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    How a Promising Ivy League Student Ended Up a Heroin Addict and Convicted Felon
    Excerpt from the end:
    Today, she is still clean, but does not credit prison with that. "In my case, it's a fluke that it worked. … I wasn't sober because prison kept me sober, I was sober because me kept me sober."

    She plans to graduate from Cornell. She has two classes left to complete her degree. And of course, she's determined to publish her book. She's currently looking for a publisher.

    "One of my hopes for [the book] is that it will humanize inmates to people," especially for readers who think of them "as people that aren't like you."
    Note: Keri Blakinger placed 5th in Novice Pairs with Mark Ladwig at 2001 U.S. Nationals (they're pictured in the off-ice lift in the article).
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    Just so sad on every level. One has to wonder about the demons that can make someone fall so deeply into a personal hell. The mug shot is heartbreaking. Hoping she can stay sober and get her life back on track. She was a very promising skater.

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