medal contending teams of 2004-2006- Dubreuil & Lauzon, Delobel & Schoenfelder, Belbin & Agosto, Fusar Poli & Margarlio, Drobaizko & Vanagas were all either ranked lower than N&K in 2002, or returning from a LONG retirement of 3 years or more. The only teams that were ranked higher in 2002 were Grushina & Goncharov and Denkova & Stayviski. Discounting Chait & Shaknovsky for obvious reasons those are the only 2 teams Navka & Kostomarov passed from the 2002 Olympics to the 2006 Olympics, not much when you think about it, and nobody thinks G&G are a better team.
    That is probably the most suspicious thing. From that era, Grushina&Goncharov managed to be ahead of teams like Delobel&Schoenfelder and Denkova&Staviski and Dubreuil&Lauzon...

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    Delobel & Schoenfelder skated a very poor CD and OD at both the 2005 worlds and 2006 Olympics. Even if their FD was fairly marked on both occasions they would be nowhere near gold, and the best they could hope for bronze at the 05 worlds and maybe silver at the 06 Olympics. However it is understandable they didn't even medal. Whatever you think of G&G they skated a better CD and OD in both events.

    Denkova & Stayviski had poor programs and weren't even technically skating well in 2005. Their out of medals placement at the 2005 worlds makes a lot of sense. What a huge contrast to the 2004 worlds where it appeared they were probably robbed of the gold. They had all the tools to win atleast silver at the 2006 Olympics, and the judges were ready to give it to them, but the made errors in both the OD and FD to finish out of the medals.

    People are too quick to push the wuzrobbed button for teams like that, when if you do a more in depth analysis of what they actually produced their placements for the most part make sense. Of course Grushina & Goncharov are a poorer and less talented team but they put out their best possible skating at the right time those two events, and many of the other top teams did not.

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